Resume - Alexander Biggs

Alexander Biggs
228 Beverley Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1Z3, Canada
(647) 785-5437
[email protected]
2010 – 2015
B.Sc. Specialist in Computer Science
University of Toronto
Work Experience
May 2013 –
April 2014
August 2014 –
April 2015
Software Developer at Uken Games (HTML5, Unity)
Developed and maintained the HTML5 version of Bingo Pop, an animation-heavy game with
over 100k monthly users. Ramped up to multiple web frameworks, including AngularJS.
Teaching Assistant at the University of Toronto (Racket, Haskell, Prolog)
CSC324, Principles of Programming Languages
July –
August 2014
Janus VR (Windows & Linux, C++ with Qt)
Supervised by James McCrae, University of Toronto
Added scripting support to a 3D virtual reality internet browser, allowing users to create
dynamic rooms by writing QtScript to react to events and modify objects.
Spring 2014
Canverse (Cross-Platform, Clojure)
A music-making app created for a Capstone Project at the University of Toronto. Leverages
Overtone and Quil to combine audio and visuals into a minimalistic, sleek interface.
February 2014
Munchables (Android)
A trivia game about the nutritional value of common foods. Created in 48 hours for the
Canadian Open Data Experience. Placed in the top 15 out of 110 competing teams.
January 2014
Dragon Drop (Windows Phone)
A side-scrolling race against time to keep the player’s dragon babies alive. Created in 48 hours
for the Great Canadian Appathon 4. Finished in the top 15 and won Best Art & Aesthetics.
Winter 2014
Super Prison (Windows, C# with XNA)
A tense, difficult platformer with a dynamically changing story. Developed over two months
for the University of Toronto’s Game Making Deathmatch 2014. Finished second place and
awarded Best Sound Design and Best Technical Achievement.
Fall 2013
Calligrapher (Android)
An app that teaches players how to write and understand Chinese through art. Developed
in 48 hours for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Game Jam and featured prominently in
Gamercamp 2013’s indie showcase.
Fall 2012
Devourer of Worlds (Windows Phone)
A run-and-gun survival shooter created in 48 hours for the Great Canadian Appathon 3.
Finished second place out of 150 competing teams.