Tumescent Male Organ Benefit A Better Memory

Tumescent Male Organ Benefit: A Better
It may seem strange, but male organ health is often impacted by things that
might seem unrelated to the manhood—for example, aspects of diabetes can
bring about a tumescent male organ problem. By the same token, there can
be issues related to the member that can have an impact on seemingly
unrelated other parts of the body. One of the more interesting examples of
this involves an active tumescent male organ, as some scientists believe that
people who have sensual activity more frequently have an improvement in
their memory.
Scientists have good reason to draw this conclusion: they have studied the
relationship between sensual activity and memory. For example, in one
study, 78 individuals were asked about their frequency of sensual activity.
They were then tested on their word memorization skills. Those who
reported more frequent rates of sensual activity did noticeably better on the
memory quiz.
As most people know, there are many who suffer some degree of memory
loss as they age. A more recent large-scale study, from 2018, explored
sensual activity and cognitive decline in older adults. In that study, more
than 6000 people who were at least 50 years of age took a test that assessed
their memory capabilities. They also provided information on a range of
subjects, including their frequency of sensual activity. Two years later, the
same subjects were given another memory test. After taking into account
various variables, it was found that there was better memory performance in
those who were more sensually active. (This is not to say that there was no
memory decline—just that the decline was comparatively smaller among
those more frequently engaging in sensual activity.)
Not proof
Of course, these and other studies have not demonstrated that it is actually
sensual activity itself that causes an improvement in memory. It may be that
people who engage more in sensual activity also have a stronger bond with a
partner, which might give emotional ties that impact memory. Or perhaps
they are more frequently involved in mental activities with these partners,
such that their memories are thereby kept sharper.
However, there is reason to believe that sensual activity does play some role
in improving memory. By using special technology, scientists can measure
neurological activity in the hippocampus. The more neurological activity,
the more “work” there is being done in that part of the brain—and in rats,
that part of the brain is found to be more active when they are engaged in
sensual activity.
Anecdotally, there is also evidence. Although there’s a common myth that
men let their tumescent male organ think for them, the fact is that many men
report having a clearer head and mindset after sensual activity. This does not
correlate to memory, but it does support the idea of post-sensual activity
neural activity.
The jury may still be out, but it pays to keep one’s tumescent male organ
healthy just in case its activity does affect memory—and for purely sensual
reasons as well. Daily use of a top-drawer male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin) is one good way to keep the manhood in better
shape. Men should look carefully at the labels on these creams and find one
that includes both L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid
that is involved in the production of nitric oxide. This in turn helps keep
male organ blood vessels open and expanded for increased blood flow. Lcarnitine has neuroprotective properties, which are helpful when a member
that has been over-aggressively handled runs the risk of losing sensitivity.