Small Male Organ Facts: The Micromember

Far too many men fret over whether they have a small male organ, but some men do indeed possess what might be legitimately termed a micromember. However, even a micromember still functions properly.

Small Male Organ Facts: The Micromember
There’s no sign that men’s anxieties concerning manhood size are slowing
down; as a matter of fact, some believe that the near-omnipresence of online
adult movies is only making men feel more and more anxious about whether
they have a small male organ or not. The evidence suggests that the vast
majority of men don’t need to worry; though they may not have equipment
that would make a horse jealous, most men have more than enough to satisfy
themselves and their partners. As a matter of fact, the actual occurrence of
men with a micromember seems to be definitely rare. Some studies indicate
less than 0.5% of men would qualify as a micromember possessor, and other
studies suggest the prevalence is even smaller.
Of course, just what is a micromember? There’s some debate as to the exact
definition, with some believing it is any manhood which measures less than
3 inches in length while tumescent and others opting for 2.5” or 2”. So for
the purposes of this article, it must be left vague – but it is in any case a
smaller than typical manhood.
With that in mind, here are a few facts about the small male organ referred
to as a micromember.
 A guy with a micromember may still be a grower rather than a
shower. Even though a micromember is a very small male organ
when tumescent, it may be even smaller when flaccid. Also, in some
cases it may be bigger in circumference than in length.
 It still works. Though it may be a small male organ, it still functions
exactly the same as a larger model. The same stimuli create an
increase in manhood blood flow and retention, leading to a hardening
which enables the member to achieve penetration. Many women
report that they still achieve sensual satisfaction even when their
partner has a micromember. And many women have become pregnant
from men with a very small male organ.
 Urinating can be an issue. If the manhood is especially small when
soft, it may be difficult to urinate standing up. The member may not
extend far enough out of the flap or it may not reach the urinal or
toilet properly.
 Hormones may help. In some cases, especially if the male organ is
determined to be especially small at an early age, infusions of male
hormones may help increase the length somewhat. This is especially
true when the brevity of size is due to a lack of male hormone
production while in the womb.
 Kallmann Syndrome may also be to blame. Sometimes a
micromember is the result of a genetic disorder known as Kallmann
Syndrome – or indeed of other diseases in the family called
hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Essentially, a person with
Kallmann Syndrome is kept from starting or fully finishing puberty.
The hypothalamus fails to produce GnRH hormone, which in turn
means that the body doesn’t produce adequate amounts of male
hormone. In addition to the manhood being small, the sacks are also
usually much smaller than normal – which in turn affects the
production of male seed and fluids.
Many men lament the fact that they have a micromember, but others have
learned to accept it and live much more comfortably with it. Use of male
organ sleeves or sheaths can sometimes help a man with a very small male
organ feel more comfortable with his sensual encounters.
Whether a man has a micromember, a small male organ or a large member
he needs to keep it healthy. Regular application of a superior manhood
health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. Look for a crème that
includes among its ingredients vitamin C, a key component of collagen, a
tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity and is vital for
tumescence. The crème should also include vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid,
which is a vital nutrient required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of
healthy tissue.