Male Organ Function Issues - Dealing with Early on Emission

Male Organ Function Issues: Dealing
with Early on Emission
There are hundreds of reasons to focus on male organ health, but one reason
why men make it a priority is because a healthy manhood is generally in a
better position to perform better sensually. Almost every man worries at
some point about male organ function and how an issue in this area could
impact his sensual life. One of the more common male organ function
challenges involves early on emission.
Guys don’t like to talk about early on emission, much less admit that they
suffer from it, but it is actually a fairly common predicament. There have
been numerous studies which have tried to determine exactly how common,
with most finding that between 20% and 70% of men reported experiencing
early on emission at some time in their lives. One of the reasons for the wide
variance in percentages is that until recently there was no solid definition for
early on emission. (In recent years, an accepted definition includes releasing
within one minute or less of female organ penetration.)
However, while the definition is valuable for research studies, the fact
remains that if a man considers himself a early on emitter, even if his
emission time is much longer than one minute, then he is going to wish to be
able to extend his release time.
So if a man considers himself a early on emitter, what are some strategies he
can employ to try to last longer in bed?
 Talk about it. First, it pays to know whether a partner or partners
share a man’s assessment. They may be perfectly satisfied with
sensual activity the way it is and see no need for him to try to prolong
his release time. If this is the case, the man may wish to reconsider his
 Change positions. Different sensual positions can stimulate the
manhood in different ways – so trying a new position may allow a
man to last longer.
 Wear a latex protector. Sometimes having an extra layer on the
member diminishes sensitivity enough that a man can prolong his bed
 Edge. Edging is bringing the member to the point at which it almost
releases and then stopping – and repeating several times. Many men
employ edging when self-pleasuring as a way of learning how to
delay emission while coupling. It is recommended a guy try this alone
for a while, then discuss a partner-based version – that is, having
sensual activity, but withdrawing when emission approaches, letting it
subside a little, and then starting up again.
 Self-gratify first. It can often help to self-stimulate before a date, so
that when coupling is available a few hours later, the manhood may be
less prone to releasing early.
 Work the male organ muscles. Actually, the PC muscle – with PC
standing for pubbococcygeus. This is the same muscle a man uses
when he is urinating and needs to stop the urine from coming out. And
it can play a similar role in preventing emission. Squeezing and
releasing that muscle helps to exercise it. One way to do so is to
squeeze and release 20 times and then hold it on the last one for 15 or
20 seconds. Repeat this two or three times a day, then move on up to
25 or 30 squeezes, etc.
Early on emission is nothing to be ashamed of – and many men who release
quickly are able to continue engaging in sensual activities that please their
partners tremendously.
Working male organ function to improve early on emission is easier if the
manhood is in good shape, so regular use of a first class male organ health
creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is an excellent idea. Find a crème
that contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can help to keep manhood blood
vessels open and expanded when necessary. The creme should also include
vitamin C, which helps give male member skin elasticity and also improves
blood flow.