Male Organ Function Tips for Weekend Sensual Warriors

When the weekend comes around, a man is apt to be ready to engage in some intense sensual activity. But to do so, his male organ function needs to be operating at the appropriate level.

Male Organ Function Tips for Weekend
Sensual Warriors
When the weekend rolls around, many men have one thing on their mind:
taking advantage of their free time to enjoy some delightful sensual
escapades, either with a partner or alone. Such weekend sensual warriors are
anxious to make the most of their time off, and the last thing they want to
have to contend with is a male organ function issue. While there are no
guarantees that the manhood will always cooperate in any given situation,
the following tips may come in handy in helping to keep male organ
function operating in prime condition.
Rest up.
Sure, sure, when Friday comes around, most guys are raring to hit the hot
spots and get busy. But one of the primary obstacles to lack of male organ
function is lack of sleep. When a man has been working 40 (or more) hours
during the week, as well as dealing with all of the personal duties he has, it’s
likely he may not be at his absolute most rested on Friday evening. And even
if he starts out fresh and full of fire, by the time he’s heading to the
bedroom, he may start to wilt. One solution: instead of rushing off to happy
hour, head home after work and grab a few winks.
Consider a quick one.
Many guys consider themselves to be quick shooters, releasing seed earlier
than they would like. There are some long term strategies a man can
consider to try to counteract this, but there also are some short term ones –
such as self-pleasuring before leaving for a date (or a hoped-for casual
encounter). Having released once already can sometimes allow a man to last
longer than they would otherwise. (And if it doesn’t, well, at least a guy gets
in an extra release he wouldn’t otherwise have had.)
Kick the habit.
If a guy smokes, he needs to break himself of the habit – for a variety of
reasons. But one is that smoking is associated with poor male organ
function. There are several reasons for this, such as smoking limiting a
man’s endurance and stamina, as well as causing manhood blood vessels to
narrow when they need to be open and receptive to increased blood flow. A
man’s weekend sensual escapades are also more likely to occur if he doesn’t
have smoker’s breath when meeting potential bed partners.
Eat better.
Far too many people don’t pay attention to their diets, and while the
occasional greasy burger is okay, a diet rich in junk food is going to come
back and bite a guy in the manhood. Healthy diets that are rich in fruits and
vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats help keep the member blood
vessels and the heart in much better working order.
Exercise the pelvis.
Yes, having sensual activity is great exercise for the pelvis – but male organ
function can be improved by exercising the kegel muscles every day. These
are the muscles that we use to release or control urine – and squeezing,
holding and them releasing them several times a day can help strengthen
them – and improve male organ function thereby.
Use a male organ health crème.
Last but not least, weekend sensual warriors can help maintain male organ
function by keeping an eye on overall manhood health – and part of that
process involves daily application of a superior male organ health crème
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). For the best crème, check the ingredients
list to make sure that it contains both L-arginine and L0-carnitine. The
former is an amino acid which helps the body produce nitric oxide, and this
in turn helps expand male organ blood vessels for increased blood flow. The
latter is a neuroprotective element which helps maintain proper male
member sensation, which can otherwise become diminished due to
aggressive handling of the manhood.