DBRET 1.2 Release Notes

DBRET 1.2 Release Notes
New Features
• SAC # 20758 - DBRET - Generate Views as Transactions
This property allows generating a GeneXus Transaction for the Views.
• SAC # 22352 - DBRET supports MySQL Long Text and Double fields
DBRET considers MySQL Long Text and Double fields and maps them with any of GX data type fields.
• SAC # 22389 - DBRET - ADO.NET support for Informix
Since DBRET 1.2 version ADO.NET is supported as connection method for Informix DBMS.
Corrected Errors
• SAC # 19491 - Problems with DBRET and Collation Name in SQLServer
When using DBRET with a SQLServer database which has "collation name = SQL_Latin_General_CP1_CS_AS" an error is thrown.
• SAC # 20172 - DBRET registration remains only for the user installing it
DBRET is installed with an X user in the PC. Later, you login with another user to this PC and call a tool from GeneXus;
the following error occurs: Tool 'Database Reverse Engineering Tool' is not installed properly.
• SAC # 20354 - DBRET does not consider the DataStore selected in Settings
If you change the DataStore property for a name other than Default on the settings dialog of the last DBRET screen, on consolidating
the xpz the Data Store is not created and the DVs do not remain associated to it.
• SAC # 20416 - DBRET error on connecting to MySQL with ADO
On connecting to MySQL with DBRET al via ADO, using Mysql.data.dll version 1.0.7 or higher, any of the following errors occur:
* Error opening connection
The located assembly's manifest definition with name 'MySql.Data' does not match the assembly reference.
* Error loading database information
The definition of the assembly statement called ‘MySql.Data’ does not coincide with the reference to the assembly.
• SAC # 20419 - DBRET does not recognize BYTE (Informix) data type as Blob
There is a table in Informix with a Byte data type field; DBRET is creating it as Numeric(18.0) instead of Blob.
• SAC # 20457 - DBRET error on reading tables: "Key already exists"
The following error occurs on DBRET second step, the moment you upload the tables list from the metadata:
Uncontrolled Exception in the application. If you click on Continue, the application with omit this error and will attempt
to continue. If you click Exit the application will get closed.
Key already exists, key: <table name>
• SAC # 20469 - DBRET error with "Identify Multilevel Transaction" activated
Sometimes, on activating the "Identify Multilevel Transaction" option, the following error message is displayed:
Unexpected Error: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: "table name" Key being added: "table name"
• SAC # 20550 - DBRET - Error reading Knowledge Base information
The following error occurs on attempting to obtain the definition of a table in a knowledge base:
Error reading Knowledge Base information
An entry with the same key already exists.
• SAC # 20628 - DBRET called from GX Trial gives error on consolidating
When DBRET is called from GX Trial, on consolidating DBRET result in an empty KB, the following error message is displayed:
This KB was not created with a Trial version. You need GeneXus Full version to open it.
If the KB is not empty, no error occurs on consolidation, but several of the following errors occur in the IAR:
"Information saved with a newer version" "Could not open object data for att....."
• SAC # 20870 - Sometimes DBRET does not read indexes info in SQL Server
Sometimes, you detect that DBRET does not reed table indexes information in SQL Server.
The problem occurs when the table does not have PK/FK and there is no index information in the table "constraints" (it only
appears in "indexes"). In these cases, you do not recover this information and the final report will always show the following
/i The table doesn't have primary key.
• SAC # 21363 - DBRET - Delay while loading tables from iSeries
There is a certain delay while loading tables from iSeries (step 2) using DBRET.
• SAC # 21417 - DBRET: File or assembly name MySql.Data was not found
After typing server, user and password, the following error appears on DBRET first screen using JDBC as connection method:
Error opening connection. File or assembly name MySql.Data, or one of its dependencies, was not found.
• SAC # 21618 - DBRET – Loading Oracle tables takes a long time
There is a delay when DBRT loads tables from Oracle (step 2) with DBRET.
• SAC # 22023 - DBRET does not upload all tables due to special characters
If any of the tables has special characters in its description or in any of its attributes, nothing more is loaded in DBRET
step 2 after this table.
• SAC # 22130 - DBRET generates subtype attribute name wrongly in the table
In some cases, where DBRET changes the attribute name and defines a subtype, the attribute name remains wrong in the table;
it does not match the one of the index and subtypes group.
• SAC # 22385 - DBRET does not read Access views
DBRET does not read Access mdb views.
• SAC # 22396 - DBRET reads decimals wrongly in SQL Server
DBRET is wrongly mapping SQL Server fields with decimals.
• SAC # 22412 - Selected Data Type gets lost when a PK is selected
When in DBRET final report you choose the “Change Type” option (because a data type is not recognized) and besides, “Choose
Primary Key” is selected (because a table does not have PK), only one of these changes is applied.
• SAC # 22413 - Change Type Option is not apply globally
When DBRET does not recognize a data type to map it with any GX-data type, the "Change Type" option appears in the object
that references it so that the user chooses the most suitable one. The problem is that, once selected, the change is applied
only to this object, but not globally; therefore you must repeat the operation for each external table with these data type.
• SAC # 22454 - DBRet in Windows 98 SE and Windows Millenium
GeneXus Database Reverse Engineering 1.1 is executed in Windows 98 SE and Millenium and the following error occurs:
Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source: Artech.ReverseEngineering.Data