ESMO Young Oncologists Committee
ESMO Young Oncologists
27 th of July 2014
Dr Erika Martinelli
ESMO YOC member
ESMO Young Oncologists Committee (YOC)
• ESMO YOC represents interests of YOs
• ESMO is committed to nurture the next generation
of Oncologists
− Strengthening YO skills and knowledge
− Developing educational activities
− Offering a platform for networking
Mission statement:
Provide opportunities to strengthen YO skills, knowledge
and expertise, while providing a platform for networking
with other medical oncologists and oncology professionals
Young Oncologists Committee (YOC) structure
Raffaele Califano - United Kingdom
Fortunato Ciardiello - ESMO President-Elect
Susana Banerjee
Jaime Jesus Corral
Leticia De Mattos-Arruda
Valentina Guarneri
Erika Martinelli
Giannis Mountzios
Akif Öztürk
Mila Petrova
Sophie Postel-Vinay
Matthias Preusser
Camilla Qvortrup
Michiel Strijbos
Nikita Volkov
United Kingdom
Latin America
Achievements 2013
• Launch of the Image of the Month diagnosis challenge on YO Corner
• Preceptorship meetings offered with travel grants to YOs
• YO E-News issued on a regular basis with increased readership
• YO sessions at national oncology congresses and ESMO specialty
• European-wide survey by the YOC, on burnout in young oncologists
• ESMO Survey conducted addressing needs of national YO groups
• First Joint Networking evening for YOs in collaboration with FAC,
ESMO, ESSO & ESTRO at ECC 2013, Amsterdam
• Annual YO Track – Scientific programme during congress
So far in 2014
• Publication of NSCLC study based on European-wide survey in
Lung Cancer
• 1st Clinical Trials Workshop for Central Eastern Europe in
Budapest - for under 45
• ESO-ESMO Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass in
Medical Oncology, in Slovenia
And coming soon:
• Career and professional development tools
• YO Track ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid
• Advise and documentation support to assist in creating national YO
• Linkedin based networking forum (in addition to exising Facebook
ESMO YO activities – the future of Oncology 1/2
Fellowship programme
Linked with YO Corner pages on web
Promotion when possible (national activities)
Clinical Trials Workshops
through partnerships
Preceptorship Meetings and Travel grant offers
Educational events
Travel grants available by application
Collaboration with National YO Groups
Annual meeting during congress
Collaboration on common projects
Assist in creation of new groups
Networking events
Evening for YOs during congress – 2nd this year in Madrid
ESMO YO activities – the future of Oncology 2/2
Journal Club
• Open to submission for all YO members
• Over 50 articles published so far
Image of the month
• Launched May 2013
• Open for submission to all ESMO YO members
YO Track at ESMO Congress & Sessions during National Meetings
• Madrid YO Track
• National meetings YO Sessions
• Other congresses (World GI, ELCC)
Survey on YO Burnout
• Over 730 survey collected across Europe
• Abstract submitted for ESMO 2014
YO Track at ESMO 2014 Madrid
Especially designed by YOs for YOs - educational and relevant to
YOs in their daily practice and/or research activities.
Connecting with National YO Groups
• 2012: First meeting with representatives from national YO groups
• Creation of Pan-European network of YOs
• Collaborate on projects of common interest
• YOC Goal: help European countries with no YO group to establish
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