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March, 2014
Message from the President
Dear Friends,
of our New
Campus on
August 22,
join us!
As we look over our
24-year history, we rejoice in what God has
brought into being: a
diverse and energetic
team of
faculty and staff; 21
from Arab countries and 14 from the
West, all with a renewed vision of
equipping Arab leaders from the Middle East, Arab Peninsula and North Africa.
As a result, we have today,
graduates in 18 countries serving as
pastors, authors and leaders in various
The Lord added to us this year several quality resident full-time faculty:
Dr. Bryson Arthur, Ph.D. (Systematic
Theology); Dr. Hudson Davis, Ph.D.
(Historical Theology); Dr. John
Chung, D.Min. (Pastoral Theology);
Dr. Sam Yim, Ph.D. (Intercultural
Studies); Dr. Colleen Yim, Ph.D.
(Intercultural Studies). Three other
faculty with Ph.D.s are in process of
Academic Dean
It is also my distinct honor to present to you our new Academic Dean
Dr. Bryson Arthur, from Scotland. He
and his wife, May, joined us in August,
2013. He has a Ph.D. in Systematic
Theology from Glasgow University. Of
his many positions, he has served as
Professor of Theology and Philosophy
in Kenya. He later served as the Founder and President of Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) in
Israel for seven years. He then felt that
it was time for him to hand over the
work to the nationals. This came at the
right time as JETS had prayed and interviewed a number of people for the
position of Academic Dean.
Dr Arthur is a godly man of integrity. He and I have
been best of friends
for ten years. I know
no one in the Middle
East like him that
combines character,
scholarship, administrative skills and leadership.
The new campus looks better each
day! There is amazing joy at the miracle
of it! The campus has brought a new
sense of ownership, thanksgiving and
worship. Visitors from across the region, who have walked with us through
our journey, sense the Lord’s amazing
hand in establishing a campus of its size
and quality in the heart of the Middle
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Masters students
“To expand our
impact we need
to finish the
Masters students
To see New Campus
photos, go to:
"Instructing and
teaching all
people... that we
may present
every person
mature in
Christ" (Col.
Our projected target over the
next three to five years is to
have 300 full-time students,
more than 500 in distance education and 3-5,000 receiving informal training on site through
seminars, conferences and various forums.
The new campus
will now house the seminary and
a major conference center, thus
opening new and unprecedented
doors of expansion and impact.
To expand our impact, we
need to finish the campus. We
are looking at the second of
three phases on the way to full
completion. This second phase
includes housing for students
and conferees, cafeteria, TV and
radio studios. All these structures are built but we need to
finish them! Added to these are
the parking, landscape and campus entrance.
Our Campus
Our hearts are full of thanksgiving to the Lord for all that He has
done and is doing.
Thank you for standing with us!
Blessings in Christ
Imad Shehadeh , Ph.D.
We have designated August
22, 2014 as the day for the
dedication of the new campus,
as well as the commencement of
our 18th graduating class (see
insert). I hope you can come to
meet our amazing students,
staff and faculty and see our
new campus.
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JETS Journal
March, 2014