Alice Xie

Alice Xie
3817 Spruce St. MB 226 | Philadelphia, PA 19104 | 212.470.3283 | [email protected] |
University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences / Philadelphia, PA
May ‘14
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.73/4.00
 Honors: Dean’s List, University Scholar, Political Science Honor Society President, Pre-Law Honor Society
 Awards: China Hands Magazine “25 Under 25 in U.S.-China Relations”, Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Award
 SAT I: 800/800 (Reading), 760/800 (Math), 800/800 (Writing)
Research Analyst, Contemporary Chinese Politics / Philadelphia, PA
May ’12 – Aug ‘12
Political Science Department, University of Pennsylvania
 Analyzed data on state leaders for Penn-Fordham Law project on the Chinese security system
International Democratic Governance Analyst / NY, NY
Jun ‘11 - Aug ‘11
World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy
 Oversaw International Democratic Governance, Reform the UN, UN Elections projects
 Attended and reported on high-level UN meetings, publishing analyses of global governance with reform solutions
Research Analyst, Soviet Military History / Philadelphia, PA
Sep ’10 – May ‘11
International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania
 Analyzed secondary-source accounts of WWI war strategy for project on international military training
Development Analyst / NY, NY
Jul ’09 - Feb ‘10
Human Rights Watch
 Worked with Events Directors to budget and plan annual Voices for Justice dinner, one of HRW’s biggest fundraisers
 Researched prospective donors, administered central database of all members and donors
Founder & National Director / Philadelphia, PA
Apr ‘12 – present
Seneca International
 Founded the first student-run nonprofit for global women’s issues, overseeing branches at Yale, Penn, and Stanford
Founder & Chair / University of Pennsylvania
Apr ’12 – May ‘13
Penn Symposium on Contemporary China
 Founded Penn’s premier regional conference on China, overseeing inaugural session with 100+ audience members, a
budget of $5,000, and top graduate research selected from across the country
Executive Vice Director / Shanghai, China
Dec ’11 – Mar ‘12
Ivy League Model United Nations – China
 Directed U.S. operations for Penn’s inaugural Model UN conference abroad, hosting 700 delegates from 50+ high
schools across China
RESEARCH & PUBLICATIONS (available on request)
Awards: Penn Critical Writing Emerging Scholar, University of Michigan Emerging Scholar, Undergraduate Awards Highly
Commended, University Scholar Summer Grant ($10,000), Sound Politicks Journal of Political Science Best Article Prize
“Towards a Transnational Criminal Justice Framework for Human Trafficking: letting go of the international human rights law
paradigm.” Awaiting publication.
“Reviving a Neorealist World Bank: a political economy approach to the contemporary international development regime.”
Awaiting publication.
“Revising The Law-Growth Hypothesis: a case study of reform-era China,” Northwestern Interdisciplinary Law Review, Vol.
5, No. 2 (Spring 2013).
“The Aggrandizement of Corporate Personhood: a living originalist interpretation of contemporary Corporate Rights
Jurisprudence,” Columbia Undergraduate Law Review, Vol. 6, No. 3 (Spring 2013).
“A Tale of Two Regimes - integrating contemporary Chicago public school reform efforts through regime theory,” Sound
Politicks, Vol. 19 (Spring 2013).
“Interest and Power In the ICC: strengthening international legal norms in a sovereign state system,” Sigma Ioto Rho Journal of
International Affairs, Vol. 14 (Spring 2012).
“Interest and Power in the ICC: strengthening international legal norms in a sovereign state system,” Columbia Undergraduate
Law Review, Vol. 5, No. 2 (Spring 2011).
Skills: English (native), Mandarin (intermediate), Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Wordpress/ Drupal/ Joomla, Raiser’s edge
Interests: Pick-up soccer, travel, classic literature, debate