Six Causes of Male Organ Rashes and How to Deal

Six Causes of Male Organ Rashes and
How to Deal
Male organ rashes are No Bueno. There’s redness, heat, irritation… and
nothing, not even air, feels good on the skin. In addition to the discomfort,
male organ rashes can also sideline amorous pursuits and other activities,
like sports. Thankfully, most male organ rashes can be cleared up pretty
easily and then avoided in the future. The following are six of the most
common causes of male organ rashes and how to remedy the issue with a
little humor, common sense, and medical help in some cases.
1. Friction – Whether a man goes into overtime too often with a partner
or playing solo, excessive contact and friction can irritate the member
and causes dry, broken skin which is commonly known as a rash. First
on the docket, take a knee on intimate activity until the rash is
completely healed. Try using a cool compress to calm the rash and use
a male organ health crème to bring the skin back in balance. Once
healed, be sure to stock a high-quality lubricant for future feats of
sensual athleticism.
2. Foreign Bodies on and in the Body – Rashes can result from all sorts
of allergens and irritants. It could be a man’s trendy new briefs, a new
laundry detergent, or body wash that’s bringing the pain. To clear
things up, clean the member gently with a soft, clean, damp cloth. Do
not use harsh soaps or scrub the inflamed skin. Moisturize, but only
with natural products or creams specially formulated to be used on the
manhood as perfumes and other ingredients can make the irritation
3. #HeadProblems – Balanitis is a skin inflammation affecting the head
and sheath which tends to target uncut men. It usually occurs when
there's an accumulation of smegma under the sheath. Smegma is a
smelly combination of dead skin cells, body oils, and bacteria that
concoct a funky off-white paste and attract bad-news bacteria that
burrow into the delicate skin. The best way to treat and prevent
balanitis? Like in the Army, clean and dry your gun daily and
thoroughly. If the issue is pretty advanced, see a doctor for antibiotics
to clear up the infection.
4. Fungal Infections – Nothing likes to snuggle quite like fungi. Fungus
loves to nook into a man’s warm, moist places such the folds of skin.
To keep fungi off your organ, keep the area clean and dry. If the
fungus has already invaded and taken root, see a doctor or pharmacist
for an anti-fungal cream to clear up the infection.
5. Latex -- One in every six Americans claims to be allergic to latex. If a
latex rubber is used for intimacy, and itchiness, redness and rash are
found on the member afterward, the latex may be to blame. But that
doesn't give anyone a license to ride bareback – there’s plenty of
latex-free latex barriers on the market to protect against STIs and
6. If Not Using #5… STIs – This is the cause no one wants to read
about, but it’s more than valid. Male organ rashes can be a symptom
of an STI. Many STIs cause a rash, irritation, blisters, and peeling
skin. Men who believe they may have contracted an STI should see
their doctor or clinic immediately for testing and avoid any sensual
contact until the results of the test are known. Once diagnosed, a
doctor will prescribe the course of treatment.
Prevent Male organ rashes
Most male organ rashes can be foregone with good hygiene habits and by
practicing safe contact. Every man should cleanse the area regularly and
thoroughly (be sure to gently pull down the sheath and wash this area too)
with a gentle cleanser, warm water, and a soft cloth. Keep the private area
dry and air it out frequently. In fact, many men prefer to sleep in the buff to
give the member plenty of time to cool off and be free.
It also doesn’t hurt to moisturize the member daily to promote male organ
health and keep male organ rashes away. Using a specially created male
organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) will get any man
close to having a clean, fresh, and supple organ. These cremes are nutrientrich and contain vitamins like A, C, D, and E which have properties
especially beneficial for male health and healing.