March 2014 Specials New Lines

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March 2014 Specials
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Lifesavers Tangy Tingles
Boost Nuts 54g
Boost Nut TwinPak
Sour Patch Kids 65g
Sour Patch Kids 170g/8
Kit Kat 4F Cookies n crème
Pringles Sour Cream 61g/12
M&M's Vanilla 200g/12
Pods Cookies n crème 176g
Kettle Honey Soy 185g
S/B Noughts & Crosses 180g
S/B Snakes & Ladders 180g
S/B Very Berry 180g/12
Sour Grape Fizzers
DLEA Mini Rocky Road 60g/12 DLEA Choc Bullets 200g/12 DLEA Choc Honeycomb 120g/18 DLEA Choc Orange 200g/12
Prices as Listed
$20.60 per 12
$45.74 per 12
$64.04 per 18
DLEA Jellea Babies 240g/18
DLEA Jellea Beans 320g/18
$60.99 per 18
$60.99 per 18
DLEA Caramel Snows 165g/18 DLEA Choc Almonds 110g/18
$72.28 per 18
$72.28 per 18
$42.69 per 12
DLEA P/Nut Brittle 125g
DLEA BB & Pomeg Licorice
DLEA Soft Eating Lic 300g
$42.69 per 12
$40.66 per 12
$47.46 per 12
DLEA Mint BB's Balls 200g DLEA Strawberry Licorice 275g DLEA Licorice Twists 300g/12 DLEA Rasp Twists 300g/12
$47.44 per 12
$40.66 per 12
$41.68 per 12
DLEA Choc Ginger 55g/25
DLEA Choc Pep Nougat/25
DLEA Choc P/Nut Brittle/25
$56.74 per 25
$56.74 per 25
$56.74 per 25
DLEA Rocky Road 145g/6
$41.68 per 12
$72.28 per 18
Buy 60 packets and receive 10% discount
JC's Banana Chips 120g
JC's Pretzels 70g
JC's Honey Corn 200g
JC's Wasabi Peas 200g
JC's Energy Mix 150g
JC's Fruit & Nut Mix 200g JC's Tropical Summers Mix200g JC's Cashews Natural 100g
JC's Mixed Nuts Salted 200g JC's Cashews Salted 150g JC's Macadamia Salted 100g
JC's Cup Energy Mix 100g
JC's Pistachio R&S 150g
JC's Cup Outback Mix 100g JC's 40g Jackaroo Mix Snack JC's 45g Outback Mix Snack
Pay 89c per bar inc GST
JC's Almond Natural 150g
JC's Outback Mix 150g
JC's Market Mix 250g
JC's Healthy Mix 250g
JC's Walnuts 150g
JC's All Natural Mix 200g
JC's 45g Healthy Mix Snack JC's 45g Energy Mix Snack
Lindt Milk Bar 38g/24
Milk Choc Bar 38g
Buy 2 outers and receive a bonus outer of Hillier's Ginger Bars 55g/24
Hillier's Dinner Mints 1kg/167 Hillier's Daisy Mints 2kg/181 Hillier's Daisy Mints 2kg/181
LBC M/Bottles 100g/24
Buy 3 outers and receive a bonus outer of LBC Snakes 100g/24
LBC Snakes 100g/24
LBC Sours 100g/24
LBC Mixed Lollies 100g/50 LBC Strawb Clouds 100g/24 LBC Red Frogs 100g/24 LBC P/Apple Lumps135g/24 LBC Mixed Lollies 210g/24
Customer:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Buy 4 cartons and receive a bonus carton of Water Please 600ml/24 water
NW Defence (Val/Org) 575ml/12
NW Endurance 575ml/12
NW Energy (Pass/Cit) 575ml/12 NW Focus (Blkbry) 575ml/12 NW Rehab (Pomeg/Berry 575ml/12
500ml PET - $1.87 inc gst
Lipton Peach 500ml/24
Lipton Lemon 500ml/24
Lipton Mango 500ml/24
Lipton Green Orig 500ml/24
Lipton Green Citrus 500ml/24
Lipton Bloody Mary 500ml/12
Lipton Daiquiri 500ml/12
Lipton Mojito 500ml/12
Lipton Green Mango 500ml/12
Lipton Raspberry 500ml/12
Buy 5 cartons and
pay the listed price
325ml Glass - $1.59 inc gst
500ml PET
440ml Can
325ml Glass
Lipton Peach 325ml/12
Lipton Lemon 325ml/12
Lipton Green Citrus 325ml/12 Lipton Pina Colata 325ml/12
Lipton Daiquiri 325ml/12
Lipton Mojito 325ml/12
440ml Can - $1.64 inc gst
Lipton Sparkling Tea Original 440ml/24 Lipton Sparkling Tea Zero Sugar 440ml/24
Pay $0.80 per 250ml Can inc gst
Energy Drink
Tap Out Original 250ml/24
Tap Out Berry 250ml/24
Tap Out Frost Berry 250ml/24 Tap Out Guava 250ml/24
Buy 3 cartons and receive a bonus carton of Water Please 600ml/24 water
V Blue Can 250ml/24
V Energy Can 250ml/24
V Graphite 250ml/24
V Not Orange 250ml/24
V Sugar Free 250ml/24
V Black 500ml Can/12
V Energy 500ml Can/24
V Blue Bottle 350ml/24 V Energy Bottle 350ml/24 V Black Bottle 350ml/24
V Blue 500ml Can/12
Angostura Lem/lime Bitters
Pay $2.00 per 330ml Tetra Pack inc gst
Ready to Drink
330ml Tetra
Coco – Pops RTD 330ml/12
Buy 5 cartons
and receive
1 free
Crème Soda 355ml/12
Grapefruit Zaz 355ml/12
Nutri – Grain RTD 330ml/12
Fiesta Punch 355ml/12 California Dream 355ml/12 Twist Lemon Lime 355ml
Grape 355ml/12
Raspberry Crème Soda/12 Kiwi Strawberry 355ml/12 Cherry Twist 355ml/12
Buy 4 cartons and receive 1 free
1 Litre PET
Fiji Water 500ml
Orange 355ml/12
Fiji Water 1Litre
Mountain Rush 355ml/12
Customer:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Buy 5 cartons and receive a free outer of
GNC Sweet Chilli Peanuts 175g
GNC Swt Chilli Peanuts 175g GNC Can Maple Cashews 175g GNC Fr/Vanilla Almonds 175g GNC Honey Cashews 175g GNC Swt Chilli Cashews 175g
175g Nuts
Buy 3 outers and pay $2.50 per bag
Newm Ch/Almonds 200g/12 Newm Ch/Peanuts 200g/12 Newm Fruit & Nut 200g/12 Newm Ginger Bag 200g/12 Newm Raspberries 200g/12
Hang Packs
Pay $1.70 per bar inc gst
Waliz Macadamia Bar 50g/20
Macadamia Bar
Buy 2 outers and receive 10% discount
M/Higg Choc Fudge Brownie M/Higg Caramel St/Date Cookie
M/Higg P/Nut Brownie
M/Higg Choc Chip Cookie
M/Higg M/Choc Mac Cookie M/Higg Wh/Choc Mac Cookie
Pay $0.89 per packet inc gst
Poppa's Pork Crackle/1
Pork Crackle
Pay $3.03 per Bottle inc gst
Sparkling Mineral Water
750ml Glass Bottle
Novelty Clearance
Perrier Water 750ml/12
Buy any 2 outers and pay the clearance price
Radz Flash Ball/12
Radz Jumping Ostrich/12
Radz Flash Glasses/24
SpongeBob Xmas Money Box /12
Animal Safari/24
Flashing Skulls/12
Galax y Bubble Blower/16
Discounted Price
$0.50 each inc gst
$0.50 each inc gst
$0.50 each inc gst
$1.00 each inc gst
$0.50 each inc gst
$0.70 each inc gst
$0.50 each inc gst
Stock On Hand
Customer:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Buy 3 outers of standard lighters and receive 1 outer free
Buy 3 outers of mini lighters and receive 1 mini outer free
BIC Standard Lighter/50
BIC Mini Lighter/50
35ml Travel Tubs
Pay $3.50 per unit (30 units per tub)
TCCA Everyday Travel Tub/30
Buy 3 outers and receive 1 outer free
Ranch Filter Micro Slmis/12
Spark Electronic
Ranch Filter Slmis/12
Ranch Filter Super Slims/12 Ranch Filter X-Long Supa Slim/12
Buy 2 outers and pay 30c per lighter inc GST
Spark Electronic Lighter/50
Prices as listed
Toilet Paper
Paeo Toilet Paper 2pack
Paseo Toilet Paper 4pack
Paseo Toilet Paper 6pack
Paseo Toilet Paper 24pack
$1.35 ea inc gst
$1.90 ea inc gst
$2.80 ea inc gst
$11.00 ea inc gst