Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)
Project Proponents
Gassnova (75.12%), Statoil (20%), Shell (2.44%), Sasol (2.44%)
West coast Norway, adjacent to the Mongstad oil refinery northeast
of Bergen
Project Status
The technology centre has been in operation since summer 2012
testing Aker’s amine technology and Alstom’s chilled ammonia
Presently (large-scale) testing of one of Shell Cansolv’s amine
CO2 Capture Capacity
Total capacity of 100,000 tonnes per annum of CO2
Two sources of flue gas:
CO2 Capture Source
- from catalytic cracker unit (80,000 tonnes per annum CO2)
- from gas-fired CHP plant (20,000 tonnes per annum CO2)
Capture Type
Post-combustion capture
Capture Method
Testing of multiple technologies
Project Information
The CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is located at an industrial complex adjacent to the
Mongstad refinery near Bergen (Norway) and it has been operational since 2012. The demonstration test
facility comprises two capture units, one designed for amine-based solvent and the other for chilled
aqueous ammonia. Each of these processes has the flexibility to switch between two flue gas sources,
one from the natural gas combined heat and power plant (20 kt/y of CO2) and the other from the refinery
cracker (80 kt/y of CO2). The CO2 contents are about 3.5% and 13%, respectively, which provides TCM
with a unique opportunity to investigate capture technologies for coal and gas fuel power plants, as well as
other industrial applications.
The amine unit has successfully been used to test and verify Aker’s Advanced Carbon Capture (ACC)
technology with two proprietary solvents and successively for a test campaign with 30 and 40%-wt
standard MEA solvents to investigate baseline performance. At present, the amine plant is used to test
one of Shell Cansolv technologies.
The chilled aqueous ammonia unit has been used successfully to test and verify Alstom’s Chilled
Ammonia process (CAP).
Additional space is available at the site to allocate other small size pilot units. TCM is currently in dialogue
with a number of technology owners, discussing possible utilisation of the existing test units and/or
infrastructure at TCM. TCM is also interested in dialogue with technology developers having innovative
and promising concepts which are at a lower stage of maturity and need actual testing to promote the
commercialisation of the technology.
The main ambitions of the Technology Centre are to:
Test, verify and demonstrate CO2 capture technology owned and marketed by vendors
Reduce cost, technical, environmental and financial risks
Encourage the development of the market for carbon capture technology
Aim at international development
Technology Centre Mongstad
Information about TCM and operational results can be found in these recent presentations and papers:
Hamborg, E. S., et al., Results from MEA testing at the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad. Part II:
Verification of baseline results. Energy Procedia 2014. Forthcoming.
Bergman, N. et al., Results of amine plant operations from 30 wt% and 40 wt% aqueous MEA
testing at the CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad. Energy Procedia 2014. Forthcoming.
Morken, A. K. et al., Emission results of amine plant operations from MEA testing at the CO2
Technology Centre Mongstad. Energy Procedia 2014. Forthcoming.
Aker Clean Carbon: ACC Process, Lessons learned at TCM (May 2014)
Alstom: Alstom Chilled Ammonia Plant Status & Results (May 2014)
TCM: Lesson learned at TCM, 30% MEA baseline (May 2014)
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