Red Male Organ: When Should You Be Concerned?

A red male organ can be a cause for concern when it’s experienced outside the bedroom and accompanied by itchiness, soreness and pain. This article explains when a red male organ may be problematic, the most common causes and their solutions.

Red Male Organ: When Should You Be
A red-colored male organ is usually a sign that everything below the belt is
in working order. However, when the discoloration is accompanied by
certain discomforts, like itchiness or tenderness, it can be a red flag that
something is wrong. The following outlines how to identify a problematic
red male organ, the most common causes and their solutions.
When is a red male organ cause for concern?
If you’re experiencing a red member outside of intimate situations, it may be
an indication that there’s a bigger problem. To have a red groin in the
bedroom is very normal and is not a reason to worry. However, a red male
organ in ordinary circumstances that is tender and sore to the touch can
signal a problem. Additionally, inflammation and swelling while in a limp
state are causes for concern, as well as any kind of moderate to severe pain.
Rashes and other physical irritations are also atypical and may require a
Here are a few of the most common causes of a problematically red male
1. Excessive Use – A very common cause of a discolored member is
prolonged or aggressive intimate activity, which can cause chafing
and soreness, as well as discoloration. In this instance, solving the
problem is as easy as abstaining from all sensual activity, including
self-pleasure, until symptoms have subsided, typically within two to
24 hours. In the meantime, a cool compress, like a chilled wet
washcloth, can alleviate symptoms temporarily.
2. Fungus – Tinea cruris, often referred to as “jock itch,” is another
common culprit for a red groin. The fungus found in tinea cruris is the
same as the type found in athlete’s foot and thrives in warm, wet
conditions, like feet and the private area. A red male organ that’s
accompanied by a very itchy, red, growing rash with a noticeably
bumpy outline may be dealing with tinea cruris. Solving this issue is a
little more involved than if your red issue is caused by overuse. Those
afflicted will need to use an over-the-counter anti-fungal crème in
order for the rash to go away permanently. In addition, loose,
breathable clothing that allows for air circulation will help speed up
3. Latex Allergy– Using protection when engaging in intimate activity
is always a good idea, but can present a problem when there’s a latex
allergy involved. Another common cause of a reddened member is an
allergy to latex, one of the most common materials in rubber
prophylactics. A reaction to latex is usually accompanied by burning,
itching and redness and in the most severe causes, respiratory
problems may appear as well. Though serious, this issue is resolved as
easily as discontinuing use of latex covers. Instead, choose options
made from lambskin or polyurethane. While symptoms of discomfort
like redness and itching will generally recede with discontinued use of
latex, respiratory problems should be handled by medical
4. Balanitis – This cause of male organ redness is most often found in
uncut men. Balanitis is an inflammation of the member’s head and
sheath caused by a buildup of dead skin cells and the body’s natural
oils. When not cleaned regularly, these two substances can create
smegma, which attracts harmful bacteria that causes redness and
inflammation. Similar to tinea cruris, a special medicine will be
required in order to kill the bacteria. However, the smegma can be
removed simply by regularly washing the private area with water and
a mild cleanser.
What to do in the meantime
The correct treatment of a red male organ is completely dependent on what’s
causing this discoloration. However, no matter the reason, the symptoms of
a reddened member can be temporarily alleviated by using a male organ
health crème (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil)
designed for the sensitive private area. Before using a health crème, be sure
to properly cleanse the affected area and pat dry using a clean towel. The
crème should help with unpleasant side effects of a red member while the
underlying source of the problem is identified and solved.