OMG! Stress Can Cause Male Organ Odor

There is far too much stress in everyday life nowadays, and all that stress creates a lot of sweat – and sweat is a big contributing factor to persistent rank male organ odor.

OMG! Stress Can Cause Male Organ
In this fast-paced, get-it-done-now society, it’s no wonder that stress is a
huge problem. And the range of stress triggers is incredibly wide, meaning
that people today can get stressed out about anything. As has been well
documented, all that stress has consequences, including damaging overall
health. But it’s unlikely that most men think about how stress can be a factor
in a nasty male organ odor. Yes, it’s true: stress can indeed be a member
health concern, especially when talking about rank male organ odor.
A stressed nation
Just how prevalent is stress? According to one 2014 survey by the American
Institute of Stress, 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms
that are related to stress – and 73% experience psychological symptoms
because of stress. A third of the population reports that they are living at an
extreme stress level, and almost half felt their level of stress had increased
over the past five years. The top five causes of stress were reported to be job
pressure, money, health, relationships and poor nutrition.
Clearly, stressing out is far too common an occurrence in modern day life.
One of the most common byproducts of stress is sweat. Sweat, of course, is a
perfectly normal body function helpful in cooling the body off when
temperatures are really high. But that sweat, or the sweat that comes from a
good physical workout, is different from sweat caused by stress. And
unfortunately, stress sweat smells worse.
Why should this be? Because there are two different types of glands that
create sweat. The “good” sweat from going to the gym or walking on a hot
summer day is produced by what are called eccrine glands.
But the apocrine glands, which are basically located under the arms and in
the midsection, are the ones that get activated when a guys is feeling
stressed. Sweat from eccrine glands is mostly water, but sweat from apocrine
glands has a lot of fat, lipids and proteins in it. And those ingredients are
high on the list for attracting bacteria. When the bacteria feed on them, they
release ammonia and fatty acids, which have strong, unpleasant smell.
Male organ odor
Since apocrine glands are located in the midsection, that means stress is
going to create or add to a male organ odor situation. Manhood odor is also
exacerbated because of the heat generated by wearing both underwear and
Stress relief
Working to reduce stress can help reduce sweat and consequently male
organ odor. There are numerous stress reduction strategies available. A few
examples include:
 Don’t keep feelings bottled up. It helps to “let it all out” when
dealing with stress. For some people, this may mean scheduling
appointments with a mental health professional; for others, regular
venting time with a buddy can do wonders.
 Get physical. Often physical exertion can decrease stress. Making
time to go to the gym, go out jogging or staying at home and working
out in private can do wonders. And for many people, yoga in
particular can be an excellent way to deal with stress.
 Find a hobby. Doing something enjoyable can take a guy’s mind off
stressful situations. If a hobby is too much of a commitment, go to a
movie (especially a comedy) or binge watch a favorite TV series.
 Self-pleasure. Yes, a guy’s favorite pastime can help reduce stress by
releasing “feel good” hormones.
Sometimes just reducing stress can’t get rid of stubborn male organ odor, so
regular use of a top notch member health crème (health professionals
recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin) is in order. Look for a crème with vitamin A, as this vitamin’s
bacterial properties are expert at fighting persistent odor. It also helps to find
a crème with alpha lipoic acid, as this potent antioxidant can help strengthen
manhood skin and make it more resilient.