Newsletter Week 4 Term 4

Kyogle Public School Newsletter
DATE: Wednesday, 29 October 2014
WEEK 4 NO. 33
Principal: Drew Green
Principal’s Message
Grandparent’s Day
What a great afternoon!
As with all these things, trying to work out how
many to cater for is an educated guess….how
happily wrong we were! The response from
Grandparents delighted their Grandkids and in
return delighted their Grandparents.
The air conditioner had been going in the hall for
a number of hours making it a cooler space
however letting 320 kids in, their teachers, other
staff and the many Grandparents unfortunately
allowed a bit to escape, despite the three door
openers and shutters who were on duty. So
whilst it got a bit warm it was far more bearable
than the 39 degrees outside!
I visited a 1-2 Class on Tuesday morning for
another reason, however I usually have a chat
to the kids in any class I visit and I asked them a
number of questions regarding Grandparent’s
Day; to which the vast majority of the class
responded with arms in the air indicating a
strong “YES”;
“How many people had their grandparent’s
come to school on Monday?”
“How many of your Grandparent’s said they had
a wonderful time spending some time with you?”
“How many of you enjoyed spending some time
with your Grandparents?”
“Who would like to have their Grandparents
come again next year?”
And the most important one!!!
“Who would like to do this at a cooler time of
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes were the
responses. It was a special afternoon for lots of
A huge thankyou to the teachers for opening
their classrooms and helping co-ordinate the
afternoon particularly to our Positive Behaviour
For Learning Team who were the instigators of
the idea.
SRC Fundraising
The SRC has chosen to support Breast Cancer
this Term. In Week 6, Wednesday, 12 November
there will be a “Dress in Pink Day.” The
students are asked to make a gold coin donation.
There will be cupcakes for sale for 50c in the
canteen area. All proceeds will go to support the
National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Kinder Orientation
Thursday, 6 November is our first Kindergarten
Orientation Day for 2014. Parents and new
Kinders will meet in the top COLA at 9am where
staff will be there to greet them.
We commence our day with a grand tour of our
school, which we hope provides both parents and
students with some insight into our school layout
and how we operate.
Parents are invited to stay for morning tea at the
completion of the tour, and fill in necessary
paperwork in regard to their childs enrolment. Just
a reminder that there is 3 documents required for
enrolment which include a Birth Certificate,
Immunization Record and Proof of Residence
e.g. utility bill, rates notice etc.
Parents will need to collect their children at 3pm.
Any parents who are still undecided as to where
your child will attend school next year, you are
most welcome to attend KPS Orientation Days.
Next P&C Meeting: Tuesday, 11 November 2014 at 5.30pm in Staffroom
Next School Assembly : Term 4 - Monday, 10 November 2014 Choir Performing
Values: Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Participation, Care, Fairness, Belonging, Pride
What’s happening
Canteen Roster
Term 4
Week 5
Thur 30/10
S. Butler
K. Hoffman
Thur 6/11
1st Kindergarten Orientation 9am - 3pm
Fri 31/10
M. Karam
J. Roberts
Term 4
Week 6
Mon 3/11
J. Wilson
Mon 10/11
Inten Swimming Stage 2&3, 1/2M & 2W all week
Tue 4/11
J. Wilson
Tue 11/11
P & C Meeting in Staffroom at 5.30pm
Wed 5/11
J. Wilson
Thur 13/11
Kindergarten Orientation
Term 4
Week 7
Mon 17/11
Blood Bank in KPS Hall 2pm - 6.30pm
Intensive Swimming Stage 2&3, 12M & 2W
Tue 18/11
Blood Bank in KPS Hall 10am - 2pm
Full dress rehearsal for School Concert
Wed 19/11
School Concert held in KHS Hall
Thur 20/11
Kindergarten Orientation
School Concert held in KHS Hall
2W Camp
2W camp was the best.
we got to make plastic flowers from fizzy
drink bottles and spray paint them
we printed bottle brush flowers
we made pizza and ate it for lunch
we made sock puppets
we screen printed our T-shirts.
We made a mess on Mrs Witcombe’s table when
we made pizza bases. We had BBQ for dinner and
there were 79 people there!! We had vanilla ice
cream for dessert. Mrs Witcombe read us a
bedtime story and it was fun.
We were all up at 5 o’clock in the morning wanting
‘Milo please! Ah!! Mmmm!!! ’
Tiara Forster and Chloe Zeiler.
Friday Special :
There will not be a special this week
Kyogle Public School P & C will be
holding a movie fundraising night on
Friday, 7 November starting from
5pm with the movie starting at 6pm.
Cost is $5 per person or $20 per family.
Includes : 1 x sausage sandwich, 1 x drink,
1 x popcorn, 1 x hall pass.
Children are to be supervised by an accompanying
A special thanks goes to these local businesses
that have supported this event—The Saw Spot,
Graham Gooley Optometrist, Singhs Tyre &
Mechanical Kyogle, Soul Pattinsons Chemist,
Scarboroughs, PRD Nationwide, Cutting it
Straight, Peters Food Hall, Back to Basics and
Chrystine Graham.
Please come along and support your school.
Kyogle Public School P&C Cake Stall
Fundraiser - Friday, 31 October.
Set up - Yaz Bateman
9.00am - 10.00am
Rhonda Zeiler, Kylie Hoffman, Vicki Wurr,
Yaz Bateman
10.00am - 11.00am
Rowena Nelson, Vicki Wurr, Sandy Szoko,
Yaz Bateman
11.00am - 12.00pm
Jan Walters, Susan Jenner, Megan Karam,
Yaz Bateman
12.00pm - 1.00pm
Hayley Kennedy, Yaz Bateman
Prescription Sunglasses Found
We have a pair of prescription sunglasses handed into
the KPS office which were found in the top playground
last week. If these belong to you please call the school
or come into the office and pick them up.
Just a reminder that all baked goods must have
ALL ingredients clearly labelled. Pricing can be
done at home or left for the ladies to do on the
Donations can be dropped off to the school
canteen before Friday or to the Stall on the day.
We thank you for your support.
P&C Committee.
PO Box 428, KYOGLE NSW 2474
192 Summerland Way, KYOGLE NSW 2474
Phone: 6632 1200
Fax: 6632 2579
Email: [email protected]
Values: Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Participation, Care, Fairness, Belonging, Pride
What’s happening
Year 6 Dinner
Year 6 dinner will be held Monday, 1 December
at Kyogle Senior Centre. Year 6 students have
been busy practising their dances in preparation
for the night and are excited about the evening.
More information in the coming weeks.
Uniform shop will be open Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday mornings from 8:45am – 9:20am
throughout Term 4.
Hats are available from the canteen during
Canteen operating hours. We apologise for the
lack of hat sizes as we are in the process of
changing styles.
TIMES, unless arranged in advance with me via
email [email protected]
Congratulations Codie Barnes
Codie entered a 2014 NAIDOC
Week School Initiative Competition
earlier this year. Out of over
successful in winning a category in
presented with a bike helmet and a
medal at Mondays assembly.
Week4 Term 4
PO Box 428, KYOGLE NSW 2474
192 Summerland Way, KYOGLE NSW 2474
Phone: 6632 1200
Fax: 6632 2579
Email: [email protected]
Grandparents Day 2014