Common Causes of a Red Male Organ

It’s important to remember that a red male organ doesn’t always mean member problems. But in cases when it does, here’s what a man can do to treat the issue.

Common Causes of a Red Male Organ
Many men equate a red male organ to serious member problems, but that’s
not often the case. In most cases, a red male organ is simply a natural
phenomenon, especially when a man is excited. In this case, the manhood
becomes red because the little blood vessels in the manhood engorge with
blood to help keep a man hard, and that leads to a hue that might be
everything from light pinkish color to almost a dark purple. Any color along
that spectrum is reason to celebrate, for it indicates a man has exercised
excellent manhood care, and his red male organ is an indication of good
But what about the man who has a red male organ when he’s not aroused?
Many men worry that a red organ spells serious member problems. Here’s
what a man needs to look out for when his redness just won’t go away.
1. Serious overuse. Sometimes a man loves to get it on more than
once…or twice…and he might wind up with a seriously overused
manhood as a result. Whether it’s from coupling with his favorite
exciting partner or self-pleasuring that goes on and on, a guy will
sometimes wind up with an irritated, red male organ that also feels
sore and tender to the touch. In a case like this, a guy can rest assured
those little irritations will go away – but in the meantime, he needs to
step up his member care and make a point of using a manhood health
crème to ease the soreness.
2. Infections. This is definitely one of those member problems that
needs attention immediately. In most cases, a red male organ is not the
only sign of an infection – there might also be serious itching,
soreness, discharge, pain upon urination, and even significant heat in
the manhood, thanks to the inflammation. There might also be a rash
on the member and surrounding area. In this case, a man needs to visit
the doctor as soon as possible to get the appropriate treatment.
3. Balanitis. This is a condition common among intact men, though it
can happen to any guy. It’s an inflammation caused by yeast
infections, psoriasis, an allergic reaction or poor hygiene. Balanitis
can turn a manhood bright red and lead to serious discomfort and even
pain. The best way to treat the problem is to visit a doctor to rule out
any infections, then proceed to step up the hygiene and manhood care
game to keep the organ as clean as possible.
4. Allergies. The manhood skin is quite delicate, and that’s great for
sensitivity – but it can also lead to unfortunate member problems. The
use of a new cleanser in the shower or a new detergent in the washer
can be enough to spark and allergic reaction that results in an itchy,
red male organ. Allergies can also come from other places, such as the
barrier protections a man uses during intimacy, underwear made of a
new fabric, or even taking a vacation to a place where the pollen and
other local irritants don’t agree with a guy’s skin. Treatment for
allergens includes figuring out what the culprit is and then how to
avoid it – and if it can’t be avoided, getting treatment to lessen the
symptoms it causes.
No matter the worrisome reasons for a red male organ, a man can lessen the
worries by regular use of a manhood health crème (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). A guy should look for a crème with vitamins C and D, both of which
are great for overall skin health, as well as Shea butter and vitamin E for a
punch of hydration that can soothe the red, irritated manhood.