Installing eVo

Installing eVo
1. Run all Windows updates
- Be sure your computer is running the latest SP
- eVo is not compatible with a Mac OS
2. Visit
- Complete steps 1 – 3
- You should be loading the eVo software, Pure Edge Viewer, and
PDF creation software
3. Right click the eVo icon or eVo.rdp
- After right clicking the icon or file, choose save to desktop
- The eVo icon should be showing on your desktop as a shortcut
- This is how you will access eVo
4. Username
- Your username for eVo always has ‘twfg\’ in front of it
- Username = twfg\first initial last name
5. Password
- Your password for eVo should be your “first initial last initial 2011
(or year you started) !! “
- The exclamation points are a part of the password
- This is the default password