Dowling Catholic High School Media Center Update

Dowling Catholic High School
Media Center Update
December 2014
RAC Books to Know About…
The Other Wes Moore: one name, two
fates by Wes Moore
The author, Wes Moore, writes about
his life and how he came to be a Rhodes
Scholar and war veteran while a man with the
same name, born in the same neighborhood
ended up choosing a life of drugs and crime
ultimately ending up in prison. The two Wes
Moore’s never met until their fates had been
determined, but the author wonders how
family, opportunities, and societal expectations
shaped both of their lives and how much was
predetermined. Wes Moore interviews the
other Wes Moore in prison and learns how
easily both of their lives could have been
changed. A good read for students who like
non-fiction and students who are struggling to
appreciate the support and opportunities in
front of them that others might not have.
Full Ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Becca Jones is horrified to learn that
her father has been scamming people most of
his life in any way he can think of in order to
get ahead. When he is sentenced to 10 years in
prison she is about to start high school and
feels truly mortified that he has conned most of
her friend’s parents out of large sums of
money. Her mother agrees to flee to a small
town in Ohio where no one knows them.
Three years go by and they do whatever they
can to avoid anyone making a connection
between them and the very famous white collar
ciriminal, Roger Jones. As she begins to think
about college her mother informs her that it is
not safe to apply to any colleges or
scholarships online. Eventually she admits
that there have been death threats against them
and that is really why they fled. Will she have
to hide forever? Will she ever be able to get
out from under the shadow of her father’s
Upcoming Events:
December is a Celebration of
The media center will be celebrating
with a book display and video of
information on Advent and Christmas.
We will also have some lighter
Christmas fiction on display. We will
be decorating and playing music for the
occasion. Stop by to help us celebrate!
Web Sites to Know About…
New Heartland Offering
PBS Learning Media Videos
This new site offered by Heartland AEA 11
can be found under online resources on the DCHS
media center home page or using the link above.
Username: 6957dchs
Password: haea11
This site gives access to 414 clips from 40 PBS
educational series. These can be used in teacher
lessons and student presentations and transcripts of
the clips automatically come up with the clip. The
transcripts are searchable using keywords, so if you
type of a particular word it will jump you to that part
of the video clip. Citations automatically generate
as well making it easy for students to site if they
should choose to use any. Subject areas include
space, important people and events in history, world
wars, etc. Anyone familiar with PBS programming
knows their educational videos are well researched
and worthwhile. Teachers can also make their own
clips and send them to mobile devices. You will
need to create a personal account to do this. If you
have any questions please come see us!