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George G. Couri Credited as
Custom Floor Coverings Style Icon
George G. Couri has been credited as the style icon for area rugs, residential carpeting and custom floor
coverings. This acknowledgement is directly related to the abundance of work George Couri has done in
the floor coverings arena, and specifically his work promoting strict No Child Labor policies. Each of the
premium Couristan rugs have a No Child Labor tag on the backing.
The Couristan name has been synonymous with high-end floor covering designs for decades. George G.
Couri, has been involved with floor coverings, including wholesale rugs and carpets, since joining the
family business. Founded in 1926 by George J. Couri and his brother Basil J. Couri, originally under the
name “Couri Brothers,” the company has grown from a small direct import business which specialized in
fine handmade area rugs into the household name that it is now.
When asked to explain the motivation behind the company’s success, Couri explained how it really came
down to the company's ability to provide unmatched quality, durability and visually appealing products
more so than their competitors. “Couristan continues to thrive under the creative vision and innovative
leadership of the Couri brothers, George G. Couri and Ronald J. Couri,” says George Couri.
Couri has spent a lot of time reminiscing on past achievements both for the Couristan brand and
individually. Couri explains that it was these past experiences that led to the company’s continued
success. One of his proudest achievements is remaining a leader in the area rug industry.
When asked about his plans for the future, George stated that his primary goal is to create new seasonal
collections that match modern designs using material of the highest quality. As stated by George G.
Couri, the key to continuously providing people with what they want is to offer designs to fit all unique
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