Male Organ Protection and Oral Sensual Activity

Male Organ Protection and Oral Sensual Activity
Conduct a poll among men of their favorite kinds of sensual activity, and
oral sensual activity would be right up there near the top. Indeed, for some
men, oral sensual activity is their number one choice. Its pleasures and
appeal are obvious, but for those in non-monogamous relationships, the male
organ protection issue always arises when discussing forms of sensual
activity. There is debate over how much concern there should be about male
organ health when oral sensual activity comes into play. So, should a guy
take any steps in terms of male organ protection where oral sensual activity
is concerned?
As with penetrative sensual activity, oral sensual activity does carry some
risk of passing social diseases from one partner to the next. For example, if a
man’s member is orally pleased by someone who has a social disease in the
throat, there is a significant risk that the social disease will be passed on to
that man’s member. Similarly, if a man is orally servicing the member of a
man with a social disease on the manhood, that social disease can be passed
onto the man’s throat. In the latter case, the chances of a man contracting the
social disease are increased further if he has issues such as bleeding gums or
gum disease.
What about HIV? The risk of transmission is much, much lower through oral
sensual activity than through fastidious or Female cfastidious sensual
activity; there are few reported cases, and some researchers suspect that
some cases attributed to oral sensual activity may actually have originated
through fastidious sensual activity. However, the official consensus is that
while the risk of HIV transmission through oral sensual activity is very low,
it is still possible. It is further thought that the risk is even lower if there is
no swallowing of the sensual emission. As with other social diseases, the
risk of transmission is thought to increase if the person servicing the
manhood has poor dental hygiene, such as bleeding gums or gum disease.
Male organ protection
Doctors recommend that latex protection be used to decrease further the risk
of transmission of social diseases and HIV. However, in practice, it is
thought that few men follow this recommendation. If such is the case, and if
a man is sensually active outside of a mutually monogamous relationship,
there are several things he can do to provide better male organ protection.
These include:
 Limiting the number of sensual partners with whom he is active. The
greater the number of partners, the higher the risk of transmission.
 Partnering with others who limit their number of partners. Similarly, if
the individuals a man partners with also limit their number of partners,
the member is better protected.
 Getting tested regularly. Sensually active men in non-monogamous
relationships are encouraged to be tested for social diseases and HIV
on a regular basis; every three months is the general recommendation.
This enables social diseases to be caught early on so that treatment
can begin. It is also advised that a man choose sensual partners who
are similarly tested on a regular basis. (Remember, in many instances,
it is possible to have a social disease and exhibit no symptoms;
therefore, regular testing is the best bet for an early diagnosis.)
In general, oral sensual activity is much safer than other forms of sensual
activity, and is especially so when latex protection is employed. But it is not
without risks by any means.
Male organ protection goes beyond covering one’s bases where oral sensual
activity is concerned and includes daily steps to maintain overall male organ
health. One of the most important steps in that area is to regularly apply a
superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For the best
results, find a cream that features a wide range of healthy vitamins,
including A, B5, C, D, and E. Ideally, such a cream will also include Lcarnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that is helpful in maintaining
manhood sensitivity, especially when a member regularly undergoes rough