2014 2015 SAFE HOME LIST

2014 – 2015 S.A.F.E. HOME
Ruth Grasty
Jerry and Jan Adams
Todd and Angela Adams
William and Sharon Adams
Stephen and Jacqueline Adams
Sam and Sara Akalugwu
Neal and Amy Alaiwat
James and Natalie Allen
Omar and Sabrina Alvarez
Kevin and Margy Anderson
Al and Cathy Habiger
Thomas and Lisa Angotti
Tammy Ankney
Carl and Florene Badami
Emmanuel and Lena Baddoo
John and Michelle Baker
Michael and Jeanine Balano
Chuck and Elizabeth Baldwin
Tom and Beth Balint
Mark and Diane Barber
Laurie Barrow
Robert and Donna Bateman
Sheila Bauer
Todd and Alejandrea Beardman
William and Deborah Bednar
Richard and Stacey Beyer
Jasper and Annamarie Bianco
Andrea Bingham
Chris and Amy Bingham
Mike and Paula Birchmier
Kate Rodriguez
Karl and Kristina Bloss
Perry and Joyce Boeschen
Gregg and Joanne Bollinger
Stephen and Catherine Boos
Rena Bowman
James and Jo Ann Brady
Mike and Beth Myers
John and Kristen Braman
Anthony and Michele Brancato
Frank and Victoria Brancato
Paul and Stacey Bresette
Jeff and Jody Brockman
Seth and Alicia Brown
Jim and Michelle Bryant
John Bui and Kim Nguyen
Chris and Kristi Burns
Jack and Lori Burns
Russell and Susan Fox
Loretta Bush
Sara DiMaggio
Veronica Solorio
Andrew and Phyllis Cangelosi
Rafael and Delma Cantu
Vince and Mariza Cascone
Stephan and Stephanie Cates
John and Heather Chaszar
Rick Chavez and Gidget Lay
Juan and Maria Chavez
Cherian and Mariamma Kadookunnel
Raymond and Michelle Chirpich
Steven and Dana Christian
Chris and Heather Cissell
Anthony Civella
Manuel and Amy Cobos
John and Rosetta Conforti
Gordon and Alicia Cook
Paul and Kelly Corrigan
Charles and Katie Cox
Andrea Guadagnano
Daniel and Kathy Cummings
Nha and Kim Dao
Steven and Deborah Davidson
Dan and Jackie DeFabio
Trent and Erin DeVreugd
Alan and Donna Denzer
Mike and Barbara Deters
Anthony and Theresa DiMaggio
Jorge and Melinda Diaz
Tom and Jennifer Moore
Shawn and Molly Doherty
Bill and Rachel Drake
Darrel and Christina
Keith and Debi Eberth
Mark and Joanne Elling
David and Lisa Essig
Todd and Angelia Ewing
John and Kim Fatino
Lee and Julie Feagles
Phillip and Dawn Ferrara
Joseph and Amy Ferrara
Ronald and Jenny Feucht
Mike and Kathy Finazzo
Todd and Shari Fox
Russell and Susan Fox
Chris and Sherry Fricke
Elaina Sansone
John and Julie Garcia
Jay and Liz Gardner
John and Theresa Garitz
Lawrence and Brooke Gaudin
Rod and Marie Geiger
Stephen and Donna Geisinger
Jon and Therese Gengler
Beverly Baker
Nick and Kim Giefer
Reggie and Ellen Giffen
John and Juanita Giokas
Gregg and Cheryl Givens
Joe and Rosemary Glorioso
Margaret Gonzalez
Jeff and Tina Gorman
Lynne Gottesburen
Robert and Susan Goulden
Daniel and Lisa Grable
Curt and Maggie Graham
Chris and Maria Granado
Sam and Lorraine Guadagnano
Joe Gurera
Timothy and Jamie Haas
Gary and Lisa Haggerty
Glenn Harmon and Genevieve Mehan
Jennifer Hay
Andrew and Teresa Hayden
Douglas and Genene Hayden
Andrew and Teresa Hayden
William and Renne Hayes
Jo Ann Travaglianti
Lucy Gros
Tim and Denise Heinzler
Darren and Sherri Hennen
Roger and Angie Hill
Roger and Angie Hill
Tom and Lisa Hipp
Alan and Janet Hoambrecker
Terence and Laurel Hoog
Diana Huennerkopf
Michelle Hurt
Mike and Julie Ingham
Marc and Antoinette Jamerson
Randall James and Ginger McIntosh
Matt and Jennifer Janning
Philip and Laura Johannes
Chris and Gail Johannes
Julie Horner
Douglas and Elizabeth Jones
Richard and Carla Juhl
Michelle Jury
Francis and Kim Kalaiwaa
Dan and Joyce Kallenberger
Robert and Cheryl Kaspzyk
Andy and Amy Keefer
Lisa Keen
Bill Keen
Jeremiah and Michaela Kelliher
Pam Kepus
John and Ginny Kiely
Dennis and Brenda King
Timothy and Janet Kirk
Damon and Lynn Kizzire
Mike and Norma Knipp
Donald and Peggy Kolich
Kevin and Judith Koster
Ed and Nicole Kremer
Clement and Hawa Krizogono
Dave and Ann Lochowitzer
Richard and Mary Pat Lanning
Tim and Annette Lanter
Larry and Connie Lauvetz
Laurie Lawson
Tuan Le and Mai Huynh
Robert and Savina Lee
Joseph and Michelle Leggio
Michael and Jill Lehr
Jay Leipzig and Sheryl Farnan
Ed and Robin Lewis
Rosario and Shanna Liberto
Frank and Jennifer Licausi
Michael and Deborah Lillig
Louis and Lori Lipari
Matthew and Linda Loehr
Jeff Lofland and Mary Kay DuensingLofland
Brad Freeman and Malessa LopezFreeman
Luong Luu and Jessica Nguyen
Chieu Ly and Holly Le
Jeff and Becky Lynch
Kristopher and Iwona Machauf
Matthew and Vicki Malott
Chanda O'Neal
Frank and Catherine Martino
Tony Masnado and Shellee SmithMasnado
Kelly and Mardelynn Mason
Billy and Renee McBride
David and Lisa McCormick
Pam McCoy
Michael and Ann McCoy
Dan and Andrea McElroy
Cindy McGary
Jim and Tammy McGurn
Kevin and Nancy McIlhenney
Scott and Wendy McKellar
Kevin and Susan McMichael
Mark and Robyn McMichael
Ed and Sara Meinking
Mark and Patti Mejia
Todd and Toni Melcher
Joe and Cristen Mendez
Robinson Mendoza and Isbelia Briceno
Dan and Cindy Michalek
D'Ann Miller
Jeff Miller
Ronald and Faye Vandendaele
Jay and Jennafer Mirabile
Joseph and Janice Monachino
Tim and Penny Monachino
Jerry and Archiella Morris
Joe and Kristen Muirhead
Vincent and Toni Mussorici
Claire Najar
Joshua and Christine Napier
Michael and Michelle Nay
Michael and Amber Nelson
Joe and Ana Newell
Son and Mong-Ha Nguyen
Hong Le
Son and Mong-Ha Nguyen
Vinh and Thuy Nguyen
Chris and Donna Stock
Hans and Julie Nissen
James and Dana Nolan
James and Dawn O'Brien
Juan and Maria Orihuela
Alejandro Lopez and Bernice LopezOrtiz
Doug and Candace Ott
Bennie and Jennifer Palmentere
Jeff and Mary Parrish
Michael and Margarita Pearl
Stephen and Patricia Pearson
Tonin and Valbona Pellumbi
Joe and LaRinda Penne
Paul Pereira
John and Paige Perlik
Chuan Pham and Thao Nguyen
Rob and Kimberly Philip
Andrew and Susan Pileggi
Salvatore Pitala and Lisa Veselich
Len and Sara Platt
John and Patti Pluenneke
Kevin and Nikki Power
William and Sandy Prothman
Chris and Kelly Quinn
Andrew and Michelle Quintero
Carl and LuAnn Ragusa
David and Laura Rainey
John Ramsey and Gina Lawson
Robert and Wendi Raulie
Ronald and Faye Vandendaele
Jim and Kim Revnew
Gregory and Amy Ringel
Rick and Mary Ringel
Sassha Rizek
Brian and Janell Rock
Louis and Kim Rockford
Ricardo and Angela Rodriguez
John and Madelyn Ross
Joe and Angela Ross
Chris and Carolyn Ross
Richard and Anne Rudkin
Antonio Ruiz and Angelica Guzman
John and Rebecca Rupp
Michael and Christi Ryan
Stacey Isom-Salazar
Auggie and Lynn Salinas
Edith Sanchez
Joel and Camelia Sanchez
Matt and Susan Schiesl
Eric and Christi Schmidt
Howard and Deanna Scott
Shawn and Dianne Serrano
Dan and Sarah Sheehan
David and Sara Shields
Joe and Kelly Shultz
John and Rose Simone
Jessie Sinosa and Marijo Riza Sinosa
Jennifer Taylor
Mark and Guadalupe Smith
Victor and Angela Spitaleri
Steven and Susan St. John
Denton and Jennifer Stafford
Jack and Erica Stauffer
Michael and Pamela Stoddart
Jerome and Leigh Ann Stoetzer
Patrick and Linda Storm
Joe and Pam Summers
Hubert and Julie Swope
Jeff and Kelly Szala
Rene and Cecilia Tapia
Debbie Tarantola
Robert and Colleen Taylor
Todd and Jennifer Taylor
Michael and Annette Teson
Michelle Conn
Steven and Mary Theis
Jeff and Deborah Thomas
Shannon Thompson
Charles and Karen Thompson
Kevin and Elizabeth Tomc
Jim and Kelly Tomczuk
Reynold and Cynthia Tomes
Patrick and Jackie Torres
Alfredo and Liliana Tovar
Minh Tran and Quynh Nguyen
Duc Tran and Honglien Nguyen
Peter Tran and Trang Linh Truong
John Woodruff and Raena TurnerWoodruff
Ryan and Maria VanWinkle
John and Chrissy Vaughn
Marco and Yvonne Victoria
Bob and Jenny Vutich
Carl and Jean Wade
Brandy Walker
Chester and Mia Ward
William and Ann Waters
Steve and Nancy Watson
Scott and Michelle Webb
John and Marguerite Weickert
Martin and Farrell Weiers
Damon and Angela Wendel
Mike and Jennifer Westfall
Bob and Staci Whitebread
Robert and Jenny Widman
Traci Widman
Mark and Angi Wilcox
Pat Williams
Rheta Williams
Doug Wilson and Lisa Korte- Wilson
Rozanne Witherow
Joseph Witherow, III
Mick and Marcia Witherow
Michael and Cynthia Woollen
Brent and Dana Worboys
Sean and Janel Wright
Wes and Shana Wright
Craig Hontz and April Wright Hontz
Troy and Dominique Yates
Dale and Heidi Youngs
Christopher Galvan and Veronica Rea