Guidelines for Submission of Local Market Rate (LMR

Finance (Ind &PW.B) DePartment
Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 31. 10 .2074
sub:- Guidelines for submission of Local Market Rate (LMR)
Justification -Modification-Re g-
Ref:- 1. Circular No. 1/2010/Fin dated 05.01'2010
2. Letter No. CEIBL/GTC/2}11 dated 30'06'2014 from the
Chief Engineer, PWD (Buildings)
As per the Circular 1" cited, Government issued guidelines for
of Local Market Rates (LMR) justification. In the letter
cited, the Chief Engineer, PWD (Buildings) reported that preparation of
Local Market Rates at the Taluk level as stipulated in para 2 of the Circular
cited are not reflecting the real rates of material and labour prevailing all
over the taluk since these rates wiclely vary depending upon topography,
accessibiliry and the source of raw materiais.
It is therefore,
suSgested that
the Circular be modified.
Government, after having examined the matter in detail, are
pleased to modify Para 2 of the Circr.rlar cited as follows:
"The Executive Engineer, PWD (Buildings) shali prepare Local
Market Rate of materials for every quarter considering the actual cost of
material excluding contractors' profit, overheads but including conveyance,
loading and unloading, octroi, royalty, sales tax (VAT), etc and labour for
each District depending upon the topography, availabiliry of materials
of the area. A copy of Local Market Rates shall also be
forwarded invariably to the Chief Technical Examiner, Finance (lnspectionTechnical Wing) Department".
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