Community Connections - Capital District Health Authority

An information bulletin
serving the communities of the
Eastern Shore and
Musquodoboit Valley.
Spring Edition
Produced by the
Eastern Shore
Community Health
Board (ESMCHB).
We Heard Your Health Concerns!
After consulting with community members about their main health issues, the Eastern Shore
Musquodoboit Community Health Board would like to report on what they heard:
Access Issues
• Citizens wanted a continued emphasis placed on access to health services and information.
• Our rural communities want continued efforts applied to ensuring that people have access
to the services and programs they need.
Health inequities were identified
• Community members shared serious issues affecting themselves and their families such as
rural transportation challenges, the cost of healthy foods and medication.
Stress and mental health issues were also raised
• The urgent need was expressed for more local supports and specialists in the community.
Concerns around Chronic Conditions
• People expressed frustrations with long wait times to see specialists or other clinicians and
the need to have a focus on prevention and wellness programs.
• More access to physical activity and healthy eating programs with easier access to
recreational programs and facilities.
The Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Community Health Board will continue to address issues
affecting rural communities such as; access to services and information, food security,
mental health, healthy eating and physical activity. They will work to address
transportation barriers, advocate for local programs and services and promote existing
services through the use of Community Connections newsletter and e-bulletins.
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Join Us! Become a Member of Your
Community Health Board
Serving communities from Lake Echo to Ecum Secum and from Meagher’s Grant
To Dean…..
Are you interested in the health of your community and want to make a difference? We
are looking for local community members to join the Eastern Shore Musquodoboit
Community Health Board.
Being a member of the Board is an excellent volunteer experience. Members have an
opportunity to develop their skills, meet new people and participate in funding local
organizations that support safe & healthy communities. You do not have to be a health
professional to volunteer!
We warmly encourage people of all ages and
cultures, who live in the communities we
serve, to consider volunteering.
If rural community health is important to you,
contact the Community Health Board at the
office (902) 889-4118 or email:
[email protected]
Our next meeting is in Musquodoboit Valley
on May 13th from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Contact us if you would like to join us for our meeting.
Eastern Shore Musquodoboit
Community Health Board…
Volunteer Board Members:
Alana MacLellan
Maureen Kirk
Dianne DeYoung,
Diana Rossong
Lorrie Boutilier
Barbara Jones
Shirley Haugen
Darlene Richardson
Cindy Tomblin
Nasara Howe
East Lawrencetown
West Jeddore
East Ship Harbour
Musquodoboit Harbour
Sheet Harbour
Oyster Pond
Porters Lake
Porters Lake
Head of Jeddore
Monique Mullins-Roberts (cell) (902) 483-3745
[email protected]
PO Box 31, 7907 Highway #7 Musquodoboit Harbour, NS B0J 2L0
Phone: (902) 889-4118; (902) Fax: 889-2599
Community Connections
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Eastern Shore
Musquodoboit Community
Health Board
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Community Development Funds Awarded in 2014
By your local Community Health Board
On February 20th, 2014, the Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Community Health Board provided grants to local community groups who are working to make the Eastern Shore and Musquodoboit Valley a healthier place to live, work and play. Here are the groups that were successful recipients of our Community Development Fund. Sheet
Harbour Rockets Association
Lions Club
Kinap Athletic Club
Eastern Shore District High – SAC
and Neglect into Support & Healing (V.A.N.I.S.H)
Harbour Sexual Health
Pond Academy – S.A.C.
Harbour Wrestling Club
Harbour & Area Community Association
Rider Cooperative Ltd.
Gerald Hardy Memorial Society
Shore Active Transportation Association
Hope for Wildlife Society
Shore District High School –YHC
Valley Fam of Schs–Band/Parent Assoc.
Musquodoboit Consol. Sch. Parent/Teacher Group
Shore District High – SAC
Canoe Club
Lake Elementary – SAC
Musquodoboit Valley Planning Committee
Old School Community Gathering Place
Park Academic Centre SAC & Boys & Girls Club
Valley Family Resource Centre
Rural High School G.S.A.
Echo Seniors
Lily’s Hill Recreation Association
Harbour & Area Ground Search and Rescue
Shore Family Resource Association
Sheet Harbour Little League
Multi Sports Program
Recreational Dragon Boat Program
Blue Nosed Schooners
Teen Health Promotion Kits
Boys Corner
Start-Up Costs
Promotional Campaign
Marketing for Accessible and Fare Subsidy
Art and Wellness for Seniors
Launching Active Transportation on the Shore
ImagiNature – Putting Play and Imagination Back into
the Outdoors
I Don’t Have a Clue – Mental Health Support Group
Seussical the Musical
Community Art Project
Mental Health & Addictions Awareness Campaign
Refurbishing of Canadian Wood C-4
Musquodoboit Valley Transportation Project
Social Sundays: Beat the Winter Blues
Say No to Bullying & Yes to Friendship
Junior Preschool
“Pinning on Equality”
Reaching Out
Skate Along with Me!
Floor Hockey League
Mums Night Out & Rural Outreach New Parent Group
Breast Screening-Sheet Harbour
Provincial Digital Mobile Mammography services will be at
the Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital from October 6-11, 2014.
Call 1-800-565-0548 to book your appointment.
An Update from Eastern Shore
Memorial Hospital.
meantime, we are actively recruiting for RNs, LPNs and other professional staff. This staffing plan will clarify what staff is needed in what area, as well as identify possible retirements and help plan strategies for replacement. Service Provision
We would like to thank those that came to tell their
stories during the community conversations that took
place in 2013. What was heard by the Leadership Team
was valuable to us. We haven’t waited to act on the
information. The new Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital
and Harbourview Lodge Leadership team has been
working on a plan to action the information brought
forward. Many changes have already taken place,
including the hiring of two new members of our
Leadership team – Roberta Duchesne and Sandra Hatch.
We thought it best to put what we heard into themes.
We have done this to make it easier to address the
underlying issues and talk about what we are doing to
address the challenges that were brought forward.
1. The websites will be updated, providing information on the services provided, the hours of service and other relevant information. 2. If there are questions, concerns or feedback related to health care experiences, please contact the Patient Representative toll free at 1 (855) 799‐0990 or email: [email protected] . 3. If there are questions, concerns or feedback related to ESMH or Harbourview Lodge, please contact the Health Services Manager (Roberta Duchesne) at (902) 885‐3616 or email: [email protected] . 1. As patients present themselves to Emergency, there is a professional assessment completed which is based on the condition of the patient when they arrive. These assessments are based on both national standards and the needs of the patients. 2. Follow‐up is determined by these standards and by the professionals treating the patients through assessments. 3. There are several ways this information is tracked, depending on if the patient is an inpatient or outpatient. For those that are inpatients, we use systems that are integrated into Capital Health such as Evergreen and BUMP. For those seen by outpatients, the physicians have their own methods of tracking their patients through charting. 4. Providing services in the community is something that we are looking into through collaboration with Primary Care Services and the Tri‐Community Coalition. We are currently collecting statistics and looking for information that will help us plan. We will be looking at a model that Windsor is currently implementing for chronic disease management. Hospital Environment
1. We are working on this. Although the patient rooms will not be moved, we are planning some improvements to the physical environment of ESMH in order to improve our ability to provide care. The building is older and in need of some repair. We have a capital plan to do this. Customer Service
1. All staff will be provided mandatory customer service training and supports (Communicate with Heart®) by the end of March, 2015. Staffing
1. A staffing plan is in development and will be implemented within the next six months. In the Thank-you again for coming to these meetings and
giving your input. We are putting it to good use. We
are working with your Community Health Board to
understand and respond to your needs. If you have any
more ideas or suggestions that you would like to discuss,
please contact the Health Services Manager, Roberta
Duchesne at 885-3616 or through email at
[email protected] .
Community Connections.…………………………………………………………………..
‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 5 Shore Active Transportation Association
Celebrates The First Year
Community volunteers with the Shore Active Transportation Association have many things to celebrate.
We have a final draft of our community Active Transportation (AT) Plan available for viewing on our
web page This plan will go to Community Council soon and become part of HRM's AT
Plan for implementation. There are 6 recommendations.
One recommendation is to host events in the community to increase AT awareness. As a result, we are
planning to bring HRM Bike Week to the Shore. Bike Week runs from June 6th to June 15th to
promote and encourage safe cycling and a full schedule of events are at
Local events are as follows - detailed information will be available on our web page
Sunday, June 8th, we are partnering with the Acadian Museum to do a ride through historic West
Chezzetcook with several interesting and informative stops.
Wednesday, June 11th, in the morning we will explore the Atlantic View Trail from
Lawrencetown Beach to Cole Harbour.
Friday, June 13th, an easy ride on the beautiful Musquodoboit Trail is planned. These trail rides
will have lots of support for new riders.
We also have plans for an event for youth at Eastern Shore District High.
Soon our Friday morning Nordic Pole Walking will start again. We have poles to lend and instruction
is available from certified instructor Judy Myatt, upon request.
Explore the Shore by Bicycle with Shirley Smith on her weekday rides. Times for these events will be
posted weekly on our Facebook page (Shore Active Transportation). Join us to explore your community,
get fit and have fun. We welcome suggestions. Please let us know how you want to be involved and
celebrate active transportation and active living.
Healthy Connections Wellness Show - “Branching Out in New Directions”
An information packed health awareness event – something for all ages – lots of booths,
interactive demos and information sessions. Door prizes! Free cloth bag for 1st 100 people!
Saturday, April 26th, 2014 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre
(MVEC), 10246 Highway 224, Middle Musquodoboit Admission: $4.00, Children 12 years &
under Free. MVEC Home and School Committee, as a fundraiser, will be offering a luncheon
menu. Support the youth and enjoy some down home cookin’. For More Info: Sharon (902)
384-2948 Juli (902) 384-3410 or [email protected] See You There! ……………………………………………………………...……………………………………….Community Connections 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What’s Happening in Our Communities . . . .
Update from your local
Addictions Awareness Committee
Community Involvement Bursary:
The Eastern Shore Local Committee on
Addiction Awareness is pleased to be offering
three bursaries of $200.00, thanks in part to an
anonymous donor.
The Community Involvement Bursary is
available to any graduating students at Eastern
Shore District High School continuing on in the
education field, whether it is university,
community college or any other recognized
educational institution.
Students interested in applying for this bursary
must complete an application highlighting their
accomplishments, lifestyles and goals. Please
contact Tom O’Malley, Guidance Counsellor at
Eastern Shore District High.
Volunteer Week:
We would like to recognize ALL volunteers in
our communities that improve the health and
well-being of our community
Eastern Shore Local Committee on Addiction
Family Caregiver Education Series
Are you providing care and support to a
family member who has been recently
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or
another dementia? If so, the Family
Caregiver Education Series can help you.
This series will include presentations,
and interactive activities to help prepare
family members for their new role.
Six weekly sessions will include:
▫ Overview of Dementia
▫ Planning Ahead (financial and legal)
▫ Day-to-Day Living
▫ Care for the Caregiver
▫ Responding to Changing Care Needs
▫ Tough Issues
Who: Family members who are
providing care and support to
someone recently diagnosed with
Alzheimer’s disease or other
dementia (ADRD).
When: Tuesday mornings from May 6th
for six weeks.
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Where: P.A.U.S.E. Wellness Centre,
12335 Highway 224, Middle
To Register: Call Sharon Arsenault at
(902)384-2786 or Katie Simms, MSW
(902) 384-4107
Community Connections……………………………………………………………...……
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MusGo Rider Fills a Real Need
Lack of transportation in rural communities can
be for many, a serious barrier to receiving
adequate health care and access to other much
needed services. The Health Association Nova
Scotia in a recent report notes “the need for
reliable transportation in rural communities
cannot be understated”.
And this is where MusGo Rider comes in. Their
wheelchair accessible mini van provides doorto-door transportation from East Preston and
Lawencetown in the west to Ship Harbour in the
east. The goal is to provide safe, affordable and
dependable transportation to seniors, persons
with disabilities, those who are economically
disadvantaged and those who have limited or no
access to a vehicle to get to where they need to
The importance of affordable rural
transportation is also recognized by the
provincial government. Through Service Nova
Scotia, significant funding is provided to notfor-profit transportation companies to assist
with vehicle purchases and operating costs. In
HRM, Metro Transit is planning in the near
future to provide operating funds. And the
Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Community
Health Board has recently funded part of their
promotional material.
So if you, or somebody you know, could be
helped by MusGo Rider this is what you should
Call the dispatcher at 483-RIDE (7433) to book
a ride or to learn more about fares and the
services offered – they will even take you to the
airport. It is best to make reservations at least
24 hours in advance. For patients of the
Musquodoboit Medical Clinic, medical
appointments can be made 48 hours in advance
if you are using MusGo Rider. Fares start $7.00
one way and in a few cases there may be access
to a fare subsidy.
MusGo Rider is there to help. Please help get
the message out to those who could benefit.
The Old School Community Gathering Place Our second annual Youth Arts Festival: May 2 – 4th. There will be a gallery show, workshops, refreshments and snacks, along with live performances. Contact the Old School to volunteer or participate. Join the Facebook page (Eastern Shore Youth Arts Festival) for updates. Mother’s Day Celebrations and Bazaar: Saturday, May 10th from 11 – 3 Free activities for children and moms, spa, vendors, refreshments, and a chance to meet rescued animals.. The Old School Art Gallery: There are plans to start a new Gallery Committee to help promote local artists and make the best use of The Gallery. There will also be a weekly Open Studio Group on Monday afternoons in the large naturally‐lit studio space. Please join the 4th Annual Eastern Shore
Summer Arts Festival & Bazaar being held on
Saturday, August 16th. For information or to get
involved, call 889- 2735 or email
[email protected] ……………………………………………………………...……Community Connections
Mental Health
Mobile Crisis Team
Addiction Prevention
and Treatment Services
1-866-340-6700 or
(902) 384-2834
(902) 885-2611
Family Services
Musquodoboit Valley
Family Practice
Cole Harbour /
Eastern HRM Mental
Health Services
911 or nearest
Emergency room
(902) 434-3263
Primary Health Care Provider
Social Worker
(Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, etc)
(902) 384-2220
IWK Reproductive
Mental Health Services
Musquodoboit Valley
Memorial Hospital &
Collaborative Emergency Center
(902) 384-2220
(902) 470-8888 or
Public Health
Health Beginnings
Facebook page
(902) 384-2370
Family Resource
(902) 384-2794 Healthy Beginnings
Middle Musquodoboit
Mental Health Helping Tree