Better Sensual Activity in the Missionary Style

Better Sensual Activity in the Missionary Style
Even when the sensual activity is great, guys are always in search of ways to
have even better sensual activity. As long as they’re appropriately
appreciative of the good sensual activity they are already having, there’s
nothing wrong with keeping an eye out for better sensual activity tips as
well. Some tips are easy, such as practicing prime male organ care so that
his equipment is always in the best possible shape for sensual activity
workout. Other times a guy may explore outrageous new sensual Styles, and
that can often be a profitable road to take. But sometimes there are some
closer-to-home options to take – such as upping his game on the good old
everyday missionary Style.
The reliable missionary
For most people, the missionary style, generally defined as a woman lying
down and a man lying on top of her or raising his torso above her as he
inserts his member, is the old stand-by position – and very likely the one
they employed when they first lost their sensual innocence.
And there are a lot of things for guys to like about the missionary style. For
example, it’s simple and doesn’t usually involve a lot of moves that force
him to twist around. It keeps him face to face with his partner. If he pushes
himself up, it allows him to show off how his work on his biceps is paying
But because it is so often used and so familiar, it can be easy to fall into a rut
where this particular Style is concerned. So for better sensual activity, it
pays to think of ways to liven up the old stand-by.
Getting better sensual activity from the position
And what are some ways to enliven the old missionary? These tips can help.
 Move up a bit. After successfully entering the female organ, a guy
can move his torso forward a bit, placing his hips slightly higher than
the woman’s. This places the pelvic bone in a position to grind
pleasingly against a portion of the female anatomy that is particularly
prone to pleasure. It may take a little experimenting to get the position
just right – but many women think it’s definitely worth it.
 Employ a press. After penetration, the male should move his legs
outside the female’s, and the female should clamp her legs tight
together. This vise-like action can provide strong new sensations to
the male organ and the female organ during thrusting.
 Go the pillow route. If a partner would like deeper penetration, this
can be achieved with just a little assistance from a pillow. Place it
under her posterior, thereby raising her hips higher and creating a new
angle for penetration which generally allows the member to thrust
deeper into the female organ.
 Try a new location. Plain old missionary can lead to even better
sensual activity when it’s employed in a new setting. If a couple
always has sensual activity in their bed, try it on the floor (with
sufficient carpeting or padding for comfort). Or take it to a new room
altogether and see what sensual activity on the sofa, in the kitchen, or
in the laundry room is like. Those with a high enough privacy fence
might even want to take things into the backyard. But enjoying
sensual activity in a different location can make it a new experience.
There are many other ways to change up the missionary style n for better
sensual activity, but whatever option a guy pursues will work out better if
his manhood is in its best possible shape. One way to help maintain good
male organ health is by daily using a superior male organ health crème
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). A really superb crème will feature an
ingredient known as L-carnitine. This has neuroprotective benefits and can
be helpful in maintaining appropriate manhood sensitivity, which can be
diminished from rough sensual activity. The crème should also include
vitamin C, which is a key component in collagen, giving male member skin
its tone and elasticity.