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The intruders went through the door and into the
storeroom. Justin and Marcel got nearer. A faint light
came from inside. The new lock hung open on the door.
Justin moved into the light to get a better view. But at that
moment he touched a stinging nettle with his hand.
“Ow!” he cried out.
There was a voice inside the storeroom. Not a second
too early Justin closed the door and pushed down hard on
the lock. It went ‘click’! Then the two boys ran back to the
tents as fast as they could.
“Leah, Celine, wake up! Quick!” Justin shouted. “We’ve
captured two thieves!”
2 faint !feInt? schwach • 5 touched !t0tSt? berührte • 9 went ‘click’ !went *klIk?
machte „Klick“ • 12 captured !*kxptSEd? gefangen genommen