Crisis Prevention A Guide to Identify Your Vulnerabilities

Crisis Prevention – A Guide to Identify
Your Vulnerabilities
Use this short vulnerability auditto see where your company is vulnerable and
to develop a plan of action. If you score less than eight then you might want to
engage a crisis management expert.
1. Do you have a crisis team in place with people who can think on
their feet and have related experience?
2. Do you have a written book of organization policies?
3. Do you frequently monitor possible problems that could cause a
crisis like safety issues, employee relationships, confidentiality issues
or termination problems?
4. Do you have a list of emergency phone numbers to reach
managers/owners at a second’s notice?
5. Do you have friends in your court if you need them? This would
include reporters/regulators/inspectors/politicians/police, etc.
6. Who is your spokesperson if something negative happens?
7. How do you handle aggressive staffers, volatile terminated
employees, sexual harassment accusations?
8. How do you handle social media training and potential gaffes by
9. Are you aware of emergency response teams in your area?
10.When was the last time that you had an emergency evacuation drill?
Are you having any difficulty in answering these questions or did not
know the answer to even one of them, contact a reputed PR team like
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