NC Department of Labor Certificate Instructions

YEC AUTO Instructions
2. Pop-up blockers must be TURNED OFF.
4. Youth working for their parents MUST get a YEC before they start to work.
YEC Application Process:
Complete the application screens identified below. This process works best when
completed at the employer’s location to ensure accuracy of job descriptions and ABC
permit requirements.
The completed YEC must be signed by the youth, parent and employer in order to be
Screen 1:
Requests information on the youth, proposed employer
and business type.
Screen 2:
Requests a response regarding the employer’s ABC
permit status for most business types. This is a
required field.
ABC On Premises: NO
Screen 3:
Displays job restrictions by age groups and requests
selection of proposed employment.
Screen 4:
Displays information entered for review prior to printing.
Errors or Questions:
Error messages or questions should be addressed to a program assistant at
(919) 807-2796 (Raleigh) or toll-free (N.C. only) 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800625-2267). Our call center is open Monday through Friday.
How to Handle Completed Certificates:
Completed and signed certificates must be given to the employer on or before the first
day of work.
The employer must verify the youth’s age, proposed job duties and any restrictions noted
on the certificate.
The certificate must be maintained by the employer for two years after employment ends
or until age 20, as appropriate.
Services: This group includes businesses primarily engaged in providing services to individuals,
businesses, governments, or other organizations. Such businesses include: hotel and lodging
places; laundries and dry cleaning; camps and recreational parks; barber/beauty shops; shoe
repair shops; photography studios; funeral homes; equipment rental and leasing shops; personal
service establishments; repair services; amusement services; professional services (health, legal,
engineering); educational institutions; and, membership organizations.
No one under 14 may work in any job.
No one under 16 may:
 operate power-driven equipment to include lawn mowers, weed eaters and
golf carts.
 work in an establishment with an "on premises" ABC permit except on the
"outside grounds" with parental permission, including golf courses,
swimming pools, country clubs, baseball parks and
amusement/recreational parks.
 work in a warehouse in any occupation.
 work in the meat department of a grocery store.
 assemble motorcycles or other vehicles in preparation for first sale.
 operate a deep fat fryer that doesn't utilize an automatic device to lower
and raise food into the oil or grease.
 cook over an open flame.
No one under 18 may:
 operate an amusement ride.
 clean, repair or operate power-driven circular saws, band saws and
grinding or slicing machines.
 operate or unload scrap paper bailers and paper box compactors.
 clean, repair or operate "platen-type" printing presses.
 prepare, dispense, serve or sell alcoholic beverages including beer, wine
and mixed beverages.
 work in the storage of explosives; excluding retail ammunition sales,
trap/skeet ranges, and police stations.
 work where there is a risk of falling a distance of 10 feet or more,
including the use of ladders and scaffolds.
 have driving as their main occupation, including delivery of parts,
prescription drugs, flowers and food.
 operate "most" power-driven hoisting apparatus such as forklifts, bobcats
and cranes, freight elevators and high lift trucks.
 operate a hoisting apparatus except pneumatic lifts used in garages and
service stations
• take X-rays, or be in the workroom while X-rays are being taken. This inc