Manhood Health 101: Is Hot Tub Play Really Safe?

Many men love a dip in the hot tub, but what does all that hot water mean for manhood health? Here’s what a guy needs to know about hot tub play.

Manhood Health 101: Is Hot Tub Play Really
Hot tubs offer a variety of great reasons to indulge. Not only do they make a
great sensual play space for those who are so inclined, they also serve the
very practical purpose of soothing sore muscles and helping a guy relax in a
way that he just can’t find anywhere else. The benefits are obvious. But are
there equal benefits for manhood health?
Hot tubs have gotten a bad reputation over the years, to the point where
sometimes men are encouraged to stay away from the spa and find
something else to enjoy when it’s time to relax. So it’s important that a man
understands the questions surrounding the hot tub and makes up his own
mind as to whether the soak is safe. Here are some facts on hot tubs that can
shed light on manhood health.
1. The water can get really hot. Though this is great for muscles that
ache, it’s not necessarily the best for delicate male organ skin,
especially if a guy indulges in the hot tub on a regular basis. Hot water
leaches away the essential oils in the skin, which are necessary to help
keep the skin hydrated, smooth and supple. As these oils vanish, the
skin can take on a dry, ashy appearance, as well as begin itching
something fierce.
2. The jets are powerful. The jets in a hot tub are great for massaging
the sore muscles and helping a guy relax, but he should take care to
keep his male organ away from the most powerful jets of water.
Though some guys might be tempted to use the jets as a way to
pleasure themselves, they should keep in mind that the very rough
“handling” they get from those jets can be enough to damage the male
organ skin.
3. Hot tubs need chemical treatments on a regular basis. Though this
is great for keeping the water fresh and clean, it’s not great for a guy’s
skin, especially the most delicate areas. In fact, a particular type of
rash can result from chemicals being forced into the hair follicles with
the constant motion of the water. Besides that, the chemicals must be
perfectly balanced or they could lead to soreness, redness, chafing and
other problems.
4. Hot tub water is rarely changed. Why are all those chemicals
necessary? Because the water in a hot tub is usually changed only
once or twice per year. This might be fine if it’s a man’s personal tub
and he’s paying close attention to the chemical balance, but it’s one
very good reason why a guy might want to skip the public hot tubs.
5. Some old hot tubs have exposed moving parts. For some hot tubs,
the jets do have moving parts that can be touched by someone using
the tub. And from time to time, an adventurous guy might come into
contact with those parts, perhaps even with his male organ. And that’s
where the trouble starts. There have been reports of men getting their
delicate equipment trapped among the jets and other areas of their hot
tub, leading to pain, injury and of course, a quite embarrassing
So how does a man enjoy a hot tub and still maintain good manhood health?
He should take care with the jets, make sure the water is not too hot and
make a point of using his own personal tub – where he can control the
chemicals and water cleanliness – rather than using a public tub. And every
time he gets out of the hot tub, he should rinse off in the shower and then
apply a top-notch
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