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WashTrends / February 2014
F E B R UA RY 2014
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Wow, what a winter! Cars have been hit with a wintry
mix in all parts of the country. Maintenance and
safety are on everyone’s minds, and so is having fun. A
clean, shiny car is not only good for the car but drivers
feel better when all the snow and slush is removed.
Winter is also a great time to sit back, reflect and
catch up on the latest news in the carwash industry.
We’ve been hard at work finding trendsetting ideas
that can energize your business and inspire new
ideas. 2014 looks like it’s going to be a year of great
inspiration and innovation.
Our February issue brings you lots of information to
spark your attention. First we focus on solid winter
solutions to protect your business’s bottom line with
tips from Mike Benmosche of McNeil and Company.
Bill Gorra of Simoniz USA talks about leadership, the
environment, business strategy … and basketball!
We’ve got a story on innovation and how hard work
and a niche market created a successful new product.
Our carwash profile showcases a carwash that’s found
a niche too. It’s listed on the Connecticut registry of
“One Thousand Places to Visit in Connecticut.”
We hope you enjoy this issue. As always, our goal is to
bring you unbiased, up-to-the minute, trendsetting
information that can move your business into the
future with economic success.
Happy Winter!
Sandy Travis Bildahl
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WashTrends / February 2014
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WashTrends / February 2014
Dan’s Nicollet Car Wash is in one of the colder states in the country: Minnesota. It has the most
succinct solution to extreme weather on its website:
What does “weather permitting” mean?
You might think it has more to do with the temperature on a cold Minnesota winter day.
Actually, Dan’s hearty and courteous team can wash and dry your car at any temperature. It’s
all done inside in a climate-controlled environment. Your car will be just as warm and cozy as
you are.
Actually, “weather permitting” has more to do with the overall weather picture. If the Twin
Cities are expecting several inches of snow -- or several days of rain -- Dan’s may not be open,
since we figure not too many people will want to wash their cars that day -- or may have trouble
getting to the car wash.
If you’re thinking about stopping by Dan’s Car Wash on a snowy or rainy day, your best bet is to
give them a call at (612) 869-5812. That way, neither you nor your car will be disappointed if
Dan’s happens to be closed. (Source: Dan’s Nicolett Car Wash, Minneapolis)
What can one do when Mother Nature throws her mighty curve ball your way? Like Dan’s Car
Wash in Minnesota, you can decide to have a “weather permitting” day. Just put your feet up and
check your insurance policy.
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WashTrends / February 2014
Your Hamilton Auto-Cashier
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WashTrends / February 2014
You have one chance to
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Products pictured left to right: C-Start, Sentinel, Portal.
WashTrends / February 2014
The car wash starts here. Welcome your customers with a “wow”
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WashTrends / February 2014
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WashTrends / February 2014
Div of
800-225-2231 •
WashTrends / February 2014
Bill Gorra and Todd Whitehouse of CT Car Wash,President
of the Connecticut Car Wash Association. Bill is in the red
shirt. He is receiving the NRCC Distinguished Person of the
Year award, October 2012.
It is a cold, icy and snowy morning in Bolton, Connecticut, and Bill Gorra is in the office. Friendly
and engaging as he moves from one telephone call to another, Gorra turns his focus to the
carwash industry. My first topic was about leadership … and basketball.
Bill Gorra played on and captained successful high school and college basketball teams. When
asked how being a college athlete shapes his management philosophy, he said, “I think it is an
oversimplification to say that it teaches you how to win. It really teaches you how to compete …
teaches you how to lose. [In life] we lose more than we win. So leadership is about the lessons you
take from all of the wins and [all of] the losses.”
This is a crucial business lesson because “you learn something from the endeavors that don’t
succeed.” Gorra, a second-generation owner of Simoniz USA, learned many lessons from his
father about running the business, but the lessons that are most important to him are honesty
and integrity. “You lead from the front standing shoulder to shoulder with your people, whether
running your family, your business or running the country.”
Gorra continues, “Simoniz is a brick and mortar company. We are really vertically integrated in the
way we take a product to the marketplace. The production, the marketing and the distribution
is all handled by the best people thinking about ways to improve. We have carwash experts on
staff and we share things constantly throughout our network. The enthusiasm for the industry is
Gorra is very active in the industry. He was elected to the board of directors of the International
Car Wash Association in 2013 and received the Distinguished Person Award from the Northeast
Region Carwash Association in 2012.
The company website communicates the passion for the carwash business:
“Simoniz® USA is comprised of approximately 200 employees, all dedicated to deliver
high quality products and first class service at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our
industry leadership position we have earned and continue to research and develop better,
more productive ways to clean, dry and protect vehicles.”
WashTrends / February 2014
Even on a cold, icy day when most people are not thinking about driving to the carwash, Gorra’s
view of the industry was sunny and warm. “The carwash industry is strong and viable with better
and better products and services. And it employs many people and provides a service that people
go to more and more every day.” He is in a position to have this level of confidence because
Simoniz USA sells and has sold products to the “do it yourself” stores throughout its 100-plus year
history. Gorra points out, “The do-it-yourself carwash market isn’t growing. People don’t change
the oil in their car or the air filter, and they don’t change the timing belt. People don’t have the
time to do it themselves anymore.”
The conversation turned to the growing awareness of the environmental benefits of going to the
local carwash that cleans and recycles the water it uses. We discussed the studies that have been
done that show how many pollutants run off into storm drains from “parking lot” and “street”
carwashing. Being a leader in an industry means knowing what other leaders are doing to improve
the sector. Gorra believes that from a conservation and environmental perspective, the commercial
carwash business may ultimately become the only carwashing alternative for consumers.
Simoniz has always operated under the philosophy that “necessity is the mother of invention.”
Over the years, Simoniz has advanced the industry with many innovations, such as online tire
dressing, express detailing, “hot waxing” online, advancements in touch-free and reduced-friction
carwash chemistry, backroom dispensing systems, training and certification programs (The
Simoniz Garage), and its latest offering, the Lava paint sealant process.
One year ago, he started the process of expanding the Simoniz brand into China. He mentions
a surprising fact: “Through 2011, the U.S. led the world in new car sales. In 2012 and 2013, China
outpaced the U.S. in automobile production and sales and there will be no reversing this trend.”
Essentially, entrepreneurs look for opportunities. Gorra explored the new market opening and
found that “China has many small detail shops and carwash garages, so the carwash industry has
not yet grown. It is just taking off. The country has more new infrastructure and a consuming class
that wants to buy cars and keep them clean. Additionally, the Chinese government is focused
on environmental initiatives that could play into the growth of a commercial carwash market in
Before the end of our conversation Gorra sums up his view of leadership.“At Simoniz, we have the
best people thinking about ways to improve the industry. I am fortunate enough to be the captain
of a very good team.” He then quotes the legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, who
when asked what he owes his greatness to, said “Don’t kid yourself. The best coaches are the ones
with the best players.”
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WashTrends / February 2014
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WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
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WashTrends / February 2014
A Weekly Blog Posting from
WashTrends and the Industry Leaders
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WashTrends / February 2014
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WashTrends / February 2014
Entertainment at the carwash drives business forward
Many kids like the excitement of going with their parents to the carwash, where they can be awed
by the experience of soap and water cascading onto the family vehicle. But Classic Auto Wash and
Detail Center in Cromwell, Connecticut, has taken the family fun concept a few steps further by
turning itself into an “amusement park,” complete with a 900-pound fire-breathing T-Rex on top
of the wash and a 20-foot Santa you can see from over a mile away.
And that’s not all – a life-size Superman figure stands frozen as he emerges from his phone
booth changing place with an “S” blazoned on his chest. Nearby, a life-size John Wayne sits in full
cowboy regalia astride his horse, surveying the scene. Bears, tigers, giraffes, zebras and even some
pink flamingos hide in bushes throughout the business, so when you stroll around the place you
feel like you’re on safari. In all, there are over two dozen characters scattered about the property,
ready for any photo opportunity a family might desire.
The property is so sensational it’s listed on the Connecticut registry of “One Thousand Places to
Visit in Connecticut.”
It all began innocently enough in 1986. “It started off as a regular carwash,” says owner Charles
Bronstein, “and it just evolved – bit by bit was added piecemeal over the years. Kids absolutely
love it!
“It’s fantastic from a business perspective, because we really stand out from the average carwash,”
says Bronstein. “It’s an activity and a destination – for a carwash, that’s hard to achieve.”
By Connecticut standards, the property is sizable, roughly 1.5 acres with two buildings: one houses
the wash and four self-serve bays, and the other is the detail center with two additional self-serve
bays and two in-bay automatics. “On any given weekend you will see families running around the
property taking pictures, kids posing with their favorite characters -- it makes our job really fun.”
WashTrends / February 2014
Some people in Cromwell had initially expressed reservations about the amusement park theme,
Bronstein explains, “But now, years later, everyone seems very pleased and Classic Auto Wash is
recognized as one of the iconic businesses of Cromwell and the greater Hartford area.”
Keeping the site looking fresh requires seasonal repairs and occasional maintenance, but Bronstein
says it’s well worth it. “We update and repair various pieces; for example, Marilyn Monroe had
succumbed to the elements over the years, but we gave her a nice facelift.”
“That’s something other carwash operators who want to pursue this kind of strategy should keep
in mind,” says Bronstein. “The property has to be well maintained. Nobody wants to go to a rundown theme park!”
Classic Auto Wash has used cable television to promote itself over the years, and it also sponsors
several sports leagues in the area – high school football and soccer teams, among others. Classic
Auto Wash has a sophisticated website, and they’re also building up their digital marketing
strategy with Facebook and Twitter. “We’re always looking for new and unique ways to advertise
our business,” notes Bronstein.
The business offers an automatic cloth tunnel wash, self-service wash bays and vacuuming selfservice, interior shampooing, exterior reconditioning, high-speed buffing, overspray removal, and
complete auto detailing, among other services. Classic’s Luxury Detail Center “is considered one
of the premier detail centers of Connecticut,” Bronstein says. “We also offer window tinting and
remote car-starting installations.”
Famous clientele include numerous Boston Red Sox players and “The Countess” from “The Real
Housewives of New York.” “She drove two hours from New York City with her kids to have her car
detailed here,” he says proudly. “Classic Auto Wash has become a real destination.”
One of the ways the carwash gives back to the community is sponsoring high school carwashes.
“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s much better for the environment to have schools hold
their carwash fundraisers at a professional carwash facility vs. an uncontrolled environment at a
school parking lot,” he explains, “and students get to be on our site, promoting their cause, plus
they keep all the profits they generate from the cars they bring in. We get to give back to the
community by donating our profits for the day and have the added benefit of increased traffic and
visibility from the event.”
Asked why “unique” works, Bronstein says “anything a business can do to differentiate itself from
the competition and stand out from the crowd is powerful, no matter what business you’re in.
Our reputation as a professional, family-friendly theme-park style wash sets us apart, and that has
enabled us to draw customers from throughout Connecticut, not just from the immediate vicinity.”
His enthusiasm is evident in his voice as he talks about this place that has grown to become such a
success. “We are proud,” he says, “to be known as a very professional, very family-friendly and fun
place to bring your car.”
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WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
Hamilton Manufacturing has been in
business since 1921 and in the Car Wash
Industry for over 30 years. We are recognized
as an industry leader in the development,
manufacturing, and support of automated
point-of-sale transaction systems; Data Access
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Hamilton products are designed and built to
improve customer convenience and loyalty,
while offering contemporary technology, and
For more information about our full line of
carwash products, visit us online or call:
Hamilton Transaction Kiosk (HTK)
The Hamilton Transaction Kiosk (HTK) is the next generation of point-of-sale transaction
systems offering convenience, security and increased marketing capabilities in one machine. The
HTK offers access via the Internet to view and print audit reports, clear soft errors, change prices
and display messages. Added security features such as a high security door, password protection,
heavy duty interior and exterior locks, a security camera and a separate locked chamber offer
unattended car wash owners peace of mind. The brilliant display on the HTK is ideal for
promoting other areas of the car wash owners business and allows for promotional messages and
custom graphics as well as video capabilities. The HTK’s features can be customized to meet the
individual needs of car wash owners. Available features include touch screen, bar code reader,
custom graphics, voice and videos and a dual bill dispenser.
Contact – For more information or to request a quote, contact Hamilton Manufacturing Corp.
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WashTrends / February 2014
25 | 800-528-5733
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The Kondor® product suite is customizable to fit
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custom models.
The Saber® SL2 is a true wash and dry touchless
automatic with built-in appeal for both operators and
customers. This machine is built to maximize an operators ROI via reduced maintenance needs, auto-resetting breakaway arms and high vehicle output software.
Standard features include two-step presoaks, triple
foam, two wax applications, and the DuoDry® system
that offers on-board and drive-through drying all on the
same machine.
In need of Soft-Touch In-Bay Equipment?
The Freestyler® soft-touch automatic features a
ClearBay® design created for an open, airy and pleasant wash experience. The powerful five-brush system
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machine include an overhead gantry design, a variable
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down-to-earth pricing.
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WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
Realizing the Great American Dream
of Business Ownership in Carwa shing
Photo of Allen Choi (left)
and Scott Lee (right).
All businesses were once small businesses. Even Apple computers began in a garage. According to
the U.S. Small Business Administration, the 23 million small businesses in America account for 55
percent of sales and 66percent of new net jobs since the 1970s. (
The great American carwash evokes nostalgia comparable with the likes of baseball, hotdogs,
apple pie and county fairs. It also creates opportunities to realize the great American dream of
business ownership. From carwash owners to suppliers, the carwash industry consists of an array
of small-business owners.
Contrary to its traditional roots, the evolution of technology and trends in the modern day
carwash are what has enabled the American carwash to not only remain in existence, but to
increase in popularity. Advancements in automation, water-saving technology, greener, cleaner
cleaning products, and state-of-the-art building modules are never ending. These trends have also
increased opportunities for entrepreneurs to realize the dream of business ownership.
Clean World Distribution’s (CWD) owner Allen Choi fits this stereotype with the evolution of his
revolutionary Rhino-Mat system. “Mat cleaning was the weakest section in the U.S.,” says Choi,
referring to the limitations in the past with mat cleaning technology. “I saw the opportunity to save
time and money if I could get floor mats clean and dry,” he adds.
When Choi started CWD in 2003, he spent most of a year traveling to carwashes throughout
California and as far away as Dallas, introducing his mat cleaner and dryer to carwash owners. “Ten
years ago there were mat washers only, but they gave you a soaking, drenched mat. Then they
would spin dry them and the mats would wrinkle and get cut up,” says Choi. “What I got from
owners and managers was drying was the problem, so they didn’t offer mat cleaning equipment.
I got the idea, hey, we need to make a separate dryer for mat cleaners to cut time and costs!” This
revelation spurred the invention of the original Wash-Matic and Dry-Matic mat cleaning and drying
WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
Success is often precipitated by failures, and the evolution of CWD and Rhino-Mat was not without
a number of growing pains. Comparable to 3M Post-t Notes, which were essentially the result of
an accident, the problems with the initial mat cleaning technology gave way to the creation of the
state-of-the-art trendsetting Rhino-Mat All In One System.
“It took a lot of time and money,” notes Choi, citing the problems with initially having two separate,
cumbersome machines and striving to improve rinsing properties. “We had to endure complaints.
But now we’ve gotten over our hump and we’re motivated.” This past year CWD came out with
Rhino-Mat Omega, featuring dual brushing, dual extraction and blow drying.
Choi’s perseverance has enabled Rhino-Mat to become a recognized leader in mat cleaning
technology and to create a niche in the industry among express carwash operators. He explains
that with an installed Rhino-Mat system, washes can provide mat cleaning free and drive more
traffic into their wash. “My customers in Colorado increased traffic up to 28 percent the first month
with free mat cleaning,” says Choi. “Now he has two of my mat cleaners in each of his six locations;
his customers say they have never seen anything like it,” he boasts.
According to Choi, Rhino-Mat offers vending units with both credit card only and cash features to
give express wash owners another cash flow option. They work with noted industry leaders Motor
City, Tommy, AVW and Sonny’s.
Looking ahead, Choi feels there are imitators of units surfacing who may produce cheaper, inferior
products that could hurt the mat cleaning business. “We concentrate on mat cleaning only -- a
niche market. As operators, builders and distributors of units, I’m deeply concerned about that.”
His answer is to keep innovating and perfecting mat cleaning technology. “I’m blessed to be where
I am after having to endure growing pains, and I am going to run,” he notes.
As a family owned business, CWD exemplifies the result of combining old-fashioned values with
innovation. “My brother-in-law, who works with me, is a veteran. We have enthusiasm and drive
for serving the country; we are trying to hire a couple more people, so we are growing,” Choi
Calvin Coolidge once said perseverance is omnipotent. Nowhere does this seem truer than in the
case of realizing the great American dream of business ownership. And now that mats can be
easily cleaned and dried, perhaps carwashes will consider serving apple pie.
Watch their video here
WashTrends / February 2014
Quiet & Simple
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WashTrends / February 2014
A Weekly Blog Posting from WashTrends and the Industry Leaders
From the website
Carwash Words is a weekly blog, with
a new post each weekend. Posts are
written by an array of carwash industry
folks on carwash related topics of their
own choosing. It is my observation
that innovation in the carwash industry
springs from individual hard work and
flashes of genius, coupled with a healthy
competitive environment.
The trends don’t trickle down from a few
people at the top. On the contrary, they
seem to percolate up from the bottom. In
my opinion, that is why a magazine like
WashTrends is important to the industry.
Somebody needs to keep an eye on what
is driving change and report it throughout
the industry.
• Carwash Policies: The Devil Is In The Details
by Buddy Royal
• Tips For Marketing To Women in the Automotive Sector
by QwikWash America!
• Advertising Strategy In The Carwash Industry
by Chuck Lundberg
• 5 Steps To Managing Your Carwash Efficiently
by Brent McCann
• 5 Ways To Make Your Carwash Or Detailing Business A Success
by Clint Allerton
• Do Professional Car Washes Really Save Water?
by Travis Kimball
• Quality Service: How to Convert Visits into Return Customers
by QwikWash America!
• Managing Disgruntled Customers With Honesty
by Clint Allerton
WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
Buyers Guide
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consultation, engineering support, project management,
installation expertise, sales training, service training, and
marketing support. We look forward to earning your
3121 Wilmarco Drive
Baltimore, MD 21223
443-524-0864 (phone)
1-800-982-2436 (toll-free)
[email protected]
Products List: “CleanGreen” earth friendly
products,”Clean-Concentrate” super concentrates,
Refillable containers- eliminates drum disposal and cost
of 55 gallon drums, “Safe-Acid” wheel cleaners (non hF
Clean Edge is a custom blender of car wash chemicals.
We will design products to meet your specific chemical
needs. We Service Belanger and many other major
brands of equipment. Our service department is open 7
days a week.
1 Pearl Buck Court
Bristol, PA 19007
215-781-3600 (phone)
215-781-3601 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: SuperSat Custom Detergent Systems,
Red Rhino Waxes and Dressings, Two Clean,
Durashield Total Car Protectant, Tunnel Vision, Total
Tunnel, Diamond Magic Tire Shine, NEW Cool Dry,
NEW SuperSat 700 Plus
Blendco Systems, LLC manufactures and supplies
a full line of transportation cleaning products,
including formulated powders, liquids, SuperSat
Custom Detergent Systems and Red Rhino waxes
and dressings. Blendco has been providing the
transportation cleaning industry with innovative
detergent solutions for more than 30 years. At
Blendco, we\’re dedicated to providing you with the
very best in car wash products to take you where
you want to go- putting out cleaner cars faster and
easier and improving your bottom line.
1340 East 289th Street
Wickliffe, OH 44092
440-585-1100 (phone)
440-585-1195 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: Green&Clean, WeatherGuard, Black
Diamond, Vividplus, Sensations, Assault, GrimeBuster,
Cleantech, Foamtech, Fast Break X55, Bead Up,
Premium, Wheel Guard, Blitz, Infusions
Diamond Shine Inc., headquartered in Wickliffe, Ohio,
is a family-owned business manufacturing quality
chemical solutions for more than six decades. Products
are manufactured and distributed globally from its
106,000 sq.ft. facility, allowing for sustained growth
now and into the future. Diamond Shine has built its
reputation on long-term relationships and customer
satisfaction and prides itself on providing cutting-edge
chemistry and cost-efficient solutions. Diamond Shine
offers premier service and marketing support through a
team of distributors and representatives committed to
helping operators achieve product performance, cost
effectiveness, and profitability.
3245 Pickle Road
Akron, OH 44312
800-336-6338 (phone)
330-645-2299 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: POS Systems, Self Pay Terminals, Tunnel
Controller, RFID
Computer solutions for the car wash and quick lube
industry. Our point-of-sale cash register system tracks
your sales and labor as well as connects to your tunnel
controller. We provide strong marketing solutions like
loyalty promotion, customer tracking, ticket book control
and prepaid cards. Our popular products include
SiteWatch®, TunnelWatch®, Portable Touch Terminal,
Xpress Pay Terminal®, FastPass®, and the Automatic
Recharge Module®.
13808 Industrial Rd.
Omaha, NE 68137
800-228-9666, 800-553-6975 (phone)
402-333-5546, 563-386-5448 (fax)
[email protected]
Dultmeier Sales has been supplying and manufacturing
equipment and supplies for the carwash industry
since 1982. Bill and coin meters, triple foam systems,
pumping stations, foam brush, spot-free rinse systems
and pressure washers are just a few of our product
offerings. Dultmeier also represents over 460 product
lines and manufacturers. With two warehouses and over
a million items in stock, we can easily meet your supply,
parts and equipment needs. Give us a try!!
5902 West Custer Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
888-818-0118 (phone)
920-684-4344 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: P2400 Wall Panel, P1300 Ceiling Panel,
Colored Panels, Corrosion-proof PVC Doors
Extrutech Wall and Ceiling Panels create a bright,
clean, inviting experience for your customers. For use
in self-serves, automatics, tunnels and perfect for new
or refurbished construction. Panels are available in 12″
and 24″ widths, and cut to the inch from lengths 4 to 20
feet. Install quickly with no exposed fasteners, providing
a smooth easy to clean surface. Come with a ten year
warranty and Class A smoke and flame rating.
WashTrends / February 2014
1521 East 3rd Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
704-731-2073 (phone)
704-333-4399 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: Howco, INC., Turtle Wax, Armor All, Hanna
Jim Coleman, Istobal USA, Autec, INC.
HOWCO dedicates itself in providing superior quality
car wash equipment, supplies, and chemicals. Above
all else though, HOWCO is about supporting car wash
investors and operators with the hands on assistance
they need to keep their projects moving. HOWCO’s
strength is in its people, experience, and reputation.
Utilizing the latest equipment and processes, HOWCO
employees provide assistance in sales, project planning,
installations, parts, chemicals, and service in the
Southeast and Mid-Atlantic geographical areas.
HOWCO is a full line distributor of professional car
wash chemicals. We offer three choices: Turtle Wax,
Armor All Professional, and HOWCO private label
brand. Our relationship with our manufacturers allows
us to be a cost effective distributor of the items you
need. We know the demands professional car wash
operators have and we are proud to offer the most
innovative items in the industry to help you achieve
cleaner cars. Turtle Wax and Armor All Professional
offer a comprehensive line of products to meet your
car washing needs. Using these two name brand
manufacturers can help you earn co-op points towards
your marketing efforts.
1997 American Blvd.
De Pere, WI 54115
(800) 225-2231 (phone)
(920) 337-9410 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: Presoaks, bases, boosts, Sealants,
Conditioners, Drying Agents, Accessories
Lustra™ offers high-quality, innovative car care
products, exceptional service and creative marketing.
Ultraflex is Lustra’s™ advanced system of ultraconcentrated, environmentally-friendly car wash
products, packaging and equipment. This allows you
to create an extraordinary Car Wash Experience for
your customers, while controlling operating costs,
and improving safety and handling. Lustra’s™ global
network of distributors provides local support when
you need it. Let Lustra™ make your car cleaning and
product offerings the best in your market.
1131 Greensburg Rd.
Lower Burrell, PA 15068
(800)552-4492 (phone)
(724)337-8554 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: In-bay automatics, complete self-serve,
floor heat, change machines, parts and supplies
Manni’s Wash Systems has been in business for 34
years! Buy direct and save today.
1349 Jacobsburg Road
Wind Gap, PA 18091
610-881-8000 (phone)
Product List: WashConnect®, Tunnel Master® wbc,
Tunnel Master®, Jr., Auto Sentry® flex, Auto Sentry®
Petro, Auto Passport™
Innovative Control Systems is the leading provider of
innovative business solutions for the carwash industry.
Our mission is to help our operators achieve success
through advanced control products and management
solutions. We maintain an extensive distribution network
throughout North America and Australia.
2550 Henkle Dr
Lebanon OH 45036
1-888-745-0720 (phone)
[email protected]
Quality, innovation, service and value are the four guiding
principles that make JBS Industries a trusted chemical
provider for the car wash industry since 1979. We
simply deliver higher dilutions, more fragrances, brighter
colors, shinier vehicle finishes and cleaner cars. Call
us today at 1-888-745-0720 or visit us online at www. We are Just Better Soap.
WashTrends / February 2014
1698 Scheuring Road
De Pere, WI 54115
920-983-8333 (phone)
920-983-8328 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: PDQ’s products include LaserWash® and
Tandem® RiteTouch in-bay wash systems, WashTools
tunnel wash systems, MaxAir dryers, Access®
Customer Management Systems, Wash Access Loyalty
Systems (WALS), and Site- Management Systems
LaserWash® Touch Free In-Bay Vehicle Wash System
– PDQ Manufacturing, a Dover Company, is a leading
designer and producer of vehicle wash systems.
LaserWash® and Tandem® brands of in-bay systems
and WashTools conveyor tunnel products are cleaning
vehicles in thousands of facilities around the globe.
PDQ also provides wash marketing, customer loyalty
and wash payment products under the ACCESS®
brand name. Since 1984, PDQ Manufacturing has
represented Performance, Dependability and Quality
with outstanding products, and support that contribute
to our customers’ profitability.
7125 Troy Hill Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075
443-561-1200 (phone)
410-579-6827 (fax)
[email protected]
Product List: C-Start, Sentinel, Portal, Wash Select II,
WashPay and EZ Trak
Unitec develops, manufactures and services automatic
payment stations for unattended car washes. Our
technology enables car washes to run 24/7, helping
owners increase revenue and improve their marketing at
the same time. From swipe-and-go credit card kiosks
to internet-enabled touch screens integrated with fuel
pumps, Unitec machines work in any environment, with
any type of car wash control system. We design custom
solutions, as well.
P.O. Box 858
Warsaw, IN 46581
800-548-3396 (phone)
574-267-3884 (fax)
Product List: Car Choice®, MicroDrum®, Green Line
Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. offers over two hundred
Car Choice® Brand car wash and Maintenance
products internationally and throughout the United
States. The Car Choice® line includes products for
self-service, automatic, and conveyor carwashes,
including pre-soaks, detergents, foam brush shampoos,
clear coat conditioners, the MicroDrum® ultraconcentrate packaging line and Green Line Solutions™
environmentally friendly products.
P.O. Box 573
Earlysville, VA 22936
800-448-4735 (phone)
434-978-4328 (fax)
[email protected]
LinkedIn: Click to view
Product List: PDQ, LaserWash, MacNeil, Carolina Pride,
Lustra, Ginsan , Unitec, Ultraflex
Washtech sells, services and supplies car wash
equipment to all segments of the Car Wash Industry. We
operate the largest service department in the industry
with same and next day service throughout VA, MD, NJ,
DE, PA,and WV.
WashTrends / February 2014
Touch Screen
Payment Terminals
for Every Car Wash
Business Model | 800-642-9396
WashTrends / February 2014
WashTrends / February 2014
In recognition of Valentine’s Day, Rain Tunnel Express washed all red cars free of charge at
all of its six locations in Missouri and Illinois on Friday, February 14.
“To show customer appreciation, Valentine’s Day is just the first holiday of the year when
we offer free washes like this,” says owner Scott Knight. “We do the same kind of thing
throughout the year, offering free washes to green cars on St. Patrick’s Day, hybrid cars on
Earth Day, orange or black cars on Halloween, and any car a veteran owns on Veteran’s Day.
We do things like these holidays and other special days all year around,” Knight concludes.
People do not need to be a preferred customer, or even a repeat customer, to receive a
free wash. A red car is all that’s required to get a free MONSOON Premium Wash from Rain
Tunnel Express on Valentine’s Day.
MacNeil Wash Systems, a leader in conveyor carwash engineering now supported by
its parent company, Ryko Solutions, the largest manufacturer of carwash systems in the
world, has announced that Matt Nall has joined its sales team as southeastern U.S. regional
sales manager, where he will be responsible for supporting MacNeil’s distributor and sales
Nall has an extensive background in the carwash industry that spans over 12 years and
includes distributor channel and sales management with companies such as CSI and ZEP.
“Matt’s diverse knowledge of the carwash industry, relationships within the region and
familiarity with our distributor network make him a tremendous asset to our organization,”
said Anthony Antonis, vice president of sales for MacNeil. “Matt’s hiring is a testament
to MacNeil’s commitment to investing in talented individuals to grow market share and
delivering value for our distributors and end.”
WashTrends / February 2014
SAS™- Solution Application Systems announced today the installation of the Mizer at The
Wave Carwash in Lacey, Washington. The Mizer is a solution distribution and application
system that maintains a consistent flow of solution and water to the wash. With the Mizer
you can use less water and therefore less chemicals.
The Wave Carwash opened in 2005 and was awarded Best New Business of the year
in 2005 by the Thurston Economic Development Council. Within five years, The Wave
Carwash built three more locations in Washington. The Wave Carwash offers a state-of-theart environmentally sound carwash. They reclaim over 75 percent of the water used in the
carwash process.
During 2013, Autobell Car Wash’s Charity Car Wash Program helped raise $740,603 for
charities, schools, and other nonprofits in North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.
The Charlotte-based company’s program began in 1998 and has assisted nonprofits in
raising over $6.24 million to date.
Through the program, Autobell provides 501(c)(3) groups with full-service carwash tickets
custom-printed with the organization’s name that are sold by the nonprofit at full price and
honored at all Autobell locations. Fundraisers keep 50 percent of the proceeds from all
ticket sales.
Zep Vehicle Care, a leading provider of chemical solutions to the carwash industry,
announced the promotion of Chelsea Beyer to senior vice president, sales and service.
Beyer will be leading the sales team in the Vehicle Care division of Zep Inc.
Beyer joined Zep Inc. with the acquisition of Ecolab’s Vehicle Care division and has been
a key player with the company for 10 years. Her most recent role was vice president –
corporate accounts. During her career with Vehicle Care, Beyer has held various roles,
including corporate accounts manager, marketing manager, and area vice president –
Canada. Beyer holds a master’s degree in cusiness from the College of St. Scholastica.
WashTrends / February 2014
Cleaning Systems, Inc., provider of cleaning and protection products for the vehicle
industry, has a new website design along with the design for each of its three divisions –
Lustra Professional Car Care Products, SAS Solution Application Systems and DynaEdge
Transportation Cleaning Solutions.
The CSI partner app for iPads was released last spring and has proved to be a dynamic way
to provide information. This caused CSI to evaluate its current website and decide that it
needed to have the same dynamic capability as the app while providing the latest up-todate information and promotional items.
CSI has also added a F.A.S.T. (Feedback, Action, Suggestion, Template) form at the bottom
right-hand side to encourage people to give their feedback and to make suggestions.
“We are excited to release the redesign of all our websites. Based on the positive feedback
we received from our app users about the navigation, content and look and feel, we want
to bring that same ease of use and quality information to a broader user base,” says John
Antonis, vice president of sales, Cleaning Systems, Inc.
CSI and the three division websites went live on February 6.
WashTrends / February 2014
American Garage Door Supply, Inc. .........16
Arimitsu Pumps ..........................................31
Carwash Consignment ...............................11
Carwash Superstore ..................................17
Carwash Cameras ......................................18
Crane Water....................................................6
Diamond Shine, Inc. ...................................12
DRB Systems, Inc. ......................................23
Dultmeier Sales ..........................................15
Erie Brush and Manufacturing Corp. ...........20
Extrutech Plastics, Inc. ...............................6
Genesis .......................................................24
Hamilton ......................................................25
Howco ..........................................................19
Hydrospray .................................................26
International Carwash Association ...........38
Innovative Control Systems ......................37
Lustra Car Care Products ..........................11
Manni’s Wash Systems ..............................36
National Automotive Chemical ..................10
PDQ Carwash Equipment ..........................29
POS Tech Solutions .....................................8
Sonny’s .......................................................27
Unitec ............................................................9
WashTech, Inc. ............................................33
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