MDA Scientific SPM

MDA Scientific SPM
Fast response monitor for the
detection of a target gas
• Fast response monitor specific to target
gas only
• Gas sensitivity to ppb levels with
physical evidence
• Minimum maintenance and no
dynamic calibration
• Customized for harsh industrial
• More than 50 gas calibrations available
• Outdoor locations
• Corrosive areas
• Remote sampling areas
• Gas storage areas
• Survey work
• Perimeter/fencelines
• Ventilation and exhaust systems
• Z-purge system
• Duty cycle
• ChemKey™
• RS422
• Remote reset
• Portable
• Extended sample
• Heater option
(operate from -20°C to ±40°C)
Technical Specification
Detection Technique
Chemcassette® Detection System
Alarm Point
Dual level alarms typically set at 1/2 TLV and TLV
Response Time
As fast as 10 seconds
Alarm Indication
Local audio/visual alarms; remote capability optional
Signal Outputs
SPDT concentration alarm relays; SPDT fault relay; 4-20 mA; digital display
Relay Rating
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Operating Temperature Range
32° to 104°F; 0° to 40°C (basic unit); heating/cooling optional
Power Requirements
115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz, battery operation optional
NEMA 4X fiberglass (basic unit)
12"(H) x 12"(W) x 7”(D) (30.5 x 30.5 x 17.8 cm) (basic unit)
Up to 25 pounds, depending on option installed
Note: options may vary the specifications
Detectable Gases Range
Ammonia (NH3) Ammonia (NH3)-II Dimethylamine (DMA) n-Butylamine (n-BA) Methylene Dianiline (MDA) p-Phenylene Diamine (PPD, PPDI) Toluene Diamine (TDA) Trimethylamine (TMA) Diisocyanates
MMH* N2H4* UDMH* Hydrides
Arsine (AsH3) Diborane (B2H6) Disilane (Si2H6) Germane (GeH4) Hydrogen Selenide (H2Se) Phosphine (PH3) Silane (SiH4)* Stibine (SbH3) tert-Butylarsine (TBA) tert-Butylphosphine (TBP) Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)* Mineral Acids
Hydrogen Bromide (HBr)* Hydrogen Chloride (HCI)* Hydrogen Flouride (HF) Hydrogen Iodide (HI) Nitric Acid (HNO3) Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) Oxidizers
Bromine (Br2) Chlorine (Cl2) Chlorine (Cl2)
Chlorine Dioxide (CI02) Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)* Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)* Ozone (O3) Phosgene (COCI2)* Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)* * other ranges available
2.6-75.0 ppm
2.6-75.0 ppm
0.1-6 ppm
0.4-12 ppm
3-60 ppb
2-60 ppb
4-60 ppb
1.1-30.0 ppm
2-60 ppb
3-30 ppb
20-300 ppb
5-30 ppb
15-150 ppb
31-300 ppb
1.5-15 ppm
141-600 ppb
20-150 ppb
32-900 ppb
0.5-15 ppm
20-300 ppb
15-150 ppb
60-900 ppb
1.1-30.0 ppm
1.1-30.0 ppm
0.3-9.0 ppm
0.5-15.0 ppm
0.6-9.0 ppm
0.3-9.0 ppm
0.2-6.0 ppm
26-750 ppb
11-300 ppb
0.05-1.5 ppm
-II 0.05-1.5 ppm
11-300 ppb
0.1-3 ppm
0.3-9.0 ppm
31-300 ppb
11-900 ppb
0.2-6.0 ppm
Honeywell Analytics Lines of Business
Vulcain-brand gas detection from standalone units to fully engineered, multipoint systems, all offering cost-effective
regulatory compliance
» Applications: parking structures,
chillers, mechanical rooms, office
towers, commercial buildings,
shopping centers, swimming pools,
golf courses, schools and universities,
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Technical Services
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Renowned Sieger and Manning gas
detection systems with advanced
electrochemical, infrared and open path
sensing technologies
» Applications: oil and gas, cold storage,
water/wastewater treatment,
chemicals, engine rooms, plastics
and fibers, agriculture, printing and
light industrial
High Tech/Government
A complete portfolio of gas and chemical
detection instrumentation including
infrared spectroscopy (MST) with no cross
interference, to Chemcassette paperbased solutions (MDA Scientific) offering
detection down to parts per billion
» Applications: semiconductor
manufacturing and nanotechnology,
aerospace propulsion and safety,
specialty chemicals industry, research
laboratories, emergency response
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Single or multi-gas Lumidor and other
premium detectors with compact,
lightweight designs ranging from
simple alarm only units to advanced,
fully configurable and serviceable
» Applications: underground utility
and electricity ducts, boiler rooms,
post-fire sites, sewers, industrial
plants, industrial hygiene, first
responder teams, remote fleets
Technical Services
24/7 global network includes
post-sales service and Systems
Integration teams
» Emergency call out, service
contracts, on/off-site repair, training
and commissioning
» Complete range of spares,
consumables and accessories
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