10 Ways to Get Better Results at Trade Shows

10 Ways to Get Better Results at Trade Shows
Participating as an exhibitor in trade shows can get amazing results for any company. If you are
exhibiting, here are 10 ways to get a better result at a trade show.
Beg and coax the show’s press people to give you a media list. It doesn’t matter if itsprevious year’s as most
media come every year.
2. After getting the list, create a press release on what your booth offers and what giveaways you’ll be
providing. Remember to include your booth location.
3. Wait for a week. Then pitch media who you’ve not heard from but wanted to visit your booth and do an
interview. Five out of 10 times the reporter will not show up at the booth at the time you agreed on, so
ensure you get a cell phone for follow up at the show.
4. As media people wander around at the show, it’s important that at least one of the booth hosts can do
interviews if asked on the spot.
5. Use a DVD or flash drive to provide press materials. Keep extras at the booth and have the same items in
your online press room.
6. When you have big news, stage a press briefing at the booth. Elaborate press conferences at trade shows are
not usually successful. Ensure you put the press release on the wire at the same time.
7. Speak to the editor of the show’s magazine 2-3 months in advance and give them a well-written article on
what you will be debuting at the show.
8. Ensure you do interview rehearsals with the client pre-show so that they have all the message points down
9. Roam the lobby looking for people wearing media name tags – or hang out at the press room door to nab
reporters. You’re possibly not going to get invited in.
10. As you return home, send the press releases from the show to important media you missed with a
handwritten apology note saying you’re sorry you missed each other and would they be interested in a
telephone interview.
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