Understanding the 5 Most Common Manhood Rashes

When a man deals with a male organ rash, he might deal with member itching as well. Here are the most common manhood rashes and what a man should do to find relief.

Understanding the 5 Most Common
Manhood Rashes
Here’s a disheartening fact: Manhood rashes are going to happen to a guy at
some point. Every man, at some point in their lives, will deal with the
worrisome look of a male organ rash and might also suffer from member
itching as well. Getting to the bottom of what causes the most common
manhood rashes can help a man quickly determine whether he has a male
organ rash that requires a little extra male organ care, or whether he has a
more serious problem that warrants a visit to the doctor.
The most common manhood rashes
The good news is that manhood rashes are usually caused by a variety of
benign factors that can be easily remedied. Here’s what a man needs to
know about the most common causes:
1. Simple heat. This rash can be quite annoying, but the good news is
that it goes away very quickly without any further intervention beyond
extra male organ care for a few days. Heat rashes are caused by
getting hot and sweaty, especially while wearing restrictive clothing.
The rash will often be flat and warm to the touch, or it might be
slightly raised and irritated, depending upon how long it has been
there. A heat rash can be remedied through a cool shower, careful
moisturizing and letting the area “air out” by going without clothing
for a while.
2. Jock itch. As the name implies, this isn’t just a rash. It can also lead
to serious member itching, which is usually what tips a guy off to the
diagnosis. This is actually very common for men, and can occur often
if a guy frequents the gym or skimps even the slightest bit on his daily
hygiene. Jock itch is caused by the same fungus that causes athlete’s
foot. There are many over the counter treatments available that will
quickly ease the problem.
3. Yeast infections. This rash can be a red and painful one, especially if
it is accompanied by painful urination and serious member itching.
Yeast infections can be contracted through sensual contact, but they
can also happen all on their own, often thanks to underlying medical
conditions that might make the body more hospitable to bacteria. Just
as with jock itch, a yeast infection often responds very favorably to
over the counter treatments, but it is important to get a doctor’s
opinion, as some of these rashes can be quite stubborn!
4. Common irritants. Men who suffer from unidentifiable manhood
rashes might be dealing with something in their environment that
sparks an allergic reaction in the skin. Manhood rashes from irritants
can include a new detergent, a new type of soap or cleanser, a new
partner’s perfume, the use of latex barrier protections and seed
blockers, and anything else that might come into contact with the
delicate male organ skin. Once the irritant has been determined, stop
using it and watch the rash disappear.
5. Simple irritation. Sometimes a guy gets it on for a long time with a
partner, indulges in a marathon self-gratification session or otherwise
does something for long enough to irritate the skin. In fact, even
wearing an unfamiliar pair of jeans for too long can result in contact
irritations that lead to red, raised and sometimes painful rashes. The
good news is that the rash will go away on its own without much more
than regular male organ care; however, if it lingers for more than a
day or so, it’s time to visit the doctor to ensure it’s nothing more
As any guy knows, manhood rashes come with the territory. But how a guy
deals with them can help ensure they go away quickly and he can show off
his smooth, handsome male organ once more. To that end, as a guy is
healing from a male organ rash he should reach for an extra dose of a
powerful member health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crème that
contains vitamins C and D for healing, vitamin A for fighting against odorcausing bacteria and vitamin E for maximum skin softness is a sure bet for
healthier skin.