Jorge Campello, HGST - Storage Visions Conference

Jorge Campello, Director of Systems, Architecture and Solutions, HGST
SMR, the ZBC/ZAC standards and the new libzbc Open Source Project
Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives have started to hit the market and the industry is still in the
process of determining how to best make use of the technology. The Zoned Block Commands (ZBC)
and Zoned ATA Commands (ZAC) standards are in advanced stages of development within T10 and
T13 respectively.
In this session, we will explore how to manage SMR drives implementing the ZBC and ZAC standards
using the newly introduced libzbc open source project.
Jorge Campello holds a Electrical Engineer Degree and a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He
started his career in the storage industry at IBM’s Almaden Research Center. He moved on to Hitachi
Global Storage Technologies and finaly to HGST, a Western Digital Company where he is the Director of
Systems, Architecture and Solutions. His interests and expertise revolve around Information Theory,
Digital Communications, Security, Databases, Filesystems, Linux, Open Source, Open Compute,
Distributed Storage Solutions, Data Center Optimization, Solid State Drives, Emerging NVMs, SolidState and Hybrid Arrays, Networking, Computer and CPU Architecture.
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