Professor Yun-sheng Yang is currently Director of

Yun-sheng Yang is currently professor and director of Digestive Disease Center, also
the Chairman Institute of Digestive Diseases , Chinese PLA General Hospital (301
Hospital). He serves as the supervisor for Ph.D students at Nankai University,
Tsinghua University and Chinese PLA Medical School., Director APSDE Training
Center in Beijing
His specialty interests work on GI function & motility disorders, gut microbiota and
therapeutic endoscopy. He conducted some endoscopic procedures as one of the
pioneers in China, endoscopic suturing for GERD in 2001, double balloon
enteroscopy in 2003, peroral video cholangoiscopy and laser lithotripsy in 2004,
confocal endomicroscopy in 2006, biliary and small intestinal NBI in 2008,
endoscopic Botoxin injection to treat human obesity and biliary endoscopy via
Spyglass system in 2009, etc.
He participated the APDW , DDW and UEGW as the moderators and faculty to
present lectures, perform live therapeutic ERCP , etc.
He serves the Chinese Society of Gastroenterology as president, ASGE international
committee as member. He is the founder of Sino-NOTES Club and serves of Gut and
various of editorial boards, editor-in- chief of Chinese version of Gut and
Gastroenterology. So far, his more than 300 articles including 150 of original articles
have been appeared.