Fall 2014 - Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

FALL 2014
VOL. 28
A N C I E N T W I S D O M • FA M I LY L E G A C Y • M O D E R N M E D I C I N E
Looking Forward Through the Prism of the Past
25 Years
1 Celebrating
Looking Forward Through
the Prism of the Past
of Trustees:
3 Board
New Chair and Six
Trustees Elected
You to Our
4 Thank
Event Donors
Luminary Circle
Leadership In Action
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We use the Chinese
character yi (“ee”), which
refers to “the healing arts,”
in our school logo.
[Left] Dr. Daoshing Ni and Sum-Yee Wang, Honoree Pierce Brosnan, Emm Wang and Dr. Mao Shing Ni gathered before dinner to
recognize their shared commitment to service.[Right] Our student leaders volunteered to ensure every attendee had a wonderful night.
They gathered around a special 25th Anniversary Cake designed, created, and donated by Melody Hirose of Charm City Cakes West.
verlooking the elegant energy of the Pacific
Ocean, the scenes from the Bel-Air Bay
Club’s Upper Club on Friday, November 7
might have been from a poet’s ethereal dream.
A mesmerizing and magnificently regal performance of a traditional Chinese
Lion Dance set the stage for
a program that soon won’t
be forgotten.
The program kicked-off with
Brenda Strong, Mistress of
Ceremonies, presenting a
Proclamation from the Mayor
of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti,
honoring the University and
its founders, Daoshing Ni and Mao Shing Ni.
While still on stage, a surprise awaited the
founders when student leaders Pei-Jen Chu,
Teresa Calloway, and Shannon Lawrence presented both founders with certificates of appreciation
and commendation on behalf all of the students.
Both Dr. Dao and Dr. Mao then spoke of how
much this journey of 25 years has meant to them
and what YSU means to each of them, which
transitioned perfectly to how we honor those who
share our values and caring service with others.
Dr. Mao presented the annual Robert Graham
Visionary Award, but first spoke of the elements
of the award and also its meaning to YSU stating
“each year we honor a new person, but the meaning behind the Award remains constant. The
Award is unique, because the
recipient must share in the
fundamental commitment
driving our University’s purpose. Daily, we strive to
impart in our students that
passion instilled in our family
for meeting the health and
wellness needs of humanity
through Traditional Chinese
Medicine and the Taoist healing arts. Even now, I am inspired each time I hear
a story of our alumni carrying on this legacy.”
Having reminded the guests, who totaled more
than 150, of the Award’s purpose, Dr. Mao then
made the presentation to a truly great actor, artist
and activist, Mr. Pierce Brosnan. “007” captivated
all in attendance with his sophistication and
humility. Brosnan shared stories from his life and
discussed his motivations for helping others.
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Once again Robert Graham’s son, Steven,
joined us in honoring his father’s life and
commitment to Yo San University.
The Bel-Air Bay Club served as fantastic hosts for
the evening’s festivities. The venue and service was
first class for a capacity filled room of attendees.
Mr. Brosnan pictured here with the 2014 Robert Graham
Visionary Award along with his wife Keely with Dr. Dao
and Dr. Mao flanking them on either side.
Former YSU President, Dr. Larry Ryan, with wife
Sharon and Trustee Sum-Yee Wang shared time to reflect
on the effort and achievements of the past 25 years.
Brenda Strong was both elegant and witty. Here, she along with
student leader, Donica Schmidt, are enticing the audience to bid
on Bisou Moi, a Giclee produced and donated by Mr. Brosnan.
Janie Coolidge celebrates winning “Gratitude” a
sculpture personally created and donated to YSU for the
Live Auction by world-renowned sculptor Danielle Anjou.
Mark Butzman and business partner, Paul Rohan, pictured
here. Mark won a fantastic four night stay in Paris, France
donated by Perfect Paris owners Michelle and Alan Heilpern.
Don Lee, DAOM Co-Chair, Healthy Aging Program, Dr. Mao
Shing Ni, and Dr. Lawrence Lau, YSU Dean of Academic and
Clinical Affairs, and YSU President Lois Green.
YSU Professor Laraine Crampton shares a story
with YSU alumnus George Lamoureux, owner
of Jing Herbs in Los Angeles.
Justina Krakowski and Jens-Oliver Gruettemann enjoy a magnificent evening on the outdoor patio of the Bel-Air Bay Club.
Trustee Dr. Judy Marlane
with Mr. Brosnan.
Congratulations to our new Board Chair Mary Flaherty
pictured here with her husband Jay and Pierce Brosnan.
Longtime supporter, Edith Dume poses with our honoree
along with her close friends Deb and Tom Tataranowicz.
The evening’s program began with a Traditional Chinese Lion
Dance performed by Immortals Lion Dance Club.
Dessa Schroeder, California Professional Insurance Services,
shared the evening with her family and friends form YSU.
Board of Trustees:
New Chair and Six Trustees Elected
In conveying his honor with being
chosen the 2014 Robert Graham
Visionary Award, Brosnan echoed Dr.
Mao’s sentiment,
“I believe there is a need
in each of us to affirm the
positive energy flowing
through us, connecting us
with one another, with all
creatures, our beautiful
planet, and the universe.
To give totally of ourselves
to the people, animals and
causes we care about, we too
must be healthy and living
our lives in balance. That’s
what I am seeking to do in
my life, what this award is
about, and why I’m so
honored to have been
chosen to receive it.”
Many attendees noted how valuable
Brenda Strong’s commitment is to YSU.
As she has done year after year for YSU,
she played her best role, herself. Her
charm, grace, and humorous dogged-persistence during the live auction moved
the attendees toward new heights in their
giving. And by sharing a bit of her own
story, she reminded us of the life-changing healthcare our founders and alumni
provide every day.
All the sponsors and donors of items
ensured Yo San University will continue
providing free and subsidized treatments
for our community next year. The
tremendous support shown by our
alumni and friends is a testament to
the growing strength of the YSU
community, 25 years in the making.
In all the beauty of the setting and
splendor of the attendees, never was lost
that this evening was about education,
healing, and service as Dr. Dao expressed
during his remarks, “[w]hen I think
about this enormous responsibility, I am
humbled and honored. Then I stop and
remember all of you and the many others
who trust us and invest in the education
we provide. It is the supreme kindness
you pay our students, because you are
protecting and developing positive life
energy in them, for them, and for all
they care for. Thank you for your
support through our first 25 years—
and for the years yet to come.”
uring the past six months and in preparation for 2015, the Board of Trustees has
focused on strategic academic and governance issues, including revising the organization’s by-laws. At the Board’s November meeting, key pieces for 2015 were put
in place with the election of Mary Flaherty as Board Chair, Phillip Christman as Vice
Chair, and the addition of six new Trustees. These Trustees join the current board to
build on the strength of the last 25 years and lend their expertise and support to ensure
the University’s continued progress.
Ms. Flaherty joined the Board in 2013, bringing deep expertise in governance, healthcare
and education. She is past board chair of Saint John’s Health Center and on its foundation board. She is former chair and trustee emeritus at Marymount High School. For her
alma mater, University of Notre Dame, Mary served on the Undergraduate Experience
Advisory Council and raised funds for women’s services and programs. Asked about her
expectations, Chair-elect Flaherty stated, “Just as we grow and evolve on our personal
path, so do all vibrant universities. I am grateful for the opportunity and am looking
forward to carrying on the tradition of humble leadership exemplified by both Dao and
Mao through the years. Our sense of responsibility to the students and entire Yo San
community will always be of the highest priority to the Board of Trustees.”
Following the November meeting, President Lois Green praised the Board’s dedication,
thanking James Tuggle and Lauren Stomel, who will rotate off this year, for their unfailing service, “Our Trustees are dedicated and hard-working individuals actively engaged
in matters critical to the University. Without the commitment of James, Lauren and
others, YSU could have never risen to such a level of excellence. We will continue to
look to them for their sound advice.”
Here is a brief glimpse of YSU’s newest Trustees
Maggie DiNome, MD, FACS, FSSO:
Dr. DiNome is Acting Director of the Margie
Peterson Breast Center and Chief of General
Surgery at Providence-Saint John’s Health
Center. A Fellow of the Society for Surgical
Oncology, she is particularly dedicated to
caring for women with breast cancer. Maggie
also brings to the Board a passion for
wellness and integrative medicine.
Steven Song: An architect, author and
entrepreneur, Mr. Song is Managing Director
of Axle Capital Group, a real estate investment
firm, and Inno Hospitality, a think tank for the
hospitality industry. Steve is renowned for
“transforming behavior and perception through
space design.” He joins the Board having been
a long-time advocate of Traditional Chinese
Medicine and valued Yo San donor.
David Ghozland, M.D.: A board-certified
Corie Tappin, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.:
private practice OB/GYN and avid educator,
Dr. Ghozland is the Clinical Chairman and
Co-founder of the new Labor & Delivery unit
at Southern California Hospital at Culver City.
He also holds medical staff appointments at
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Providence-Saint
John’s Health Center, UCLA Santa Monica
Hospital and Marina Del Rey Hospital.
An alumna of Yo San University, Ms. Tappin
is in private practice at SoulSpace in Malibu.
A former Sr. Vice President of Marketing at
MGM, Corie has already shared her synthesis
of the healing arts and marketing to benefit
Yo San as a student, alumni volunteer and
generous donor of student scholarships
through the William H. Hazen Foundation.
Lou Lazatin, M.H.S.A.: A seasoned healthcare
Toshino Yuhaku, M.B.A.: An able leader and
executive, Ms. Lazatin currently serves as
advisor and board member to Chan-Soon
Shiong Medical Institute for Advanced Health,
an organization on the leading edge of transforming healthcare delivery. She is former
CEO of Saint John’s Health Center and brings
extensive healthcare expertise to the Board.
consensus-builder with extensive strategic
management and technology experience, Ms.
Yuhaku was with SONY for two decades, most
recently as Senior Vice President for Corporate
Alliances in its 3D technology center. A Harvard
Business School graduate, Toshino is noted for
managing cross-functional and multi-cultural
projects, and leading technology innovation.
Welcome to our newest Trustees!
Thank You To Our
Event Donors
Luminary Circle - Leadership in Action
e often hear from surprised community partners and even some alumni
who are only now learning that
unlike most of our peers, YSU is a nonprofit educational institution. We are committed to placing students before profits.
By adhering to this model, every trustee,
each faculty member, and all staff may
remain devoted to serving our students
and community above all else.
Mary and Jay Flaherty
Lisa Paulsen - Entertainment Industry Foundation
Dessa Schroeder - California Professional
Insurance Services • Chuck and Anita Theisen
Sum-Yee Wang and Daoshing Ni
Emm Wang and Mao Shing Ni
Marilyn Allen - American Acupuncture Council
Pam and Alan Bergman • California Bank & Trust
Andrea and Freddy DeMann
Lorena Gonda Kiralla • Michele Hixon
George Lamoureux - Jing Herbs
EJ and Gregory Milken Foundation
Ophir Perelson • Sharon and Larry Ryan
Pansy Yang
That’s why we are so appreciative of each
donor and the demonstrated leadership of
the Luminary Circle. Annually, Luminary
Circle level donors make gifts to YSU,
which help meet the critical and pressing
needs of the University. These reliable, consistent annual gifts allow the President and
Board to make long-term strategic planning decisions for the University.
Margie Ambrosanio • Douglas Best • Tony Best
Kevin Breen • Steven Carter • Janie Coolidge
Laraine Crampton • Gigi Cristache
Marcia and Phillip Christman • Margo DeLeaver
Jennifer Dickens - Whole Life Marketing
Natalie DiLallo • Gwen Duffy • Marguerite Dunne
Kim and Andres Drobny • Edith Dume
Jamie and Bob Madden
Karen Fried & Melissa Mullin - The K&M Center, Inc.
Gayla Gabriel • Marc Gomez
Lisa Gridley • Karen Hearn-Abbot
Charles Hong Beng Ang and Juling Saputra
Ingrid and Allen Howard • Shiaoting Jing and Biao Lu
Lisa Knickmeyer • Karl Knickmeyer
Justina Krakowski and Jens-Oliver Gruettemann
Lawrence Lau • Robert Laughlin • Andrew Lee
Tracy and Gary Lincenberg
Lois Green and Don Lee • Karen Lipsky
Judith Marlane • Neil and Karen Malley
Shuilan and Herbert May
Irit McMahon - Pacific Western Bank
Andrea Murchison • Melanie Ojong
Whitney Pang • Sirin Pojanasomboon
Chunyi “Meredith” Qian • Carolyn Reuben
Kelley Rich • Deborah Smith • Joan Stone
Sonia Tan • Corie Tappin • James Tuggle
Gail Wilburn • Joslyn Williams
Bita and Cameron Yadidi • Kumiko Yamamoto
Zaria Valentine • Petrula Vrontikis
Mea Argentieri • Steve Bardwil
Creative Artists Agency
Gina DiBona • Tarnie Fulloon - BodyFreedom
Anne Mankin • Emily and John Nogawski
Steven Peterman
Herbert and Bui Simon Foundation
Lillian J. Weirick
Marilyn Allen • Mark Buntzman • Janie Coolidge
Karen Hearn-Abbott • Lisa and Karl Knickmeyer
Justina Krakowski and Jens-Oliver Gruettemann
George Lamoureux • Judy Marlane • Lisa Paulsen
Sharon and Larry Ryan • Scott Schoenberger
Daoshing Ni and Sum-Yee Wang
$1, 000 - $2,499
$2,500 - $4,999
$5,000 - $9,999
$10,000- $24,999
$25,000 +
Qi Circle
Healing Circle
Wellness Circle
Harmony Circle
Founders’ Circle
Our alumni and friends provide the margin of excellence for Yo San University. To continue
distinguishing ourselves while remaining true to YSU values, we remain focused on providing accessible and high-quality education that comes with your support.
If you are not already part of the Luminary Circle, we hope to count you as President
Green’s newest strategic partner. For more information, please contact Scott Sivley,
Director of Development, at [email protected] or 310.577.3000 ext. 200.
January – November 2014
($25,000 or more annually)
($2,500 – $4,999 annually)
Danielle Anjou
Creative Artists Agency
Alan and Michelle Heilpern
Karen Hearn-Abbott
Cordelia Tappin – William Hazen Foundation
($10,000 – $24,999 annually)
Thomas Blount – Saving the Spirit Foundation
Janie Coolidge
Edith Dume
Jay and Mary Flaherty
May Hsu
Wai Fong Ng
Sum-Yee Wang and Daoshing Ni
Lisa Paulsen – Entertainment Industry Foundation
($5,000 – $9,999 annually)
Keely and Pierce Brosnan
Mark Buntzman – David Buntzman Foundation
Wendy Morrissey – Fran & Ray Stark Foundation
Sharon and Larry Ryan
Dessa Schroeder – California Professional
Insurance Services
Chuck and Anita Theisen
Emm Wang and Mao Shing Ni
($1,000 – $2,499 annually)
Marilyn Allen – American Acupuncture Council
Shahn Ameli – California Bank & Trust
Catherine and Steve Bardwil
Pam and Alan Bergman
Freddy and Candy DeMann
Michelle Hixon
Lorena Gonda Kiralla
George Lamoureux – Jing Herbs
EJ and Gregory Milken Foundation
Emily and John Nogawski
Ophir Perelson
Scott and Jennifer Schoenberger
Herbert and Bui Simon Foundation
Pansy and Ken Yang