Self-Pleasuring Month: Handy Tips for Getting Handy

Most men don’t need an excuse to get handy with their male organ, but for those who do: May is self-pleasuring month! Take advantage of this to explore new self-pleasuring areas.

Self-Pleasuring Month: Handy Tips for
Getting Handy
Most guys certainly don’t need a special occasion for self-pleasuring, but for
those who do – or who just want a legitimate excuse to up their self-fondling
game – May is officially designated as self-pleasuring month. It’s a good
time to celebrate getting handy with oneself and for those who are more
“above board” about their self-pleasuring, to come clean and make no bones
about the fact that self-gratification is an important part of their lives. (And,
of course, it can play a role in helping to maintain male organ health by
exercising the member and keeping it in good shape.) But if a guy is going
to go all out and celebrate self-pleasuring month with as much selfpleasuring as he can, some handy preparation tips are in order.
 Know the limits. Sure, it can be tremendous fun to abandon oneself
and really get into self-stimulating in a big way. But guys need to
know their limits. If they tend to self-gratify for a few minutes every
once in a while, it’s probably not best to jump in to self-fondling for
hours on end. If a guy really wants to explore marathon selfpleasuring sessions during May, he should work his way into it,
starting slow and building up to longer sessions.
 Be sure to lubricate. It is hard to emphasize this enough. Rubbing
oneself raw can be a painful experience – and can keep a guy from
self-gratifying while the red, raw member recovers. Using a good
lubricant and reapplying it as needed is absolutely crucial. Some guys
tend to use their saliva when self-stimulating, but for a long session,
something more is likely going to be needed. Take the time to get a
good lubricant; the manhood deserves it.
 Seek visual assistance. Some guys self-fondle using only their own
mental facilities to create sensual excitement, and that’s great. But if a
guy is thinking about self-stimulating more often or for longer periods
of time, he may need some “outside assistance” in the form of
stimulating literature, sensual pictures, adult films, etc.
 Consider others. Celebrating self-pleasuring is a wonderful thing –
but it’s important to keep in mind that others may not be as open to
the idea. Talking about self-pleasuring is one thing, but providing
unwanted pictures or opening the door for the pizza delivery guy
while being handy is not acceptable.
 Think about explorations. Self-pleasuring month is a good time to
explore new facets of self-stimulation. This may mean exploring
different ways of self-gratifying, incorporating sensual toys into selfpleasuring or finding new sensual fantasies, scenarios or visuals to
utilize. Some guys may take this opportunity to explore selfpleasuring with another person or persons, online or in a live situation.
Stretching boundaries can be very good for a person, but he needs to
still practice appropriate caution to prevent any unwanted
Getting handy with oneself during self-pleasuring month is an opportunity
for a man to learn more about his manhood and his desires. His journey will
be made easier if the member is already in its best health, something which
is easier to accomplish through the daily application of a top drawer male
organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). It’s easy, during selfpleasuring month, for a man to get overenthusiastic and end up with a very
sore manhood. In such cases, a crème with a potent combination of
moisturizers, such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a
natural hydrator) can provide much-needed relief. Ideally the crème should
also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent
oxidative stress and damage by tackling unwanted excess free radicals.