Activities Planned / In Progress

NIC – Himachal
Group I
(Acitivities Report)
List of Members:
1. Sh. Lalit Kapoor (Technical Director)
2. Sh. Vimal Sharma (PSA)
3. Sh. Sanjeev Gupta (SSA)
4. Sh. Ashish Sharma (SA)
5. Sh. Prithvi Raj Negi (Assistant Programmer)
List of Outsourced Manpower
Under Project eProcurement
1. Saurabh Thakur (OM)
2. Rishabh Thakur (OM)
3. Raj Kumar (OM)
4. Pawan Dhiman (OA)
5. Bhupender Gautam (OA)
6. Deepika (OA)
7. Anuj Bhardwaj (OA)
8. Sanjeev Kumar (OA)
9. Nistish Jaswal (OA)
10. Rishabh Verma (OA)
11. Sandeep Kumar (OA)
Under Transport Project
1. Manik Khatter (Programmer)
2. Pawan
NIC HP- GroupI : Projects
State Level Projects
Integrated HimRis
The HimRis is a workflow application and helps the Sub-Registrar Offices to undertake
deed registration in an efficient, simple & speedy manner. The SW covers all kinds of
deeds. Its integration has been done with the Land Records SW to prevent fraudulent
transactions and keep the records updated all the time.
Integrated SW (HimBhoomi & HIMRIS) implemented in 97 tehsils.
The software automates the work of preparation and disbursement of pensions through
Money Orders and also preparation of ledgers, updating the record of dead/non-traced
persons etc. It helps to enforce the system of Pension Disbursement as per government
guidelines right from the receipt of application stage to disbursement of the pension and
has helped the department to streamline its pension disbursement system. The new
work-flow based SW has now been developed and implemented.
The Software is implemented in all 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh and approximately 3
Lakh pensioners being given pension (IGNOAPS, IGNWPS, IGNDPS, old age, widow,
handicapped- all Central and State schemes are covered under it).
Lok- Praman
The LokPraman Patra is a simple but effective work flow based online solution for
issuance of 14 types of certificates. The software has been developed with the aim to
simplify the process of issuance of certificate in an easy and speedy way.
The basic objective of this initiative is to streamline and improvise the process of
certificate issuance for the citizens and Government alike and to reduce the number of
visits of citizens to Government offices. The other objective is to keep a tab on fraudulent
requests by checking application online, so that an applicant cannot get another
certificate issued with different criteria (say income, caste etc.)
Key Benefits of Project:
Uniform and standardized format of certificates throughout the state
Check on fraudulent certificates and applications
Utilized by 188 authorities at 123 locations
Facility to have duplicate copy of certificates at doorstep through CSC (named
LokMitra Kendras)
Issued approximately 12 Lakh Certificates generating 1.2 Crore of revenue till date
covering about 20% of the total population of the State
Lesser visits to Government offices: For 7 types of permanent certificates and 2
types of temporary certificates, citizens will not have to visit any Government office
in future as duplicate and signed copies will be available to them through the
Citizen Service Centre, once they get such a certificates issued.
To standardize the process of existing certificate issuance system throughout the state
certain process reforms have been carried out and certificates are classified in 14 types
which are further sub classified as permanent(7) and temporary(7). The citizen can
avail the facility of re-issuance of duplicate copies of 9 types of certificates through more
than 2500 Citizen Service Centres (named LokMitra Kendras). These CSCs are
established in each Panchayat and Urban bodies of Himachal Pradesh, this leads to
benefitting the pre-dominantly 89 % of Rural and remaining 11% of urban population.
Jail Vaarta
JailVaarta is an efficient and cost effective way of scheduling and conducting Video
Conferencing between prisoners and their relative or visitors. This a low cost, simple and
effective system which uses NIC Vidyoportal software, PC with web cam connected to
Internet, JailVaarta VC scheduling system. Using this innovative application
visitor/relative can talk to prisoner from their dwelling place. The access could be
directly from the home of a relative/visitor or from a LokMitra Kendra (Citizen Service
Centre) which is located in any of the 3243 Gram Panchayats in the State. The process
is very simple. The relatives / visitors go to the website of the HP Prisons and
Correctional Administration Himachal Pradesh, select the link JailVaarta (VC
Registration with Prisoners), give prisoner’s and own name, visitor’s ID proof, prisoner
age, prison, visitor email, mobile and agree to the terms that recording of the entire
JailVaarta will be done and kept for record. The request is received by the Jail
Authorities through the online system (based on Login/password) and a decision to allow
or reject the VC is taken on merit. Thereafter, a PIN number and hyperlink is sent to the
Visitor/ Relative booking the VC for conducting the VC on the fixed date and time.
The ePrison software has been implemented in all prisons of the State and it captures
prisoner details, entry/exit, photo, FIR, case details etc. The prisoner VC with relatives
and IOs is a first in the country and is being used successfully through an online webinterface developed for this purpose.
Implemented in all 14 prisons of State.
Mock LL
The Learner License Mock test has been developed and hosted.
This Mock test will help the Learner License applicant to go through the various questions
related to CMV Act.
The interface has been provided in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.
The questions are displayed randomly and evaluation is done at end of the mock test.
National Level Projects
This is suite of 12 core applications developed for Department of Panchayati Raj
The eProcurement project has been undertaken by NIC Himachal Pradesh as a paid
project for the State Government and is under implementation through NICSI. The
project involves HW/ SW, manpower, training components and will cover all Tenders of
the State Government. More than 4500 tenders have been published having value of
more than Rs. 3400 crores for 11 Departments.
The vehicle registration SW is again a standard SW by NIC for country wide
implementation. It enable tracking of vehicles across the country by porting data to a
central national register which will be a deterrent to vehicle thieves and help in faster
detection of owner/ vehicle details in case of need.
Implemented in all 64 RLA/RTO offices of the State.
The driving licenses issuance system has been developed by NIC as a standard solution
having features for issuing smart card based DLs to public. The SW doesn’t allow wrong
issuance of DLs.
Implemented in all 64 RLA/RTO offices of the State
XLN- Xtended Licensing, Laboratary & Legal Node
The software enable online applying and sanction of drug manufacturing and distribution
licenses to stakeholders. The software is under implementation.
Socio Economic and Caste Census – 2011
The Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), 2011 is being carried out by the
Government of India to generate information on a large number of social and economic
indicators relating to households across the country.
Other Major Projects
State Level Projects
Special Road Tax
Road Permits Issuance System
Inner Line Permits
National Level Projects
NeGP Agriculture
Health Department Projects: eMamta
Activities Planned for Future
Integrated Himris
Circle Rates
Road Permits Issuance System
Gate Pass
Activity Planned
Conversion to Web based Platform
Conversion to Web based Platform
Web Application for entering and
searching through circle rates along with
Duty Calculator
Conversion to Web based Platform
Conversion to Web based Platform