Treating Phimosis for Healthy Male Organ Function

Phimosis can be a painful complication for intact men. However, there are kind and gentle ways to treat phimosis to help a man maintain his healthy male organ.

Treating Phimosis for Healthy Male Organ
Intact men have a lot of advantages, most notably the increased sensitivity
they enjoy. However, there are also some downsides to having a prepuce,
and one of those is the possibility of phimosis. Phimosis is a condition in
which the prepuce is too tight to retract over the head of the manhood. This
can make self-pleasuring or any other sensual activity painful; in some cases
it becomes too painful to continue. Fortunately, there are treatments for this,
and one of them includes a new regimen of member care.
What is phimosis?
A man with phimosis might find that he can’t retract the prepuce properly.
This means as he gets firm, the prepuce is too tight around the head. Trying
to self-gratify or enjoy coupling can force the prepuce a bit, which then leads
to pain. Phimosis usually isn’t spotted until a guy starts becoming sensually
active and realizes that most activities hurt. In addition to the problem of
painful activity, a prepuce that is too tight means a man can’t retract it to
clean properly underneath. This can lead to serious manhood problems,
including infections from accumulated oils and dead skin cells that wind up
trapped under the prepuce.
Treatments for phimosis
Fortunately, there are many treatments that work for a guy who has
phimosis. Most men want to keep their healthy male organ intact and so
don’t want to go for circumcision as their only option. There are other ways
to help the prepuce stretch and retract appropriately.
One of the most common ways is a home treatment. A man with phimosis
can use heavy-duty moisturizers to soften the skin as much as possible, then
gently pull it back and forth over the head. This gentle motion should be
used at least once a day, every day, until the skin begins to move more
freely. Though this might lead to some discomfort at first, there should be no
pain – it is important for a man to stop the activity if he feels any pain.
This might work over a period of several weeks. However, if the prepuce
doesn’t stretch properly for retracting, it might be time for a man to consider
other options. One of these is surgery. A full circumcision is possible, but
depending upon his situation, a man might also be able to go through a
partial circumcision. This consists of cuts at strategic areas so that the
prepuce has more room to stretch.
Other things to keep in mind
When a man is working with his manhood to stretch the prepuce, he should
be very aware of the possibility of paraphimosis. This is a condition in
which the prepuce does stretch enough to go over the head, but then gets
stuck behind it. This condition is more likely in someone who has a tight
prepuce, so those who are trying home treatment for phimosis are at greater
risk. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency that requires a guy to get
treatment immediately.
Assuming all is well, a man should take care to condition the skin every day.
Stretching out the skin is hard work, and the manhood should be rewarded
with nutrients that keep it healthy. This can be found in a top-notch member
health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Among the most important
ingredients are Shea butter and vitamin E. Shea butter is a high-end
emollient, and vitamin E is quite common as a skin hydrator. When these are
used together, they create a moisture lock that keeps the skin’s precious oils
right where they belong – in the healthy male organ skin. Other great options
in a crème include vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as antioxidants and
amino acids that help keep the skin as healthy as possible during the
phimosis treatments.