Wahlfach: Academic Writing

John O’Donoghue MA
Fachbereich Business, Computer Science and Law
Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau
Hochschulring 1
15745 Wildau
Email: [email protected]
Wahlfach: Academic Writing
A course in writing skills for academic purposes
Time: 06.-10.03 2017, 9.45-15.30
Place: Room 419/House 100
Cost: Free of charge
This course is designed for all Bachelor and Master students at the TH Wildau, both German and
international, who wish to write papers or their dissertation in English and would like to develop
their writing skills. The focus will be on key concepts of academic writing such as:
Writing introductions
Being critical
Describing methods
Referring to literature
Reporting and discussing results
Writing conclusions
Transition statements
This corpus-based course will offer practice in processes and strategies that enable students to
present their work in a clear and coherent fashion. A variety of free online tools will be demonstrated
which enable students to make their writing more formal and academic. Particular attention will be
paid to collocations (how words are combined to form phrases) and the challenges that German
students face when they seek to develop their own academic style. Students are welcome to bring
along their own academic work so that individual feedback can be provided on the final day.
To be offered 6th till 10th March 2017 as an intensive course comprising 30 hours. This course is free
for all students, but please register with John O’Donoghue by 15 February 2017;
[email protected]