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Media Relations
Securing National Media Coverage for the World’s First Inland Port
AllianceTexas is a
17,000-acre, master-planned development
featuring the world’s first industrial airport;
more than 200 of the world’s leading
companies (including 34 listed on the
Fortune 500); one of the nation’s leading
intermodal rail facilities; and nearly 500,000
residents in and around the project. The
development was initiated by Ross Perot, Jr.
in 1989, and during its two-decade history
it has become one of the leading economic
engines in the Southwestern U.S. To bring
attention to AllianceTexas’ role in north
Fort Worth’s place as the fastest growing
region in the nation (2010 U.S. Census),
and to highlight several key projects that
were under construction, the company
hired Cooksey to develop a media relations
strategy to generate publicity.
Cooksey developed
a plan with a goal of tying the region’s
population explosion and economic
success back to the success at AllianceTexas.
Key events to leverage would include
Super Bowl XLV, of which Hillwood
was a host committee founding sponsor;
Hillwood’s annual report to the City of
Fort Worth; the release of the 2010 U.S.
Census; a national media day event at
AllianceTexas; and various announcements
from the development.
E X E C U T I O N : Upon commencing
the campaign, Cooksey initiated a
successful national media outreach effort
during the week leading up to Super Bowl
XLV. This was followed by an ongoing
public relations push, using the national
media day event as its centerpiece,
which included coordinating a multitude
of print, broadcast and interactive
media interviews.
R E S U L T S : Cooksey has
been successful in connecting the
population growth in north Fort Worth
to the economic impact generated at
AllianceTexas. Media outreach during the
ongoing campaign has yielded dozens of
stories or segments in nearly every media
platform that covers the commercial real
estate industry, including national daily
newspaper outlets, regional broadcast
media, national commercial real estate
trades, both local daily newspapers and
regional weekly business journals.
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