August Newsletter - Prince of Wales Retirement Community

August has been designated "Travel Month."
We will have a new section on Adventure and
Vacation Travel.
Sound interesting?
If you don't plan to travel in the near future you
can reminisce about places you've visited.
Happy reading!
Theresa Ault & Pauline Bouessa
Quote of the Month:
“Pick up a book. Relax in a cozy chair,
Take off on your "trip."
Without a worry or a care.”
Like the beginning of the short story on the
cover of the newsletter, “Polonia”
By Margaret Atwood??
Come down and pick up your copy now from
the library and join in with us for our book
club on Wednesday August 13th at 10:30
Just a Reminder...
The Library functions on the
honour system. Books do not
have to be signed out, but
please return them within a
reasonable time of 2 to 3
weeks so others can enjoy
Newspapers are left there for
others to share so please do
not remove them from the
Thank you.
We will meet once a month downstairs in the lower level in our beautiful
library and have a small cozy discussion group. So come down and pick up
your copy from the library and join in with us for cozy coffee breaks.
Page 5
Experience Beautiful Westport
with a day of Shopping on the Strip
and lunch at The Cove Restaurant.
Wednesday August
27th at 9:15am
Sign Up at Reception Now!!
Campfire & Marshmallow
August 1st, 8th, 15th,
22nd, & 29th
7:00 - 8:00pm
in the Courtyard
Dear Residents, Staff, Family and
Would you like to win $1000 Regal Dollars???
Get out those cameras, SMILE be
creative and start taking selfies!!!
The contest will officially open on
August 1st, 2014 and run throughout the
month with all of the Regal homes across
rules are easy… the picture with the
most “likes” on Facebook will be
declared the Selfie Queen/King!
Dear Residents, Families and Friends,
A little note from both Ashli and myself. ..
We would like to take this opportunity in my
very last newsletter to you to extend a very
heartfelt thank you for everyone’s kind words
and well wishes for our future endeavors.
Although we are very excited about starting
a new adventure and chapter in our lives we
are very sad to be leaving behind so many
wonderful friends. It has been a pleasure and
an honor to be a part of your lives and the
friendships and memoires made are ones that
we will hold very dear to our hearts. We will
keep in contact and look forward to seeing
you all soon!
With Love, Casey & Ashli xox
Social media and the mobile web has given rise to a strange phenomenon called
“the selfie”. But not everyone is familiar
with the term, so here’s a brief
Selfie: A picture of yourself, usually
Follow and Like Us for Photos of Residents, Family
and Staff
Username: princeofwalesretirement
This was Ilse’s reaction
when she was told what
a “Selfie” was
Instagram is a fast, beautiful and
fun way to share your life with
friends and family!