1 2 summer youth olympic games selection policy 2014

This Selection Policy (the “Policy”) covers selection for the 2nd Summer Youth
Olympic Games (YOG 2014) to be held in Nanjing, China, from 16-28 August 2014.
Grouped NOC’s, in this case, Europe, have been invited to enter 5 Show Jumping
riders, ideally each NOC represented by no more than one competitor. The
competition will be on “borrowed” horses.
One rider (“the Rider”) will be selected to compete at YOG 2014 along with a
minimum of one reserve (“the Reserve”).
The Rider will be nominated by British Showjumping (BS), through the British
Equestrian Federation (BEF) to the British Olympic Association (“BOA”). The BOA,
which will accept the BEF’s recommendation in all cases unless exceptional
circumstances arise, will formally make the final selection to the Great Britain YOG
2014 Team.
2. AIM
2.1. The specific aim of this Selection Policy is to select a rider to deliver the best possible
results for Great Britain and the European Team at the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games
3.1. It is vitally important for the integrity of the Policy that riders, selectors, staff and
associated parties practice at all times a high degree of confidentiality relating to information
which may have a bearing on selection. All confidential information, conversations and
discussions will be identified as such. Any person who breaks this confidentiality may be
removed from the Selection process.
4.1. All Selectors will be appointed by the BS International Committee in consultation with
the Performance Director (“PD”) and Performance Manager (PM). The Selectors as a panel
will have the knowledge and experience required to select championship teams and riders
and will be free from all vested interests/conflicts of interest in so far as is possible.
4.2. The BS International Secretary will maintain a register of conflicts of interest and all
Selectors will declare any potential or perceived conflicts as soon as they arise.
4.3. All Selectors will have equal voting rights. Decisions must be reached by a majority and
with no abstentions (unless a Selector is required to abstain due to a declared conflict of
4.4. The Selection Panel shall comprise:
Corinne Bracken
Tina Goosen
Rob Hoekstra
4.5. Other advisors will be used as required, for example British Showjumping Team
coaches and Human SSM personnel.
4.6. The PD, a representative of the BOA and a representative of BS will be entitled to
attend all selection meetings but will not have a vote.
5.1. The British Showjumping Selection Policy for YOG 2014 is compiled in consultation with
the BS International Committee, Selectors and PD and is approved by the BS Board.
6.1. The Selectors will have the right in exceptional circumstances (e.g. force majeure) to
amend or change the Policy where necessary at any time in order to fulfil the objectives of
the Policy. Any changes to the Policy must be approved in writing by the Chairman of the BS
International Committee and the PD. The amended Policy in its entirety will be published on
the BS Website.
7.1. The BS International Secretary will ensure that each rider available for selection is
eligible to represent Great Britain including being:
be born between 1st January 1996 and 31st December 1997
a British passport holder;
a member in good standing of BS and eligible to represent Great Britain in
international championships under the rules of the FEI having been registered by the
National Federation of Great Britain to compete in International Events and being in
possession of a Certificate of Competence in accordance with Articles 113 and 117
FEI Regulations;
eligible under any applicable anti-doping code
7.2 All riders considered for Selection should either be part of the Equestrian World Class
Programme or should have applied for Selection to the World Class Development
Programme in 2012, or have been short listed for a CSIOJ / CSIOP / CSIO Children on
Horses in the last 2 years. The Selectors reserve the right to select someone who does not
meet these criteria in order to meet the aim of the Selection policy.
7.3. As a condition of Selection riders will be obliged to abide by a BOA Athlete Agreement.
8.1. A Certificate of Capability will be required either through the Junior / Young Rider
Continental Championship or the FEI Challenge Category A, a score of not more than eight
penalties in the first round of any of the competitions. The qualification period for riders will
be in accordance with FEI regulations, which are available at www.fei.org
9.1. The Selectors will take the following criteria into account in making their selections
decisions and have due regard to the relevant statistical evidence available to them.
9.1.1. The rider’s results at a level equal to or higher than that of YOG 2014 (1.40m)
will be a prime factor in selection but weighting will be given to the standing of the
competition, the difficulty of the courses, the surface, the competiveness of the
starters and the variety of different horses the rider has achieved the results with.
Greatest weight will be given to results in Grand Prix and Nations Cups.
9.1.2. The fitness and health of the rider. The advice of the World Class Programme
Director of Human Sports Science and Medicine may be sought and riders may be
asked to undergo a fitness test. Fitness of riders to compete to their full potential
may be taken in to consideration by the Selectors.
9.1.3. The rider’s ability to produce peak performances in conditions similar to YOG
2014. The physical conditions in which the YOG will be held and the potential impact
of those conditions on the rider’s performance.
9.1.4. The rider’s equestrian knowledge and experience.
9.1.5. The rider’s ability to cope with pressure.
9.1.6 The rider’s ability to contribute to a positive Team atmosphere and be a good
ambassador for Great Britain and equestrian sport.
10.1. The Selectors will meet in order to select the Rider and Reserve or reserves as
10.2. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RIDER FOR YOG 2014 – The Rider will be announced
on or before 23rd June 2014. The Selectors will select a list of riders to form a “Long List” by
1st February 2014; this list can be added to up to the point of the final selection.
11.1. SUBSTITUTION - The Selectors may substitute a reserve rider from the
announcement of Selection up until the Sport Entry deadline of 8th July 2014, or later if so
approved by the BOA.
However, the reason for a substitution must only be because the rider is unfit to
compete due to injury or illness or the rider is no longer eligible to compete due to a
disciplinary infringement.
In the case of a rider being considered medically unable to compete the decision will be
made by the Selectors in consultation with the PD following an examination by a World
Class Programme approved Doctor. This may involve the rider being asked to jump fence(s)
on a horse capable of jumping 1.40m; being unfit to compete is best described as “not being
able to ride their horse in a manner which allows the rider to produce the standard of
performance at which they were selected".
12.1. DISCRETION - In exceptional circumstances, the Selectors will be entitled within the
provisions of this Policy to exercise their discretion to achieve the objective where it is
reasonable to do so.
12.2.1. Athletes and other accredited personnel will be required to sign and abide by
any agreements and/or abide by codes of behaviour for the equestrian team
appropriate to the Championships.
12.2.3. Athletes and their support teams are expected to behave at all times in a
manner that does not bring the sport, BS, Team GB, BEF, World Class, BOA or the
FEI in to disrepute.
12.3. CLEAN SPORT - Selection is subject to compliance with BS, BEF, FEI and WADA
Rules on doping and medication control for Human and Equine.
12.4. CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT - In the event of cancellation the relevant parties
will be notified straightaway. In the event of postponement a situation might arise where a
new and / or different Team or Reserve need to be selected, in which case all parties will be
notified and normal procedure for selection will be followed.
12.6. FORCE MAJEURE - In the event of exceptional circumstances beyond BOA’s, BS’s or
BEF’s control e.g. disease outbreak in horses or humans, war or terrorism, collapse of World
Class funding, the British Showjumping Board reserves the right to make the decision,
following consultation with the BOA, PD, PM and Chief Executive of the BEF, either to
change the Selection Policy or the procedure, which might include withdrawing the British
13.1. PUBLICATION/CIRCULATION - The Selection Policy will be placed on the BS
Website. Hard copies will be available on request from the BS office.
13.2. ENQUIRIES - Enquiries about the Selection Policy can be made either in writing or on
the telephone to the BS office.
13.3.1 The key points of contact relating to this Selection Policy is the BS
International Secretary.
13.3.2 The point of contact for riders who are competing at Young Rider / Junior FEI
shows and who wish to discuss their intended competition plans will be Corinne
14.1. Riders have the right to appeal against a selection decision of the Selectors but only
on the grounds that the Selectors have failed to comply with this policy or have made a
decision that no rational body of competent selectors could reasonably reach. An appeal
must be made by submitting notice in writing to both the Chief Executives of BS and to the
BEF in accordance with the BEF Appeal Rules (the “Appeal Process”) within 48 hrs of the
relevant rider being informed of the Selectors’ decision.
The Chief Executive of BS shall on receipt of the notice of appeal seek to bring together all
parties for a without prejudice discussion that may, if all are agreed, take the form of a
facilitated mediation. For the avoidance of doubt the Appeal Process shall continue to run
during the course of such discussion. However, in the event that both parties notify the BEF
that such discussion/mediation has resolved the appeal within 48 hours of receipt of the
notice of Appeal, the Appeal Process shall be stayed. The Appeal Process is set out on the
BEF website and copies can be obtained from the BEF office.