Sore Member After Intimacy 6 Things You Can Do Now to Relieve the Pain

Sore Member After Intimacy? 6 Things You Can
Do Now to Relieve the Pain
While a marathon romantic session may give a man bragging rights with his
buddies, a sore member after intimacy can present a major problem. The dull
ache, discomfort, irritation, and plain old manhood pain can be a lot to deal
with. While a visit to the ER or the doctor isn't needed, a solution (or two)
for getting back in the swing of things is definitely called for. Here are a few
simple, at-home remedies for dealing with a sore member after intimacy.
1. Time Out! – This first and best tip to treat a sore member after
excessive play is give it some rest! It’s not the most popular answer
(by far), but it is the most logical. Take a time-out from all sensual
activity, both with a partner and solo, for at least 24 hours. While
some people will say quickies are okay, it’s best just to take a
temporary break. Giving a sore manhood a day or two off will not
only take away the soreness but also re-sensitize the organ.
2. Enjoy a Leisurely Bath…or Two – While showers are more typical
for adult men, nothing beats a bath when a sore manhood is present.
Not only does it help the entire body relax, but the warm water
flowing around the manhood can relax the overworked blood vessels
that were called upon to make it firm. Be sure to use warm water for
the bath, not too hot – manhood skin is very sensitive, and hot water
can make things worse. Stay in the bath as long as is comfortable; at
least 20 minutes is recommended for the warmth to take effect.
3. Cool Compress – Use a soft washcloth soaked in cool water to relive
a sore member after intimacy, especially if the manhood feels
excessively hot. Simply rinse out the washcloth and set it on the bare
skin. Do not use ice or ice packs, as they can damage the delicate
4. Swaddle the Manhood – Swaddles are wonderful for restricting
motion and putting the manhood in a restful state. Simply use a soft
towel or scarf and wrap it around the manhood. This also warms the
sore manhood much in the same way the bath does. Most men find
this very relaxing for a sore manhood.
5. Go Bare – Remove the possibility of irritation or chafing an alreadysore manhood by going bare around the house as long as possible.
This airs out the area, helping it return to its normal temperature.
Use a Manhood Crème -- After a warm shower or bath, use a specially
formulated male organ health crème (health professionals recommend
Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin)
to promote healing and soothing. Nutrient-rich cremes designed expressly
for the manhood should start with an all-natural base like Shea butter for the
ultimate moisturizing experience. Look for cremes with special ingredients
like L-Carnitine to prevent nerve damage from excess friction from rigorous
sensual activity and preserve sensitivity and well-being. The addition of
vitamins like vitamin C also aids in collagen production. This benefits the
skin by increasing skin elasticity, especially after a lot of use. The right
crème can make a big difference when finding relief from a sore manhood.