Yow! Avoiding Male Organ Pain During Oral Sensual Activity

Yow! Avoiding Male Organ Pain During Oral
Sensual Activity
There are some magic words that get a man hot and bothered pretty quickly,
and two of the most powerful in that regard are “oral sensual activity.” Sure,
guys tend to like many other kinds of sensual activity as well, often more
than oral sensual activity. But there’s still something special about the
mouth-to-member brand of engagement that holds a special place for a man.
(It also helps inspire him to keep an eye on his male organ health, since no
partner wants to be an unhygienic manhood in their mouth.) Sometimes,
however, there can be a downside to oral sensual activity – male organ pain
resulting from a willing but inexperienced partner.
The following are tips for those who may be offering oral sensual activity to
their men and to men to help them guide partners past some of these
potential causes of unintended male organ pain.
The teeth.
There’s probably not an adult alive who doesn’t know that teeth can be a
tricky business when it comes to performing oral sensual activity on a male
organ. Although some members enjoy a little toothy nibble, for the most part
it’s best to try to keep the teeth from scraping the manhood. It may look
sturdy but it’s actually very sensitive to touch, after all. And if a person has
braces, this can be an especially difficult situation. Best advice if an oral
sensual activity performer is laden with braces: cover the manhood in a latex
protection before getting down to work.
Don’t get too spicy.
Men absolutely love the way a mouth feels on their member– but that can
change in an instant if that mouth has too recently savored some spicy
mustard or too much hot sauce. When strong spices linger on the tongue,
they can get transferred to the manhood – and the thin, delicate male organ
skin will deliver those spices right to the nerve sensors that make sensual
activity so enjoyable for a man. The fiery sensation is not pleasant. Brushing
and/or using mouthwash after eating a spicy dinner can help avoid this
particular form of male organ pain.
Watch the herpes.
Some social diseases, such as oral herpes, can be transmitted during oral
sensual activity, which can result in another form of male organ pain. By the
same token, some social diseases can be passed from the manhood to the
partner during oral sensual activity as well. Avoiding sensual activity during
a herpes outbreak is advised; at the least, using a latex protection is
Don’t spread an illness.
When a partner has a contagious illness – not a social disease, but a cold,
flu, etc. – they can spread tons of germs by orally pleasing their partner.
Again, using a latex protection is a wise idea – and just not agreeing to oral
sensual activity until feeling better makes even more sense.
Stay lubricated.
It may sound strange, but even when the member is covered by a mouth, it
can get a little dried out. Taking a break to add saliva or another lubricant to
the organ can help to avoid male organ pain due to rawness.
Some men are so desirous of oral sensual activity that they don’t mind
experiencing male organ pain in the heat of the moment – but may regret it
later. Things will go better if the member is already in good health, thanks to
the daily application of a top drawer male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). Sometimes the manhood loses some much-needed
sensation due to male organ pain, so a crème with L-carnitine is best. Lcarnitine is neuroprotective and helps restore lose sensitivity. The crème
should also include a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. This helps
ward off excess free radicals which cause oxidative damage, weakening and
damaging male organ skin.