Have you done these before? - Singapore Kindness Movement

13th November became World Kindness Day because of the
first World Kindness Movement Conference held in Tokyo in 1997.
The yellow gerbera daisy represents cheerfulness and symbolises kindness.
Remember to give a yellow gerbera daisy to thank those around who had
been kind to you.
World Kindness Day is also Sher’s favourite time of the year!
Visit the Kindness Cubbies at www.kindness.sg/kindsville
Visit the Kindness Cubbies at www.kindness.sg/kindsville
Find out more at the World Kindness Movement website: http://www.worldkindness.org.sg
Singa is doing his part to make
someone’s day! It’s really easy when
it becomes a habit.
Can you think of ways you can
make someone’s day too? Write or
draw it in the boxes on the right!
If we have 30 minutes to enjoy our meal,
we have 1 minute to clear up!
If we have
we have
If we have
we have
Have you done these before?
Join Singa and the Kindness Cubbies in completing these kind acts!
Fill these coupons up with acts of kindness and
give them to a family member or friend so they can
celebrate world kindness day with you!
Last year in Singapore, WKD kicked off at
Orchard Road. 30,000 yellow gerbera daisies
were given out to the public!
Were you part of this fun act of kindness?
People from all walks of life gathered around
Bondi Beach, Australia to give hugs to random
strangers. ‘Saving the world, one hug at a time.’
website: www.kindness.com.au
website: www.kindness.sg
In the United Kingdom, the
nation was asked to send at
least one ‘kindness’ text on
World Kindness Day to
acknowledge the importance
of kindness.
Local and international
musicians & artists gathered in
Vancouver, Canada to
celebrate kindness as well as to
promote and raise awareness of
important messages
website: www.kindnessfoundation.com
website: www.kindnessUK.com
November 13,
VivoCity Amphitheatre at
*Seats are limited to the first 300 guests
only! So please come early, we would
like to see you there!
**For concert updates, please visit
Lim Shu QI ,7 Years Old
Super Singa Friend: Janelle
Janelle is a Super Singa because she
helps Shu Qi to find her pencil, is careful
with how she spends money and she is
confident and helps her friends!
Hi Belinda,
Wow! I enjoyed reading the steps to forgive
others. Thank you for sharing this with the
kindness cubbies! My favourite “step“ is number
2- Focus on the wrong action instead of the
person who has harmed you. If we are able to
do this, I am sure Kindsville and Singapore will
be a much better place to live in.
Belinda Lim Kuei Hun, 10 Years Old
Looking forward to your letters, drawings & pictures!
Post it by snail mail to:
Singa and the Kindness Cubbies
Singapore Kindness Movement
140 Hill Street MICA Building #05-01
Singapore 179396
Remember to include your name, age, school and class because
Singa and his friends might have a surprise for you!
Visit www.kindness.sg/kindsville for more fun activities!
Faith Ong Chor Teng, 8 Years Old
Aina Adriana Bte Zahrain, 6 Years Old