25 July 2014 Senior Site Bites

Senior Site Bites
Associate Principal
Dear Parents/Carers and Students,
Week 1
Term 3 2014
Dates to remember:
 29 Jul — ICAS English
 30 Jul — Gungahlin
College Information
Evening 6-8pm
 31 Jul — Careers Xpo
 1 Aug — P&C Trivia
Night, JS Hall 7pm
 7 Aug — ICAS Maths
 7 Aug — IB Parent
MYP 5:45-6:30
PYP 6:45-7:30
Junior Site Library
Welcome back. I hope everyone has had a restful break and are fresh for a busy semester filled
with many fun learning opportunities. Welcome to all our new students and their families who
have recently joined us.
We have had some adjustments in staffing for the new semester. We welcome back Tony Webber to the Science team, Heather Mutton (part-time) to the PE team, Paul Fitzpatrick to the Humanities team and Susan Hughes to the Maths team as we prepare to farewell Suz Wilkinson on
maternity leave. We welcome Clive MacKillop to the Exec Team as the Acting Pastoral Care SLC
as Shannon Birch returns to the Junior Site and we welcome Ashley Jones to the English team.
Rebecca Borg joins the Exec Team as the Acting SLC of the Arts, with Greg Blake continuing as
the Acting SLC of Humanities as we farewell and congratulate Sigi Kropp on her retirement.
Within the Student Services team, we welcome a new school counsellor, Belinda Hill as Emma
Haythorpe continues to work within the Directorate and on the Junior Site. We farewell Autumn
Campbell and welcome Trevor as our Social Worker. Trevor is working at Dickson College on
Wednesdays and Fridays and will be at Gold Creek on Mondays and alternating Tuesdays from
Week 3.
Students have settled in well to classes and electives this semester. Students will have the opportunity to change electives now that they can see what classes are running and on what lines.
Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 8am, students can report to the Canteen
area. Changes can only be made where there is space available. Students must bring along their
timetable print out from Maze for us to record and sign off on class changes.
Gold Creek School promotes excellence in all that it does. Students are asked to take pride in
their academic work, homework, social and emotional learning and in their participation in both
sporting and creative endeavours. The school expects students to take pride in their appearance
through the wearing of the correct uniform. Students not fulfilling these requirements ultimately
will not be able to attend school incursions and excursions. Should you require financial assistance in purchasing school uniform please be in contact with our Business Manager, Kerry Lyttle
on 6205 1814.
Next Friday evening our school P&C are running a Trivia Night and we will launch our school app
during the evening also. Please join us for some trivia and fun!
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Staff are in the process of finalising the collation of assessment and progress for each subject
area for our students on ILPs. Tutor group teachers will be in contact with parents/carers next
week regarding ILP Reviews.
I look forward to a productive and successful semester.
Check out the P&C website:
Gold Creek School
Priscilla Wray
Associate Principal
Kelleway Ave, Nicholls, ACT, 2913
Senior Site Bites
Time to Talk - your thoughts about partnerships between families and schools
Parent engagement in learning and education is all about how families and schools talk to each other, how to bring together learning at home and learning at school, and how families and schools can work together to help our children be
the best they can be.
There is very strong evidence that children do better and learn more when families and schools work together as partners.
The ACT Government has partnered with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) to research
parent engagement in the ACT and develop a strategy to strengthen parent engagement into the future. An important
aspect of this research is talking with families about what parent engagement means to them.
ARACY would like to hear from parents about what they think makes for a good partnership with their child’s school and
the things they do to help their children learn.
ARACY has developed a short online survey to gather parental views, beliefs and understandings about parental engagement in schools. The survey will be available on the ACT Government Time to Talk website from 21 July 2014 to 26 September 2014. www.timetotalk.act.gov.au
Health & PE News
Welcome back to school and Term 3. Some reminders about appropriate footwear in Physical Education. All students
are to wear supportive footwear such as sneakers or joggers to support their ankles in the various sports we conduct in
our lessons. Additionally, students are to bring a change of shirt for PE lessons. This is either a white polo shirt for students wearing the old uniform or a Navy school polo for the new uniform. Currently most of our year groups are participating in Social Dance units in class. This is a great opportunity for students to learn line dancing and various Australian
Bush dances also. This Semester there will be a number of sports happening. Students are encouraged to check the
notice boards in the gymnasium for any upcoming sporting events or outside trials. On behalf of all our Health and Physical Education teachers at Gold Creek School we wish all students a successful second semester.
Kind Regards
Grant Haigh | Executive Teacher
Sport, Health & Physical Education and Technology
ACTION Buses New Bus Network
ACTION's new bus network, 'Network 14' will commence on 1 September 2014. This may mean changes for some students.
Gold Creek School will receive information on the new school routes and replacement regular routes from Monday 4 August, giving four weeks to prepare for the new timetable and services.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact ACTION on 13 17 10.
Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club will commence again in week 2, Term 3.
SunSmart Reminder
Friday August 1 2014 is hats on again for our school.
Gold Creek School
Kelleway Ave, Nicholls, ACT, 2913