Self-pleasuring - 8 Good Reasons

Self-pleasuring: 8 Good Reasons
Spending some serious “alone time” with his manhood is a favorite activity
for millions of men. While rates of self-pleasuring may vary from man to
man, almost all guys self-stimulate at some time or other, and most men selfstimulate with some degree of frequency. Although self-gratifying too
roughly can create some minor male organ health inconveniences, most guys
find there are more reasons to self-gratify than there are to not. But for any
men looking for a few good reasons to justify their self-pleasuring, the
following list, originally published by Ezinearticles, should come in handy.
1. It feels good. No reason not to start with the number one reason. Selfpleasuring feels awesome; guys wouldn’t bother doing it if it didn’t.
There is an intense physical pleasure to the act of self-fondling that
makes it hard to resist.
2. It relieves stress. More and more, the world is becoming a stressful
place to live in. Tension and anxiety can really be off the charts for a
lot of people. Fortunately, self-pleasuring can help; when a dude takes
matters into his own hands, he releases chemicals which work to
improve his mood and relieve some of the stressors he is experiencing
– at least temporarily.
3. It’s an educational experience. No, self-gratifying doesn’t turn you
into a scientific genius or a math whiz. But when a person spends
sensual time alone with themselves, they learn a lot about their own
body, how it works, and what gives it pleasure. This is information
that can be valuable during partner sensual activity, as a man more
instinctively knows what angles and thrusts to use to provide more or
less stimulation to his member and can recognize further in advance
the warning signs of approaching seed release so that he can take steps
to hold off a little longer.
4. It may aid sleep. Lack of sleep is a major problem for many people.
For many men with sleep difficulties, self-pleasuring can be a boon.
Most guys find themselves more relaxed and receptive to sleep after
seed release.
5. It might keep a guy healthy. At least one study has found that there
are more white blood cells circulating in the body after selfpleasuring. White blood cells are a major part of the body’s immune
defense system, so upping production may help to ward off unwanted
6. It keeps the member in better shape. The member is not really a
muscle, but it still needs to be exercised like one. The more activity a
manhood gets, the more “in shape” it stays. The well-fondled member
gets the work-out it needs, and that helps it stay healthy for other
bouts of sensual activity. In addition, it is thought that increased
sensual activity also increases testosterone production, which in turn
helps with both the sensual drive and the production of healthy sperm.
7. It may have long term benefits. Many studies suggest that a man
who releases seed frequently – whether through self-pleasuring or
partner sensual activity – reduces the risk of developing prostate
cancer later in life.
8. It eases boredom. Sometimes a guy fondles himself for no other
reason than because he’s bored – and what’s wrong with that? If it
makes a dull, rainy afternoon pass more quickly, so much the better.
Of course, guys don’t need reasons to enjoy self-pleasuring; they can just
accept it and move on. Whatever his reasons, most men should use a top
notch male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to keep their
male organ healthy and ready for self-pleasuring. When a guy gets a little
too enthusiastic and rubs his manhood raw, a crème with natural
moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter and help provide
soothing relief. The best crème will also include l-carnitine, which has
neuroprotective capabilities. This helps keep the over-stroked member from
losing that vital sensitivity that makes it so fun to play around with.