African Agriculture Fund
The African Agriculture Fund (AAF) is a US$ 246 million, US Dollar
based food fund with a 10-year life.
Coverage: Pan-Africa, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
Sectors: Full spectrum of businesses touching the food production value chain,
including all major cereals, oils, proteins and their derivative products, from primary
production, services, storage, fertilisers, seeds, supplies through to processing and
branded consumer goods. Excludes non-food agriculture such as forestry.
Investment strategy: To build regional platform businesses that increase capacity
through commercial and smallholder schemes, seeking to re-integrate the food
production value chain to enhance domestic and regional food security.
Investment approach: Majority or significant minority stakes, board representation
and other meaningful shareholder rights.
Investment type: Management buy-outs and buy-ins, expansions, acquisitions,
refinancings and early stage ventures with proven sponsors.
Criteria for AAF to invest:
equity investment requirement of US$ 5 million to US$ 24 million;
experienced management team with a compelling vision for the business
and a willingness to collaborate with a financial investor;
proven financial, operational track record;
potential for future growth and vertical integration;
commitment to transparency;
realistic entry valuation; and
ability to achieve a profitable liquidity event in the medium term.
Deal team: Joseph Bergin, Partner - Investment Director, has worked for the
last 18 years in private equity at 3i, Octopus, YFM and NBGI. He has led and
completed a total of 23 investments and managed 12 exits, gaining significant
investment experience in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, covering
various sectors including food, marketing and support services. Duncan Owen,
Senior Managing Partner, worked at Unilever for 18 years before turning around
and disposing of CDC Capital Partners’ agricultural portfolio comprising over
10 companies across eight African countries and employing 28,000 people.
Stuart Bradley, Senior Partner, has a 18-year track record in African private
equity. Valentine Chitalu, Phatisa Chairman, is a main board director of CDC,
MTN (Zambia) and SABMiller (Zambia) and previously privatised over 240
businesses in Zambia as head of the Zambian Privatisation Agency. Our team
combined has > 50-years’ experience in private equity and includes Paul Wythe,
Partner - Portfolio Management who was an agri finance manager in Lonrho, CDC
and Finlays, Peter MacSporran with 30 years of hands-on farm management
experience, Colin Watson with 22 years of agri business development in Africa
and Charles Zouzoua, who has 20-years’ commercial mangement experience
and an extensive business network in West Africa.
The Phatisa team is located in Africa (Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and
Ghana), as well as London and spends a considerable amount of time developing
relationships with strategic partners in all countries where the Fund is active.
SME subsidiary fund: The AAF established a dedicated SME sub-fund and
sponsored its first close at US$ 30 million in February 2013. The AAF SME Fund
Managed independently by Databank. The maximum investment in any portfolio
company is capped at US$ 4 million.
Technical Assistance Facility (TAF): Up to US$ 500,000 available per portfolio
company for SME technical and development of outgrower schemes.
Contact details
If you require more information on the Fund or have an investment proposal you would
like to submit, please visit our website.
Joseph Bergin Partner - Investment Director | Email [email protected]
Stuart Bradley Senior Partner | Email [email protected]
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