Everything a Man Needs to Know About Smegma

Some men suffer from frequent buildup of smegma. Not taking care of the problem can lead to rash, itching and even member pain. Here’s what a man needs to know.

Everything a Man Needs to Know About
When it comes to questions of male organ care, some situations are rather
off-putting to discuss; but they need to be talked about in order to help
ensure the best manhood health possible. One of these issues is smegma, a
buildup under the prepuce of intact men that needs to be addressed on a
regular basis. Avoiding the issue can lead to rash, itching and even member
pain, so it behooves a man to read on and figure out what he needs to do to
ensure his male organ doesn’t have to deal with this unsightly problem.
What is smegma, anyway?
Smegma is a problem that pertains only to men who have not been
circumcised. It’s a buildup of the body’s natural oils, as well as dead skin
cells, sweat and other substances. This buildup occurs underneath the
prepuce, and usually looks like white bumps or soft balls. When a guy wipes
his finger across smegma, it should be easy to remove from the male organ.
All intact men develop smegma; however, their hygiene habits dictate who
will actually notice it building up. For instance, a man who showers at least
once a day and carefully cleans the prepuce during that shower might never
see smegma at all. But a guy who doesn’t have such good hygiene might
find that smegma builds up and causes problems for him after a while.
What kind of problems can smegma cause?
Smegma is a natural thing, so if it is handled properly, it won’t cause
problems for a man. But if a guy is seeing excessive smegma, that might be
an indication that he either needs to step up his hygiene game or that there is
something else going on under the prepuce.
First, the hygiene: A man must clean carefully under the prepuce at least
once a day in order to avoid the buildup. However, there are some who find
that the prepuce is a little too tight, and that makes it tough to clean
underneath. In that case, a guy will have to take special care to clean the area
or speak to the doctor about how to handle the situation.
Second, the other problems: Smegma buildup might become much more
severe if a man has an infection that is contributing to the cause. Socially
shared infections can lead to a sudden increase in smegma, as can yeast
infections. A good rule of thumb is that smegma, in its natural state, doesn’t
have an odor, but smegma that is formed as a result of an infection often
does have a very off-putting smell.
Men should pay close attention to the presence of any odor from the
smegma, as well as how much of it there is. In addition, if the smegma is
accompanied by itching, burning, redness, soreness, member pain and
similar problems, it’s important for a guy to get to the doctor as soon as
possible to help ensure he isn’t dealing with a serious issue.
Finally, there’s a phenomenon called “smegma stones.” This happens when
a man’s hygiene is so bad that the smegma actually has a chance to
crystalize into tiny stones that linger underneath the prepuce. These stones
can become quite painful and can lead to other serious problems, so it’s
important for a guy to seek treatment as soon as possible.
Daily treatment for smegma
The best treatment for smegma buildup is simple: great hygiene. A man can
shower every day and take care to clean the area well each time. He should
use only cleansers that are specially formulated for the delicate male organ
skin. Some men who have serious smegma buildup with no known cause
might be helped by a course of antibiotics, but only the doctor will know for
He can also reach for a good manhood health crème (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin) to use after his shower. A crème that contains male organ-centric
vitamins and nutrients can help keep the skin smooth and supple, as well as
fight odor and help keep smegma under control.