Small Member? No Problem – An Extender May Be Your Solution

For men who are worried about having a small member, using a adult toy like a male organ sleeve to give the impression of greater size may be a useful solution.

Small Member? No Problem – An
Extender May Be Your Solution
One of the benefits that comes with society’s gradually more open
acceptance of adult toys is the opportunity for men who feel uncomfortable
about their male organ size to use toys to supplement their endowment.
When adult toys are part of a person’s typical intimate play, then he is able
to utilize devices such as manhood sleeves to add length and girth to the
sensual experience. And as long as proper hygiene care is followed, there
aren’t major male organ health concerns to worry about. With that in mind,
men – especially those who feel they have a small member – should learn
some basic tips about manhood sleeves.
Manhood sleeve basics
Also known as male organ extenders, manhood sleeves are simply hollow,
phallic-shaped devices into which a man inserts his own male organ.
Wearing a manhood sleeve gives the illusion that one’s male organ size has
increased – both in terms of length and girth. How much the size has
increased depends upon the model selected. Some are designed to fit very
snugly and may add only increase the impression of size by a small amount.
Others are designed to create the illusion of a massively formed member.
Nowadays, most manhood sleeves are made of silicone or some variation
thereof. There are, however, sleeves made of other substances, such as
metal. While many extenders closely resemble a realistic organ in shape,
others may have exaggerated veins, bumps or even rubber spikes, which are
intended to provide extra stimulation to the partner on the receiving end of
the sleeve.
Men who are new to using manhood sleeves should consider the following:
 A manhood sleeve is not a prophylactic. Indeed, some sleeves have
slits, holes or openings in them which make them especially
impractical as protection. Even those that are totally solid still do not
prevent fluids from dripping out.
 Get hard before wearing one. In general, manhood sleeves are
meant to be placed upon the male organ when it is hard, rather than
 Straps are good. Some manhood sleeves come with a strap at the
base, which is intended to be worn around the balls. (Some may even
have straps which can be tied around the waist.) This helps
enormously in keeping the sleeve from slipping off. Those without
straps tend to slip a bit if the fit is not tight enough, if the tumescence
softens during intimacy, or if the play is especially aggressive.
 Prep before putting it on. There are a couple of ways to prep before
putting the sleeve on. One way is to soak the sleeve in warm water (if
it is made of a pliable material) so that it stretches out a bit and then
placing it on the hard male organ. Or instead one can lubricate the
manhood and the inside of the sleeve before wearing it. In either case,
it’s good to then add lubrication to the outside of the sleeve for the
comfort of one’s partner.
 Always clean after use. The last thing a guy wants is for bacteria to
grow on his sleeve, so he should clean it after every use with soap and
water (but nothing harsher or more abrasive). And he should
thoroughly dry it after washing.
Manhood sleeves can be useful for a man, especially if he has concerns
about his male organ size. But all men can benefit from maintaining care by
regular use of a first rate male organ health crème (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). Be sure to search for a crème that includes a wide range of vitamins,
such as A, B5, C, D and E; topical application of these vitamins to the male
organ allows them to more directly spread their benefits. The best crèmes
will also include L-carnitine. This amino acid has valuable neuroprotective
properties which help prevent peripheral nerve damage and, subsequently,
unwanted loss of sensation which can dampen one’s pleasure during